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"Shock and Delight" During The Second Episode of Bridgerton Season 1


Hello and Welcome Back Bridgerton Fans and longtime viewers of my content, I hope you are safe and well wherever you are in the world in this crazy. As I mentioned in my previous review of the show’s episode 1. I have become a fan of the source material and TV show; I want to buy the books to read to see more of the Bridgerton Family. So I am letting you know that wants to create a Season 2 predictions post, but I want to reserve judgement on the show’s second season before I have gained and done some research on the source material. So I am going to jump into my second ever review for this show. But let me know in the comment section below or on social media @tvfanaticau (#ad) of your favourite moments in episode 2 of the show.

Simon's apparent courtship of Daphne angers her brother Anthony Bridgerton and threatens to ruin the arrangements he made. Marina opens up to a curious Penelope. (Imdb,2021)

Character Study of The Bridgerton Universe

In this section of the review, we are going to be looking at Key developments in the characters of the Bridgerton universe in episode 2 of the series, so let’s begin with the major female character of the show, Daphene Bridgerton, in this episode, we get to see more than curiosity that we have seen in the previous episodes of the show. As she finding her identity within the society in which she lives, but with the interactions with the Duke of Hastings, we are being shown what she can achieve in the world.

The Duke of Hastings

In This episode, we get to more of the backstory of the Duke of Hastings, as we find out that his mother died in Child Birth, which resulted in his dad becoming the man that wanted to have nothing but perfection. But with the interactions with Lady Danbury earlier in his childhood, you can see that he struggles to speak as he has a speech impediment. With the help of Lady Danbury, he can become more of a man with grace and status. But there is a dark mystery behind those soulful brown eyes of his.

Anthony Bridgerton

In the previous episode of the show, we showed he is a not thrilled man, as we find out that he has trouble with his emotions and is against his sister marrying his best friend but I think that throughout the episode, we got to dive into more of that origin story of Anthony and what he will achieve for family. But I think there is more to explore in S1 of the show.

Lady Violet Bridgerton

In this episode, we get to lady Bridgerton, with poise and excitement of the new relationship of the Duke of Hastings and her eldest’s Daughter, as we move throughout the season, we can see that she cares for her children, but we can see that there is more to her story.

Lord Bembrooke

Can we get rid of this character, we have seen a lot of him and I think that this character helped with the development of Simon and Daphene or more likely Simon that were better things than hurting the family.

Eloise Bridgerton

In this episode, we get to see how she is angry against society and wants to go big with her life in this episode, as we move further into the series I believe we are going to see more of her throughout the show, I believe we would not get more of her character development in Season 2 of the show.

Duke of Hastings *Father*

During this episode, we got to see more of that the father was abusive towards his son, through emotional abuse and pressure of being the perfect son, and his wife, as he believes the duchess was not suitable for motherhood, even though we get to see that he is the one at fault for wanting an heir to the dukedom

Lady Danbury

Lady Danbury is has become an instant icon for Simon in the earlier years of his life. So I think we are going to see more of a mother figure. I want to see more of her character in the coming future episodes.

Benedict Bridgerton

I hope we got to see more of how this character story plays out. But I think they are more of a mystery behind those eyes. I think we are going to see more in the future.


The Relationship Study of Bridgerton Universe in Episode 2

So in this section of Bridgerton of Season 1 Episode 2 Review, we are going to be looking at the key development of my favourite relationship of the show, and the other minor developments of the relationships of the universe of the Bridgerton series.

Key Relationship Study of Daphne and Simon

As though the relationships are the focus of the show, I want to look at how these two are going, and I think Simon is the one that is falling for Daphne. But I think with how the character is being developed, we can see that they base the relationship on a natural attraction and mutual respect for one and another as the season progress we are going to more of the mutual respect. As he protects her from Bembrooke and his trauma, also I like the brief moments within the relationship. So far.

Minor Relationship Development

In this episode, we are witness to several small developments of the relationships that are on the show. From the tension with the friendship between Anthony and Simon to the innocent friendship that is filled with curiosity and awe with Eloise and Penelope. But then we have the family dynamics of the Bridgertons of which can help in turn to move the family storylines forward in the show, between the Featheringtons and the Bridgertons

But we can see that some relationships that were a setup in episode 1 gain more development in their stories, such as lady Danbury and Simon and the relationship that Lady Bridgerton has with his mother, Lady Bridgerton. also throughout the episode, we get to see more of the family interactions such as the Bridgeton brothers and Anthony and Daphene.

But as we leave the relationship and the character development of episode 2 of the Bridgerton Season 1, we can have a look at the moments that stood out and also made me cringe a little, So I want to know in the comment section below, what were the moments that made you feel good or just cringe at the thought of it happening on the show.


The Moments of Episode 2 Season 1 of Bridgerton

Best Moments

The Best Moments for Me, in the Season 1 Episode 2,2, are the below. For example, the insignificant moments of lady Danbury and Bridgerton. Simon and Daphene during some scenes of the episode. And Also Simon protecting Daphene from the likes of Lord Bembrooke and his attempts to gain into the family of the Bridgerton. Another moment that I like about the episode was the interactions between Simon and Lady Danbury. As you can tell that they are more than godson and mother. She is a bit of a mother figure to him by pulling him out from his lonely shell.

The Emotional Moments of Episode 2

During writing the notes for my review, and I got to the moments that made me emotional like the writers intended to, and we can see that I had a couple of standout moments and they are the following, the opening scene of the birth of Simon and the Death of Simon’s mother and the surrounding storylines for the show’s second instalment of the first season and the other emotional moment was the storyline that Maria Thompson and her chances are slim.

Cringe Moments of Episode 2 of Bridgerton Season1

Season 1 Episode 2 of Bridgerton had some cringe moments that I did not like, and so here they are now for you. They handled the death of his dad and how that, the storyline of lord bembrooke and his attempts to be a Bridgeton. Even though I thought that marina Thompson storyline for the second episode. Was emotional, but I believe that it’s cringe as well.


Final thoughts and opinions of Episode 2

Episode 2 of Bridgerton Season 1, is another wonderful addition to the story canon for the television universe. As we move through the episode, we got to see more of the interactions and relationships that happened in episode one of the show. This episode was about the Duke’s entry into the world and how he deals with the trauma of being alone in the world. I like how this episode gave the audience the much-needed context of why Simon the way he is. And what leads to the present for him at this moment with Daphene?

But with Simon by her side, we can see that Daphene is coming out of that protected shell of her heart as she beings to fall in love with the Duke of Hastings. Also throughout the episode, The audience was a witness to the other characters and the relationship development that was explained in this review. Such as the relationships within the Bridgerton and Featherington family or the relationships between Lady Danbury and The Duke of Hastings. But we did not see Lord Bridgerton and the mistress of Song Sienna.

I want to see more of this show in Season 2, but until then I will see you in the comment section down below.


The overall rating for the episode is: 7.5/10


Until Next time, I will See you later

The Woman Who Writes.

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