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The Year In Review - KDramas & Asian Dramas


In 2022, I started watching Kdramas and other Asian-based dramas, to help supply my tv addiction to media and I have found that some of the dramas that I watched to me are cringe, but they give me a sense of escapism to me this year. Even though I would like to do full reviews on each of the shows. But we would be here all day, so I am going to do a mini review on each of the Tv shows that I watched and we can have a discussion about them on in the comment section down below. I will review them in no particular order



Love In Contract

  1. This Drama was a solid show, with good characters and relationship arcs that captivated me from week to week. I loved the main relationship of the show. I believe the subplot of the love triangle was completely unnecessary for the show, as we knew that the main couple was going to end up together. And the last two episodes of the show felt a bit rushed as the show had one to many stories to tie off the show

A Business Proposal

  1. A Business Proposal is one of the better dramas that I watched for KDrama in 2022. This Drama gave the audience a workplace romance, with the president of the company going out with one of his employees after her friend set her up to get out of a date that her friend’s dad set up. I like how the writers gave the audience a chance to explore the relationships and the character arcs of the show. Which gave me an enjoyable experience.

Her Private Life

  1. Dedicated art gallery curator Sung Deok Mi is a fanatic fan girl of White Ocean's Cha Shi-an, a dark secret she hides from everyone. This viewing of the drama is the second time I have seen this Kdrama. I believe one of the most solid dramas that I have seen the times that I started watching the Kdramas at the start of the year. In this series we get to see Sung Deok Mi a professional curator of a gallery and deal with a dark secret of a fan girl, also get to see how she deals with the challenges of that dark secret she has. We also get to see relationships and character arcs that have impacts on the main character. I like this drama, I think it’s well written and there are some moments that I believe are cringe but overall enjoyed it and I will go back and watch it again.

Once Upon A Small Town

  1. Against his wishes, a big-city veterinarian relocates to the countryside, where he meets a policewoman, a town insider with a friendly secret. I enjoyed this KDrama the first time that I saw it, we got to see a fish out of water story for the main character as he has been not back in town for a long time. During this series we get to see a friendship develop into a fruitful romance, we also get to explore the town’s dynamics and how they are a community. This series is a drama that showcases friendship, love and community, so if you are into that for the KDrama I would recommend this one. I like this drama, I believe it’s well written and there are some moments that found to be cringe, Overall I enjoyed this sweet drama. If I have the time I will go back and rewatch the drama again.

Home Town Cha Cha Cha

  1. In this beautiful KDrama, we get to see a story of community, love and friendship, The series is based on the following At a crossroads, a dentist moves to a seaside village where she meets a handyman intent on helping his neighbours. I like this Kdrama I have seen it full twice at the moment. I believe it to be well-written and it explored the topic of life and death in a good way. This series also gave me a chance to explore the sense of the community that is developed in the seaside village, which I believe it’s a character in itself. Overall I would like to have seen a second season of the show, but I was happy with how the show ended as it gave a chance to close some of the stories and leave an open-ended ending for all of the characters.

Crash Landing on You

  1. In This KDrama, we get to see a beautiful love story that is a tragic take on Romeo and Juliet. I love how the series is well-written and acted. I have seen the series, a number of times now and every time I watch the series, I like the sense of romance and community that is built into the show we get to see how the main relationship of the show influences the characters that surround them. Even though the show has a somewhat happy ending for each of the characters. I love the ending of the main relationship and how they deal with the travel and change and meet up in the place where they meet. I have seen this kDrama a couple of times now and I have enjoyed watching it every time that I have seen it. I would recommend it if you enjoy a long-distance love and romantic affair.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

  1. For The Final KDrama that I am going to be reviewing in this post, I am going to be looking at this drama. I love the quirkiness of the series, as the characters and the relationships of the show are very central to the series. But the show gives us some dark topics of kidnapping and suicide which I would say is a trigger warning. This KDrama is one of the first ones that I watched during my KDrama Binge I have seen it multiple times and I have enjoyed every time I have seen it.

Any of The Asian Dramas that I have mentioned in this post are to be solid recommendations for people who are looking into watching Kdramas or any other Asian dramas for that matter. As of writing this post, I have enjoyed watching KDdramas this year and I look forward to exploring more of the series that have come out in the past and in the present and the future.

So KDrama Fans, What is Your Favourite All Time KDrama or Any Other Drama that you have seen let me know in the comment section or on social media below.

Until Next Time, I will see you later

The Woman Who Writes

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