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"There" Is Season 5 Episode 7 of Highly Popular NBC Family Drama. This Is Us


Hello and Welcome This Is Us Fans and the Longtime viewers of My Content. It has been a while since I have written a review for This Is Us. But I am glad to be back with another review with my two cents on the episode. I hope you are safe during this time. Wherever you are in the world.

In this review, we are talking about Episode 7 of This Is Us, titled, There. Season 5 Episode 7, we get to see some context to the character and relationship changes for Kevin and for the other major characters on the show. Let me know in the comments section below or on Social Media the handle @tvfanaticau (#ad) of what you thought of the episode or what was the moment that stood out for you.


Character Study of Episode 7

Now let’s look at the key character development of the episode in this review of the episode.

Kevin Pearson

Episode 7 was the episode. We finally get to see Kevin grow up. I know that some people on social media platforms or other reviews on this episode are against some character development of Kevin. But I am of the mindset that Kevin is growing up as he begins that journey into the adult milestone of fatherhood and a long-term relationship. Because After 4 1/2 seasons of This Is Us. We are getting to see how Kevin wants something for the first time in his life. I am currently on the fence about how I feel about Kevin being there for the birth of his children. Because I believe Kevin needs to find his own path to victory or the old hood milestone of fatherhood. And with the flashbacks, we could get more the context of how Kevin approaches things in life and I feel like the writers want Kevin to have a clean slate in terms of that. I am looking forward to the emotions that Kevin is going through in the next couple of episodes with his children and also Madison as well.

After a rewatch, I found they wrote for Kevin leaving the movie; I feel like there is going to be more context to the story of his actions.


Throughout the episode, we can see that Maddison is struggling to cope with the no family in her corner, as’s briefly mentioned in the episode. I believe that in the next couple of episodes of the season; we are going to see more of Maddison is going to cope with the childbirth and other decisions that she has to make for her children and Kevin; I want to see more of Maddison in the show, As I believe there is more story to be told for her.


After the previous episode, we got to see a moment of when Kevin was on the phone whilst driving the car or When Maddison was on the phone about the family. I think we are going to see more of the calm and collective Randell that we saw in Season 1 of the Show. As we have Madison on the phone with them in labour until Kevin gets there.


Kate, in this episode, has to see the fallout of some things that happen for the look of the communication within the relationship between her relationship with Toby and her child. I hope to see more of this character development through the next half of Season 5 of This Is Us.

Jack was a character on the show.

In this episode, we get to see the difference in the parallel to Kevin’s decision-making process. And from a viewer’s perspective, that I believe Jack is a man that can come across as begin there for his children. And with the conversations that came up in the car for Kevin. We can see that Kevin has an idolised version of his dad and which in turn creates this thing in the This Is Us universe. That Jack has two separate personalities, So for his children, he wants to be perfect in their eyes and himself as well. But the audience, we are privy to the side of jack that we never get to see. He is trying to strive for something. I think it has come from the abuse of his father. But I hope writers can keep this direction going for Jack. As we need to see the flawed side of him.


The Relationship Development of Episode 7

Kevin and Madison

In this episode we got to see small glimpses of this relationship, I think as we move towards the birth of twins. That Kevin is going to move towards the love for his children and Maddison. So I hope in the next episodes that we get to see more of this relationship development, as I have become emotionally invested in this relationship.

Randall and Beth and Maddison

I just love this moment of the dynamics in this relationship, I hope we get to see more of this relationship in the next couple of episodes of the show.

Rebbecca and Miguel

In this episode, we finally get to see more of the development in this relationship, in terms of the context of information of the relationship. I hope we get to see more conversation about their relationship in the second half of season 5. but maybe in this next couple of episodes.

Other relationships that were to focus on

That the relationships that were focused on there were a small moment was Kate and Kevin, some the guy that was saved by Kevin and the director and Kevin and other small interactions that happened with Kevin I hope that we yet to see more of the minor relationships in the second half of the Season 5.


Favourite Moments of the Episode

Best Moments

During episode 7 of the show, even though there were some moments of cringe. I think that there are a few moments, that were the best moments for me in the episode and here they are below. A major best moment is the shout out to the pre and post-production crew and everyone associated with the production of This Is Us for getting the episode to us. But back to my moments of the episode. Miguel coming to the rescue when Kevin needs it at this time of his life. The moment of Randall being calm under the pressure of the situation.

Emotional Moments

Episode 7, also how Kevin is dealing with his actions and decisions that he has made, as they're some emotional moments for the episode for me, and they laid out in this section below when the end scene of when Madison was on the phone with Randal and Beth. Maddison throughout the episode and when the nurse for Madison as well. Kevin racing across the country to get to Maddison and his babies and the final emotional moment for me was the juxtaposition between the relationships between the father and sons on the show. Which I believed help to sell the story of how Kevin is going through in his mind.

Cringe Moments

In this last section of the review, we can not leave and talk about the cringe moments of the episode, for me, they are below, the storyline or moment around when Kevin leaves the set, and the director is being a bit of a jerk towards Kevin. The second cringe moment for me in the episode was the ID scene at the airport was a bit much for the episode. The missing decision about Kevin and Maddison’s Relationship.


Final Thoughts and Opinions Of Episode 7

Season 5 Episode 7, to me was a momentous time for the adulting and growth for Kevin and his some relationships that Kevin have created or also burned. But As this episode was Kevin - Focused, it gave context to some decisions that Kevin has made in order to help his family and Maddison. I think in the next half of season 5 we are going to see more of some of these recent changes to the current dynamics. Season 5 Episode 7 for some people was a filler episode as it did not give like a character or storylines for the other characters on the show. But I am of the arguments that this episode and maybe gave context and information about the next chapter of his life. A side note to add, that I am not a big fan of Kevin and Sophie to me that relationship is toxic. Unlike Maddison that we can see that she is supportive of her decisions that he has made even the dumb ones. As there are too much drama and bad blood between Kevin and Sophie. Just saying that we need to separate the relationship altogether and respect the decisions that the writers’ decisions regarding Kevin and his partners. As we cover Kevin leaves the movie set, which will create the drama for Kevin ad he is at home with newborn babies.

As I re-watching the episode, I came up with some side notes or questions for my audience to answer. Let me know in the comment section below.

With Kevin being a big movie star, I was wondering how did Maddison and also Kevin keep the pregnancy unwraps from the press. Because I feel like that would be something that gossip magazines would be interested in.

Why Kevin did not tell the production crew of the movie that his partner is pregnant with twins and he would have to leave at a moment’s notice, which would have created less drama with the production crew of the movie.

Overall, it is a good episode for me, let me know in the comment section. What were the moments that stood out for you or a moment that you would rather forget, let me know below.


Overall Rating of The Episode: 7/10


Until Next Time, I will See you Later

The Woman Who Writes

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