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A Start of A New Era For Crime Fighting in 2020- Season 12 Premiere Breakdown Of NCIS LA

Hello and Welcome to My Review of Season 12 premiere episode of NCIS LA, I have been a fan of this show for a number of years and I am finally going to review the show, as I have wanted to get other people's opinions on the show, as a whole, I will go back and review the previous seasons, and complete it as a series review so far, So be on the lookout for that, So let me know in the comment section below or on Twitter (#ad) @tvfanaticau of what your thoughts and theories for season 12 and beyond,

So let's dive into Season 12 Premiere Breakdown of NCIS LA


Season 12 Premiere Breakdown of NCIS LA

This Show like so many others in 2020, suffered a loss in production and end of a season due to COVID - 19 pandemic, so this first episode back was going to be a tough one on the writers and the actors involved in the relationship of the topic of the current world events and also have a balance with the season topics, and in this episode, it does in some ways but also hides it in plain sight which I believe is one of the ways to complete it,


Season 12 Episode 1 - Character Development

Now lets dive into the character development on the show so far in Season 12 Episode 1, As it has been months since the ending of Season 11 of the show, we can develop new ways to bring in new characters to the show, for example, Agent Roundtree becoming a probie agent at NCIS, which gives the writers to explore that side of development in a character as we have not had it since the earlier seasons of the show. As this episode had little character development in the sense of the established characters, I believe that we will see in the next couple of episodes of the show, we can dive into the more of the stories that have happened in the previous season, As there was not much in the development of the characters on the show, let's get into to the mission of the episode that is the following below

"When a Russian bomber goes missing while flying over U.S. soil, Callen and Sam must track it down in the desert and secure its weapons and intel before the Russians on board destroy the plane. Also, Hetty gives Nell a cryptic assignment."

Let Me Tell you about My Favourite and Not So Great Moments on the Season 12 Episode 1 Premiere

Best Moments on The episode

  1. Callan and Sam's Witty Banter on the show

  2. The Likes of the new agents joining the crew of NCIS LA

  3. The Small emotional moments of the existing characters

  4. Hetty's and Arkady's Cameo in the episode

  5. The production and crew on the show during this time, bringing the content

And the Not So Great Moments on the Show

  1. The mission Storyline, I believe it did not at to the overall storyline

  2. there was a lack of character development in the established characters on the show except for a small number of emotional moments in the show

  3. The death of Nell's Mum, I believe that the writers could do more ina sense to the relation of the death


Overall Thoughts on The Season 12 Episode 1

As the overall thoughts and opinions on the season 12 episode, 1 of NCIS LA are the next section, lets dive into the thoughts now. Season 12 Episode 1 of NCIS LA is an old type of episode from earlier seasons of the show, we got to see a mission-oriented episode of the show for the season 12 episode 1, I hope to see how the writers are going to add the topics of the current events in the show, and how they are going to see related to the characters and what they can achieve in the overall storyline and what they can achieve with relationships in the show, I believe in an interview that Eric and Daniella had before the premiere episode, and we got a sneak peek, what their characters are going to go through this season 12 and so we are going to see some of the current developments in the current topics in the country, I hope to see more of the development in some of the other relationships that were in the previous season, like Sam and his new partner and also one of the other fan favourites Callan and Anna Kolecheck. I would like to see the development in the background of the two new agents that have been brought into the fold.

Overall this episode was a positive return to the show & I look forward to seeing more of the season in 2020/2021

Overall Rating of The Season 12 Episode 1 Premiere episode: 6.5/10

Trailer For Next Week's Episode - War Crimes

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