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The New Normal in the 911 Universe - S4 Episode Review of 911's "The New Abnormal"

Hello and Welcome Back 911:The Original fans, and longtime viewers of my content. If you have not seen my content before 2021. I wish you have a happy safe 2021. That you are safe & healthy wherever you located in the world, reading this review of the first episode for 2021 for S4 of 911: The Original.



S4 Episode 1 gave the audience some much-needed answers to questions have not answered. Since last year of when Season 3 ended. In this review, I am be recapping what happened so far in Season 4 Episode 1. I will dive into my favourite moments and my overall thoughts at the end of the review.

In the comment section below talk about your favourite moments of the shows' season premiere below. We can have a healthy discussion about the first episode back in 2021.

If anyone on the production crew and actors on the show read this review, I hope that you are all safe and well working on set. And I look forward to seeing what happens in Season 4 of the show and beyond.

So Let’s Jump into the episode review below.

911 Season 4 Episode 1 was a bang to the season opener. As in classic 911 Fashion, we are only privy to a first part to the season opener with that we got some questions, got to see more answers to some of the questions that posed in the season finale of Season 3 of the show, check out my review for a recap of what happened. But back to the episode at large. We faced the following.

“The 118 races to save lives when the Hollywood Reservoir dam breaks and adjust to life as first responders during the pandemic. Bobby worries if Athena is ready for field duty since recovering from her injuries.”

This episode to me was a solid open to the show and I look forward to the next episode, but first let’s dive into some of the Key character development of the show’s first instalment of Season 4.

1. Athena

a) This episode, was the starting point of how Athena is dealing with the post-attack of last year. and bobby is worried that her mental health is not up to par, as he believes it still a major emotional thing for her. But she pushes on and we can see that she is struggling but puts on a brave face for her family. But internally she is struggling, as mentioned in the final moments of the episode, that we get to see Athena talk down someone with mental health issues and we get to hear what has been going on in the last couple of months for her in the aftermath of the attack.

2. Bobby

a) This episode, we got to see him in action, in terms of his personal life and professional life, as we get to see more of how Firehouse 118 is coping with the pressures of the job. We also hear about his struggles with his wife after the attack that forced her off the job for a while. I look forward to seeing where this character can be taken in season 4

3. Maddie

a) As we find out at the end of S3 she is pregnant with Chimney's baby. Fast forward 6 months and that she is very pregnant and living with Chimney's kid brother. and I want to know what is happening with this character, as we know that she is becoming a mother at the halfway point of Season 4 of the show. I believe it is going to be dramatic as the writers will make it out to be. I would like to know what is going on with her career as well.

4. Buck

The End of Season 3, we see Buck become a person again from the ending moments of the season. But Season 4, I believe is going to be Buck’s Year, as I think most fans of the show can let you know that we have not seen much of buck in terms of background or what he has done to get where he is, and we can solve some of the mystery behind Buckley family origins. But in this episode, we talk about COVID - 19 crush person that Buck has on someone. I hope that we get to see more of that soon.

5. Eddie

a) Season 3 for Eddie, was a chance to grief his wife and become more of a father to his baby boy, becoming more open to the possibility of finding love again after a sudden death to Eddie. In Season 4 Episode 1, we did not see much of this character as we only covered some of the characters in the first episode of the show. But I hope in the next episode we get to see more of this character in his element. And I hope that he asked Chrisphtors' teacher out on a date soon.

6. Hen

a) Season 3 for Hen was a turn around for her, as we find out that she wants to change careers to something different, as she is not excited by the thrill of working the ambo. But she wants to use her training to improve her skills and become a doctor. Which I believe can be a good thing for the show. In season 4 episode 1, we are not privy to much information on the show about her time in lockdown and going to school and work. I think that we see it shortly of season 4.

7. May Grant

a) At the end of season 3, we see that May wants to do something that we find good for her as she wants to figure out, whatever she wants to be in life. In Season 4 Episode 1, we find out that she is working to be an emergency operator. I believe that its job for May, as she has always wanted to help. Could not find her way. I hope in season 4 we get to see more her in the field training to become a person of what she wants to be.

8. Maddie’s Friend - Josh

a) In Season 3, we got to see more of his background, plus his personality and with Maddie becoming a mother I think that we are going to see more of him in the hot seat in the 911 centre. In Season 4, I would like to see more of this character in a senior role on the show, as I believe that he is kind capable of the job.

9. Chimney

a) In Season 3, of 911, we get to see more of Howard's story. How he got where he is & his Kid brother at home, I think that the audience going see more a fatherly side of Howard that we have seen before. But not to this extent on the show, as he prepares to become a dad for the first time. I always have been interested in the character arc of Han. I have found his character fantastic in his own right. I hope in Season 4 of the show we get to see more of this character in action.


The Relationship Development in S4 Ep 1

The above section looks at what happened in the characters in episode one of the shows' fourth season. I want to take a moment to discuss the relationships that are on the show. This show's cast is big & there are several storylines to cover. There are several relationships and interactions that each character has on the show.

Within The Firehouse 118

Season 4 of Episode 1 we get to see how the team is coping with the changes to the job. And major changes that the team is going through in their personal lives. As we move through the episode we get to see how the team still works together under pressure and what can be done in a nick of time. I hope in Season 4, I hope that we get to see more of this dynamics, but I think that with Hen becoming a doctor, I think that we need to get some new characters to the show.

Within the personal lives of 118

At the end of Season 3 of the show, we are shown that some relationships are headed for many milestones and challenges in Season 4 of the show. And I think that with the set up of some of the relationships in the first episode we are going to see in the season to come in the future episodes of the show. But in this episode only, we see the basic information of the relationships that are on the show but I think that we are going to see more drama in the episodes to come.

Within the Emergency Operations Centre

With may coming to the centre, I think that the 911 writers are going to give more to this location as we have been seeing more of it in Seasons past. I hope that we are going to see more of this cast of characters in the season to come. I think they are most interesting at the moment.

With the relationships that have happened on the show, I think that we are going to see more of the relationship and character developments on the show. I look forward to seeing how the writers are going to tackle the season ahead.


Now Look at the Best, Emotional and Weird and Wacky Moments of the show, let me know in the comment section below or on social media @tvfanaticau(#ad) what your moments that gave the feels for the next episode and season 4 and beyond.

Best Moments

1. Shout out to the production crew and everyone that is associated with the 911 universe to make the show for the audience.

2. Some of the small moments in the show’s characters and relationships throughout the episode

3. the main storyline of the COVID - 19 pandemic, to make sure that the audience is informed that it still going on.

4. The Cliffhanger of the show’s first episode

Emotional Moments

There were several small emotional moments in the show’s season opener, but I think that we are going to see more of them in the episodes to come. And I will make sure that in my review. But I think that this episode did not make me emotional, as for other shows this year’s season. But I think that we are going to see more in Season 4

Weird and Wacky Moments

1. Some the interactions on the show’s episode back with Maddie and May. I hope the writers are going to work with that.

2. Buck’s weird crush and the storyline that is around that at the moment.

3. Similar story to the season 3 opener


Overall Thoughts and Opinions of the Episode at Large.

Season 4 Episode 1 of 911:The Original, was a great start to the show going forward into Season 4 for the show. With the changes and the use of flashbacks were check on the development of the characters and the relationships that are happening in the show. But I think that the writers were able to give a bit of a cliffhanger in a similar fashion of the show's previous seasons. I hope that Season 4 we get to see more emotions and backgrounds on some of the characters that have has limited. With the crossover with 911 Lone star, we are going to see expansions to Eddie and Buck.

Season 4 Episode 1 of 911 gave some answers to questions since Season 3 finale and in typical 911 fashion, we get to see a cliffhanger. for the next episode.

Overall Rating of The Episode: 7/10


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