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The Case Was Unfinished Business For NCIS LA - Season 12 Ep 2 Review and Breakdown

Hello and Welcome back NCIS LA Fans, I hope you enjoyed my previous review of the Season 12 premiere, this week we are going to explore what through the episodes and how the previous season was tied up in this episode, and I hope we are not down with the character as I believe that he is a good evil person for the show, I hope you are safe and healthy and well wherever you are located in the world, lets dive into the Season 12 ep 2 Review of NCIS Los Angles - War Crimes,

NCIS LA Season 12 Ep,2 worked on a case that happened in the previous season 11, as the trial begins of a chief petty officer who Callen and Sam arrested for war crimes last year, the NCIS team are called in to help find the missing star witness. With that let's jump into the relationship and character development of the review,

In this week’s episode, we got to see the how the new team members work with the team and also we got to see Nell working in hetty’s job, as she has been training for the role for a number of years. But this week’s episode, I believe was a vehicle to close off last’s years season off, as it was a good move to have limited for character and relationship development for the established cast in the main sense, it gives the episode to focus on the storyline, I hope to see more of these types of episodes in the season to come, but I want to start having the chance to start to focus on the existing characters and the new characters, plus the relationship development of the characters such as Callen and Anna, Sam and Katherine + Deeks and Kensi. With that let’s look into the best moments & the not so great moments of the episode.

Best Moments of The episode 1.When the look of the defendant got when the star witness came into the courtroom

2.Deeks and Kensi dealing with the witness to the crime when it comes to the witness tampering

3.The small moments of the emotional levity

4.We get to see Agent Round tree in Action

5.The end scene of the episode

And the not so great moments of the episode

1.The guy on trial he was a creepy person, so the actor did his job, I believe we have not seen the last of this character

2.The limited and lack of the relationship and character development again

Overall thoughts and opinions on the episode

During this episode, we got closure on a storyline that happens in this past season, I believe it was good storyline aspect, but it was not my favourite episode of the season so far, as it lacking the relationship and the character development that NCIS LA is known for, I hope in to see it in the coming episodes of Season 12, great performance by all of the actors and the kudos to the production crew for pulling for the episode. I understand that the review is short and sweet for this episode, but there was limited content to cover

If I have missed anything that I have not covered in the review, let me know in the comment section below and we can have a discussion below

Overall Rating of The Episode: 7/10

Preview For Next's Week Episode

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