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The Medical Drama from An Surgical Intern. ABC's Grey's Anatomy - Season 1 Review

Welcome to the first-ever season review of Greys Anatomy. The highly successful ABC's medical drama. Which has been going on for a number of years now. But I want to rewind the clock and start back Season 1 where Meredith Grey is becoming a surgical resident at Seattle Grace Hospital.

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So let's dive into it

Greys Anatomy - Season 1 Review

Greys Anatomy is a medical drama that is based in a hospital that is a look into how the medical field is the United States and Around the world. As the season 1 progresses get we to explore relationships & cases that we may not seen on telescreen before as the show is written from Meredith's point of view as the surgical intern at Seattle Grace Hospital we also get to see the competition that the interns had while working at the hospital as we the audience get to experience through the eyes of Meredith Grey As the audience, we get to see how the writers and actors are aiming to strive for a good balance of characters and development as the show is an ensemble cast of characters. I believe that it would be hard to get the balance right first out of the gate. But the writers get right at the end of season 1. As I am watching this show in 2020. I am getting nostalgic about the earlier seasons of greys Anatomy as they shot in a different time period. And you can also mention that technology is about burst in a major role in the medical industry around the world. But you can see that does not happen until later on. Greys Anatomy S1 came out in 2005. As you could say that the show has been on for a few years and around the block a few times.


👩‍⚕️ Grey's Anatomy S1 Best Moments👩‍⚕️

When we get to see how the characters are planned out on the show.

The on screen chemist on-screen the actors on the show

Shout out to the writers and production team on the show for providing a soild tv show

Whesolidison Shepherd Comes into Town for Work

And the not so great moments in the show are

  1. Is the relationship between George and Meredith and how that has impacted on George

  2. Some of the characters in the show were lacking in development as the show is only getting started.

But let's jump into my overall thoughts and opinions on Grey's Anatomy S1

The relationships on the show. As I have previously that they are in an ensemble cast. There is going to be so many possibilities and opportunities for relationships and friendships to develop and grow. But there can be a downfall of annoying characters to the list for the first season.

But before I do that I want to talk about my favourites in and for an relationship


1. Early days Meredith and Derek

2. Meredith and Christina

3. George /Alex and Issy


1. George and Meredith as friends and roommates

2. Christina and Dr Burke

Now let's jump into the individual characters that I like in the show so far and don't like so far

1. Christina

2. Meredith

3. Bailey

And I ones that I dislike on the show are

1. George

2. Derek

3. Dr Burke

As for the cliffhanger of the season 1

I love the introduction of Addison Shepherd.

Overall I believe that this show is well written in the beginning with the twists and turns of an medical drama. a have not seen ER. But I hope this show comes close to it or maybe better. I like season 1 as it provides a good foundation for the next seasons to follow and to come.

Overall rating 7/10

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