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The Resident S4 Ep.1 - Review & Breakdown "What The World Can Look Like After COVID-19"

Hello and Welcome The Resident Fans, I hope you are safe and well wherever you are located in the world wherever you are reading this review of the Shows' first instalment of Season 4 in 2021. This episode review of the show will be the second on the website. I have reviewed the first season of the show in great detail. that will be out soon. But I wanted to get my thoughts and opinions out on Season 4 episode 1. We see Conrad and Co go through the paces of the COVID - 19 pandemic through a series of flashbacks. We see some of the staff get infected while helping patients in the hospital and also I love the decision by the Showrunners to start writing the show in the post-pandemic world but have it a presence in the background.

I believe that we will get a stage of the world. We will see that happening but not in a while yet. Enough about that, I want to get into a deep dive of what happened in the episode, and I would like to see in the season to come.

After a long wait, Conrad and Nic prepare for their wedding day with the support of their family and friends. Meanwhile, flashbacks to the early days of the COVID-19 crisis shine a light on the heroism of the doctors and the toll the virus took on everyone at Chastain Memorial in the all-new "A Wedding, A Funeral"

Season 4 Episode 1 was an emotional rollercoaster with the drama and balance of current storylines of the previous season. This section of the review, I am looking into character development. We see in the first episode of the show.

1. Conard


S3 of The Resident was a steeping point for Conrad, in professional and personal achievements. In this episode, how the show beings to talk about the development in the professional space. On the individual side of the character, we see that he marries his soulmate in Nic. And I think in season 4 to come we will see a change in Conrad that I hope will be positive. And also I believe that we are going to see development in relationships that we maybe not use to seeing with this character

2. Nic


a) Also in Season 3 of the show, we get to see Nic go through the personal battle of demons of grief. The death of her sister and dealing with her father and his demons. Through season 4 episode 1, we see her deal with the stress of pandemic.

The planning of her wedding. But I think S4 has to be more in her personal life in terms of a baby or something similar. I hope that we get see her move forward in her career or find out what her plans are for the future of her career moving forward.

3. Kit


a) S3 of the show, we get to see more of the background on this character. That Kit is a grandmother and ex-wife. All that is shown so far of this character, I am looking to see more of her back story. The relationships that she has with her children. But in episode 1 of Season 4 of the show, we get to see that Kit get exposed and diagnosis with COVID. We see that in the flash-forward at Nic and Conards' wedding. that she is getting along well with Randolph as I would like to see this relationship further

4. Randolph


a) in Season 3, this character does a 180 the development evolution of the arc. I think that we are to see more of the background to his story. I like to see some of the relationships are happening in the show and see him on his tv show.

5. The Raptor


S3 gave this character some more context to see his story and development in his relationship with Mina. Season 4 Episode 1, we get to see how this relationship is to be moving forward. AJ is doing moving onwards in terms of the job and his life. I hope that we get to see more of the AJ story in S4.

6. Mina


In S3, gave this character to become softer in her approach to things like looking after her best friend's baby. Becoming closer friends with Nic and looking out for her in the time of crisis. Season 4 Episode 1 of the show, we get to see mina become softer. I think we will see her go through some changes that we will affect her on a professional level. But I hope that writers do not ruin her character by jumping into bed with AJ.

7. Dr Cain


Dr Cain was introduced to the audience as part of the storyline of S3 when it comes to Red Rock Medical comes to town in the management of the hospital. S3 Dr Cain was an arrogant person when comes everything. In S4 Ep1, from the conversations that happened in the CEO office. I think that the writers are going to turn arrogance down a bit. He comes to realise his actions in the past. We are not going to see that shortly for a while.

8. Devon


S3 for me, this character, was a mixed reaction to how the writers handled it. So coming in Season 4 of the show, I did not know how Devon is moving forward to develop.

S4 of Ep 1 this character deals with the death of his dad due to covid - 19. I believe that we will get to see more of going into the future of the season.

I think he is feeling guilty was not there to help in a time of need. We know that he has been training his whole life.


The Relationship Development of S4 of Ep.1

I have dived into the character development that has happened so far. I am now going to talk about the relationships that explored.

Through the use of flashbacks & forward, We see several relationships develop and change over the episode. We got to see the wedding that was needed to happen in Conard and Nic. AJ and Mina are moving forward in their relationship.

We got to see more Kit and Randolph maybe moving direction for the romantic side of the relationship. We also see some development in some of the smaller lesser known relationships in the audience eyes. I hope in Season 4 of the show the writers are going to balance the relationship development well.


Overall Thoughts and Opinions

Season 4 Episode 1 of The Resident was a great starting point for the show to dive into the post-pandemic world for The Resident universe. I respected the decision of the writers and the showrunners to show the pandemic in this way. Give the show the chance to start over in a world a post-pandemic.

To have a break from the current world reality. I believe there needs to be a balance of in the world of tv medical drama. Grey's anatomy is taking the darker approach in terms of the COVID - 19 pandemic. I like the direction that the writers in the Resident are taking with the show.

Overall I believe that this episode gave a starting ground with the topics that want to discuss the show as whole moving forward.

I hope that we see in Season 4 that we get more drama and the evolution of the characters and relationships that we have come to know and love on the show.


Overall Episode Rating of The Resident S4 Episode 1 is: 7.5/10


Next Weeks' promo for S4 Ep 2. For the people who have not seen the episode yet.

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