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The Journey to be "In The Room" on Season 5 Episode 8 of This Is Us.


Hello and welcome back This Is Us Fans, I hope you are healthy wherever you are in the world. After 2020, I believe in Connection and how it has to keep the world a little less sane. But in this review, we are going to be looking at connection or reconnection for This Is Us characters and relationships, also the pivotal changes of the characters and relationship development that has happened for the episode and give my thoughts and opinions on the episode. And also look at the relationships and character development that could happen in the second half of Season 5.

So Let’s Dive Into what has happened in Episode 8 of Season 5 of This Is Us.

The Pearsons navigate huge family milestones together but from a distance. (IMDB,2021)


Key Character Development of the Episode


As much as Kevin was a focal part of wanting to grow as a human. I think Maddison is the one that has the major character development in this episode. But I hope we get to see more of Maddison’s backstory and the reasons that there is a lack of family around her at this pivotal moment in her life. Expect for Kevin


As mentioned above that Kevin is finally growing up and with the reorganization to Randall after the birth of his babies. We can see that Kevin wants to have something more than what he is chasing. And after last week’s episode, we finally got to see how the decisions that Kevin made before running to Maddison and his family that he is craving so much. I hope in the coming episodes we get to see more of this growth and also what Kevin does about the decisions that he made in episode 7 when he was trying to get to Madison and his babies.


In this episode, we finally got an update on Kate and how she is going and what the writers want to achieve going forward for her as a character. During this episode, I believe we got to see the Friend Kate that attached herself and not thinking about the other people in the friendship. But I hope we can see more development as Kate is becoming a two Child parent. And I hope we get to see more of the development that we have been seeing in Kevin and Randall.


This week’s episode was the week that we finally got to see Sterling K. Brown, as a lighter person and wanting to be there for his brother and his family. But I think we get to see more of that from the coming episodes of the show. But I like the story that Randall tells, but I think we are in growing still, but he is in the stage of acceptance to the identity story of him. Which I believe close a chapter for him.


The Key Relationship Development in this episode.

Kevin and Randall

Throughout the season, we have seen these two but heads, about everything that has been happening over the last 40 years of their lives, but I think in this episode, we finally see that reconnection that we have been missing for a while. But I hope we get to see more of that development soon. But for now, I like where this relationship is going so far.

Kate and Toby

During this season, we have seen little of this relationship of the development. Because I believe writers are coming from a place that they believe that Kate and Toby are in a good place. But I think we are going to see more tension and conflict over the next half of the season. Because I think there is something major that is going to happen for this couple, but I don’t know yet.

Rebecca and Miguel

In this episode, we finally get to see more of that development of their relationship, as for several seasons we have seen little of this relationship’s development from when they got back together again. I hope we get to see some seeds sown in this relationship of this second half of the Season. But I think we will not get it until then.

Kevin and Maddison

During this season, we get to see more of this relationship to unfold and how these two were going to adapt to the ever-changing situation of their relationship. And so I think this with this episode, we finally got to see them on the same page to be there for each other and the quick friendship that they have developed over the course of the Season. I know some people are still with the Kophie fandom, but I am so sorry to burst your bubble because Think the writers of This Is Us want to create a healthy relationship for Kevin that can push himself, but also keep him grounded in reality, and to not put with the dumb decisions that Kevin has made over the course of the Season. So I hope the writers keep developing in this relationship, as I’m liking where this relationship is going for the characters.


The Moments of Episode 8 as a Study.

As we move from the relationships and the character development that has happened in this episode, I want to have a look at my favourite moments of the episode and ones that made me cry and also the ones that made me cringe or skip. Let me know in the comment section below what the moments for you in this episode.

The Best Moments

This episode was about connection and reconnection for all the characters on the show. And this episode reminds me of the original style of which that are used to as This Is Us fans, which I liked, because I think it created that sense of connection to the past, but shows that family can still be together, even if they are worlds and miles apart from each other. So here are my moments that I thought were the best for the episode.

The emotional scene of when Ellie handed her baby and was giving her speech to her baby girl. It reminded me of a scene in a show on Call the Midwife.

Kevin showing up to the birthing room for which he had to travel a far distance to get to her and the children

The Beautiful storyline of the man who gave us the video calling that we have taken for granted during this crazy time in our lives and the beautiful love story of himself and the wife.

The Emotional Moments of the Episode

During my rewatch of the episode, I found I was becoming more emotional about the show’s 8th episode. They jammed this episode packed full of the emotional moments that were needed to convey the message of connection, and so some of my emotional moments of the episode are below.

Kevin showing up for Maddison and his children after travelling for so many kilometres or miles (for my American viewers)

The ending montage of the Big Three is showing the world to the tiny big Three of the show.

the storyline that surrounded the wet painting that the Big Three did when they were younger

Kevin passing on the name for his baby son, from his uncle and the scenes that surrounded that.

The Cringe Moments of the Episode

As much as I want to praise this episode as being the pivotal moment for the show, there were some moments that I would like to forget that happened on the show.

MMMBop Story, hear me out, I know Maddison is going through a hard time for the birth of the children, and there it was there as a distraction tool for her. For me, the first time watching it was I was not a fan. But I think it children will grow on me. But for the moment, no, it was not the best.


Overall Thoughts and Opinions for Episode 8 of This Is Us.

Season 5 Episode 8 of This Is Us was a beautiful and pivotal moment in the time for the This Is Us universe. Throughout the episode, This Is Us writers, to me jammed, packed the episode full of emotional moments that they know for the show. I believe needed to help move the show forward in the direction that the writers and Dan Folgerman is trying to achieve. Episode 8 was an episode that focused on all the characters on the show, which refreshed that we have had several episodes during this current run for the show, that was individually based for most of the characters. Because I think Episode 8 of Season 5 of this is us, is a turning point but also the start of a new beginning for the tiny three and the Big Three Alike. I hope in the next couple of episodes we get to see more of the background for Maddison and Miguel, also look at the things that were covered in this episode and help to move them forward for the overall story and theme that the showrunners are going for. I looking forward to where this next half of the season takes us because I’m becoming more emotionally invested in this universe and I would like to see how it ends.


Episode Rating 8/10 for the overall episode.


Until Next Time, I Will See You Later

The Woman Who Writes

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