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"The Diamond of The Season" - Bridgerton Season 1 Episode 1 Review


Bridgerton on Netflix based upon a series of books written by Julia Quinn, the book series is from 1813 to 1827, the Bridgerton Series is a collection of eight novels, each featuring one of the eight children of the late Viscount Bridgerton: Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francesca, Gregory, and Hyacinth. (Julia, Quinn,2021). This series of books was adapted to Netflix. As the namesake of the series of the books.


Hello and Welcome Bridgerton Fans and longtime readers of my content. I hope that you are safe and healthy wherever you located in the world. This series or show has been sitting on my recommended list since Christmas Day of 2020. I have been on the fence about this show. I have not read the books that the series based on.

As I watched the show for the first time, I wanted to go back & read the book series to gain more information and context on the show’s characters and relationships as we see that many twists and turns in the show. But are not privy to the backstory of some of the characters. I believe the showrunners & the writers on the show. Wanted to start with one of the characters, in the series.

I believe there is a second series of the show. I think that we will dive into another one on the show as a character study.

Nevertheless, I dove into the universe of Bridgerton. I enjoyed the sex, scandal and the characters, the relationships of the show. I understand that some people of the audience may disagree with some of my opinions, but let me know in the comment section below or on Social Media @tvfanaticau (#ad).


Wealth, lust and betrayal set against the backdrop of the Regency - era through the eyes of the ever-powerful Bridgerton Family.

Daphne debuts on London’s marriage market as a new gossip sheet sets high society a Twitter. The New Duke returns to Bridgerton wants to deal with the death of his father and settle the estate of the Duke of Hastings.

Character Study for Bridgerton Episode 1 of Season 1

When I write my reviews for my website, I create a development character section for the series at large. But this is the first episode of the series. I have written an introduction to the characters, As I believed to be to the case below.

Daphne Bridgerton

They introduce us to this character, As a bit of a mystery in terms of her experiences in life. In episode 1, right out of the gate, the audience witness what is happening in daphne’s world. Though the episode also, we find out that Daphene is curious about the world around her & wants to explore it for what is. Phoebe Dyenor plays a lovely innocence to the character that we can sort of relating to.

The Duke of Hastings - Simon Bassett.

Episode 1 of Bridgerton, Simon Bassett is a bit of an enigma, As we know from the small conversations that happen throughout the episode. That we know Simon is dealing with emotional trauma from his past, and you can see that from how Rege - Jean Page plays the titular character for Bridgerton. The Duke of Hastings is a character that is wrapped in a shell and introducing Daphene into his life. I think we are going to see more of the Duke of Hastings coming out of his shell that he has wrapped in. He wants to live a life that can not impact his vow of loneliness for his dad.

Anthony Bridgerton

a) The eldest Bridgerton son, and Daphne's older brother, would rather mess around than settle down — but he has a good reason for not wanting to spend time at stuffy society events. Anthony is the protagonist of Quinn's second novel in the series, The Viscount Who Loved Me. Ooh la la!

Penelope Featherington

a) The Featherington sisters also debut in society this season, and Penelope is easily the smartest and the most anxious of the three. Too much change is happening for her heart to take.

Eloise Bridgerton

Daphne's younger sister and Penelope's BFF is not out in society yet & she prefers it that way. She has no interest in being married and wants more for her life than what is expected for Regency women. Eloise is the protagonist of the fifth book in Quinn's series, To Sir Phillip, With Love

Lady Danbury

One of My favourite characters so far on the show, as I have said on social media, that I love her fieriness that she brings to the roll. While she isn't related to the Duke, she's the closest thing he had to a mother growing up. She's a mainstay in society. Everyone knows and loves Lady Danbury.

Lady Violet Bridgerton

The matriarch of the family and a widow. She wants what's best for her children but isn't that assertive when it counts.

Colin Bridgerton

The youngest adult Bridgerton son is a little naive, but probably best suited of the three to society balls and courtship. Colin is the protagonist of Quinn's fourth book in the series, Romancing Mister Bridgerton.

Queen Charlotte

The Queen, of course! Rosheuvel is playing the real Queen Charlotte, King George III's wife, who many historians believe was biracial.

Benedict Bridgerton

The second son of the Bridgerton family falls in with a Bohemian crowd. He is, you guessed it, not interested in marriage! No wonder Daphne feels so much pressure to get hitched. The rest of her siblings are no help at all. Benedict is the protagonist of Quinn's third book, An Offer From A Gentleman.

Marina Thompson

Featherington's beautiful cousin shows up just at the start of the courtship season and threatens to derail their carefully laid plans.

Lady Portia Featherington

Mother of Penelope, Phillipa, and Prudence who's kind of like the mother from Pride and Prejudice with brighter clothes. But peek behind the curtain at her relationship with her husband. You see why she's so anxious to secure some stability for her daughters.

Cressida Cowper

Every romance needs a villain and Cressida is the mean girls equivalent on this show.

Genevieve Delacroix

She works as a modiste, which is a fancy word for a tailor. That means she makes dresses for all of the society ladies and knows everyone's business.

Some of this information taken from this source (Refinery 29,2021)


The Relationship Study for Bridgerton Season 1 Episode 1

During the first episode of Bridgerton, they show the audience, the several characters’ relationships that are going to be an ongoing thing & what we are privy to with the books. For instance, in this section, we are going to looking at the fundamental relationship of the show, and the family dynamics of the Bridgerton and the Featherington family. let’s dive into those relationships that may us fall in love with the character’s relationships

The Family Dynamics



In the first Episode of Bridgerton, they show us what the dynamics of the Bridgerton family are and what they will achieve to protect one and another. According to the Books of that show based upon. That head of the Bridgerton Family, The Father has died, as so that Lord Bridgerton Falls to the eldest son, which is Anthony. We know that his Mother Lady Bridgerton is the true head of the household. But under the social rules that it bases the timeline of the book on, that it’s a Man’s job to protect the household and the estate. From what we show that there is a great family dynamic in terms that they have normal fights and relationships that are strained because of a difference of opinion. I hope in Season 2 of the show and for the rest of Season 1, we get to see that those dynamics, as they based on through the eyes of Daphene. but on the other side of the family dynamics that are based on the show’s first episode is that of the Featherington household, which is more based on the images of the society and not the being the family that of the Bridgertons’, the Featheringtons are mean and cruel to one and another, with the mother and father of the family, being a gambler and person who focused on what other things that she believes that society will be a thing for.

But as we have talked about the family dynamics of the two main families, I would like to discuss the key relationships that it introduces us in the first episode of the show.

Daphene and Simon

In beginning, we can tell that we were going to get this relationship to become the main one of the show, as they want to protect each other’s reputation and become noble friends overall. From how the actors are playing the character’s in this episode, I think we are going to see more of these two together, as they are right for each other, As Daphene has a curious mind, whilst Simon has the experience. But lack the social and relationship connection as he has been travelling over the world. I’m looking forward to re-watching the season and reliving how these two can bring out the best in one another.

Anthony and Sienna As from the episode’s opening minutes, there is a witness to Anthony and Sienna’s relationship. Now I think it’s a relationship that is based on a fuck buddy situation and but you can tell Sienna wants more. But Anthony has obligations to his family which create the friction that we see on the screen. But I hope that these two end soon, as we know that there is more to this character.

Lady Danbury and Lady Bridgerton

I love this friendship on the show, as we are moving towards Simon and Daphene becoming a couple. These two want to set up Daphene and Simon together as we come to find out that they want to dispel the rumours that are presented in Lady Whistledown’s scandal sheet.

Lady Violet Bridgeton and Lord Bridgerton (Her Son) As we come to know that during this episode, that this relationship based on a bit of a power struggle, as Society deems that her Son is the key person of the household, but she is the actual and the true one of the household. I hope in season 1 of the show, that we get to see more of this dynamic. But we get to see more of it in Season 2 of the show when the show based on Anthony

Simon and Anthony This relationship/ friendship is one to watch for the show, as Simon is moving closer to his sister, we are going to see more tension and conflict between this friendship throughout season 1.


Moments For Episode 1 of Bridgerton Season 1

Best Moments of Episode 1

  1. Introduction to the relationship between Daphne and the Duke to the society at large.

  2. The Mystery behind Penonpole and I think that something else is going on.

  3. The Character of Lady Danbury and her fieriness as always

  4. The family dynamics on the show and how they portrayed.

  5. The conversation happened between Lady Bridgerton and Her Son & how he needs to own up to his mistakes.

  6. Eloise being her self in moments of the episode.

  7. Dame Julia Andrews narrating the story for the audience and I love the sound of her voice & it matches the role perfectly.

Emotional Moments of the episode

normally, I have moments that are emotional to me as a viewer of the show. But as I am writing this review. I have seen series one too many times that I could find the emotional moments. I think that I will see some in the future episodes of the season.

Worst, Weird and Wacky Moments of the Episode

  1. The snootiness of the Featherington's and how they are getting to be not the best in the society and I hope that in future episodes, only believe that they are to become more arrogant in their beliefs and morals.

  2. Nigel and his storyline, and I hope that resolved soon. As I, dislike the character, It gave the premise to the leading relationship that is happening on the show.

  3. With the appearance of bees in the episode, I think there is more meaning to the shows' easter eggs on the source material.


My Overall Thoughts & Opinions on Episode.

Bridgerton S1 Episode 1, is a beautiful start to the story canon and the adaptation from the source material. Overall casting for the show had me wanting more evolution of relationships & the characters forward in Season 1 and beyond.

With the twists and turns, the first episode gave me. I wanted to see more of the show, I binged watched season 1 for several hours. I hope that you tune in to see my thoughts and opinions on the season coming up.

What I think would like to see in Season 2 (which is currently in development for 2022.) and with Dame Julia Andrews At the Helm of Narrating the show.

I will be tunning to more and following the Bridgerton family in the next season and beyond and the books well.

Overall Rating of the First Episode of Bridgerton: 7.7/10. - end card

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