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The Letter To The Fan

Hello and Welcome to My Website and Blog, Where I post Opinion - Based TV Show Reviews, This website comes after years of watching television programs on various services such as Netfilx and Broadcast Media. This Website has become an passion project for me during the COVID - 19 Panadmic as we all have been stuck at home with nothing to do, only to watch a number of TV shows and Movies. So I have created this website for me to write my take on the television shows that I am watching and get fans of the show to have an discussion in the comment section. Also I have an an @twitter where I post mini reactions and reviews. If I have an emotional reaction to the show that I am watching. If you have not already check it out, it is @tvfanaticau (#ad).

I hope you subscribe to the emailing list where you can get updates about the website and blog. Please let me know if there anything wrong the website or blog, as this is an one woman show.

In all seriousness, Thank you for checking out my website and blog. Your Support is means a lot to me and I hope you can stick around for a while.

Yours Sincerely,

The Woman Who Writes

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