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Mina's Kangaroo Court Is In Session. The Resident Season 4 Episode 2 Review & Breakdown.

Hello and Welcome Back, The Resident fans & longtime viewers of my content. I hope you are safe & healthy wherever you located in the world during this crazy period. With S4 Episode one under the shows' belt, the audience can finally see how the series moved in an overall fashion.

In this episode, we are privy to some of the questions that have been unanswered in the previous seasons & the opening episode of Season 4. In this review, we are to recap what happened in the broadcast and towards the end of the review.

I will dive into my overall thoughts and favourite moments of the episode. And I what I think that will happen in the next episode of the show. Any of the members in the production of The Resident reading this review.

To all of the actors and production crew, thank you for continuing working in this time as the world is in dire need of an escape from reality. I hope that you are all safe and well on set.

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Now Let’s dive into the review of Season4 episode 2 of the Resident

"Mina’s Kangaroo Court".

Season 4 Episode 2 was a first look into how the characters after the pandemic. What installed for the rest of the season ahead. But first, Let’s look at the synopsis for the episode.

“When Cain’s Elected surgery patient returns with complications, Mina and Raptor butt heads over of how to handle the situation at large, while in the ER, Conrad and Devon treat a congresswoman as she has a mystery illness.


This episode was a great starting point for all of the characters on the show.

We got to see development in some of the key characters. I am going to talk about them in the next section below.

1. Devon

a) Throughout this episode, the audience showed that Devon is struggling with the grief of his fathers' death and we can see that it is affecting him in a way that he can not move past the death of his dad. He believes that if he was there, he could have saved his dad from the disease. But I think this season, I hope that the writers dive into the mental health side of when patients die. I believe it is a big issue within the medical community of doctors and nurses

2. Randolph

From Season 3 of The Resident. This character goes through evolution changes to his personality & relationships. But throughout this episode, we are giving a storyline about a stepson that Randolph left as he wanted to become more aggressive in his career. With in the world that is happening, he believes that he is lonely in terms of family. So he wanted to reach out amend a bridge. I hope in S4 that we get to see this character arc to develop in a way that matches what the writers and Bruce Greenwood are going for.

3. Mina

a) Season 4 Episode 2, we finally get to see Mina’s true colours when it comes to her morals & believes that Dr Cain should go down for the mistreatment of the patient, was handled in the pandemic. That he should, but you can see that Mina believes that is between her partner in crime and her moral belief system. I hope that we get to see more of this conflict of the mind in the future.

4. Dr Cain

This episode, we finally get to see some of the actions that Dr Cain. Come back & bite him in the butt, in terms of his decisions that made in the previous episode. How we are going to see more this character go through massive character development.

According to the press junket for S4 Ep3. I hope that writers get to explore more this character in season 4 to come.


As I have dove into the character development that happened in this episode, we get pivotal milestones for some couples or friendships on the show. So in this next section, we are to look at those milestones and what I believe that they could do next.

1. Conard and Nic

a) S4 Ep 2, is to go down in history as the episode that changed it all for this relationship. We come to find out in the final moments of the show. Nic is pregnant with Baby Conic (that is the fan name I come with, I use to name the baby until it gets a name on the show). In the past, we have seen this couple go through a miscarriage before.

And that affected the couple it becoming a changing factor forever in the emotional trauma. I believe that baby Conic, will be the healing piece that would need for the relationship between Conard and his dad, as well for Nic and her dad.

I like to see changes in the dynamics of the relationship that Conrad & Nic go through pregnancy this time. I am overall happy for one of the fictional couples. That I am too emotionally involved. Hope that the writers develop this pregnancy, in way that it can be a leading part of this couple forward.

2. Mina and The Raptor

a) This relationship is new when it comes to the romantic side of the relationship. So this episode was the way of the writers giving them their first major fight. The relationship & opinions are so different from this couple. I like the contrast between them and Conic. I hope that we get to see more in the future with this relationship. As I believe they are here to stay, whether I like it the relationship or not.

3. Dr Cain and Aj

a) This episode, we got to see more this professional relationship go down the rabbit hole further, as AJ wants to make him a better doctor in terms of the truth and I look forward to seeing this relationship to be explored further in terms of them professionally.

4. Kit and Randolph

a) From what happened in the previous episode of S4, we lead to believe that this relationship is not going down the path of the romantic relationship. But this episode kind of just gave hints to the audience that they are going to be just friends for a while. I hope we get to see these two by the end of the season together. I think that it's not going to happen

5. Devon and Conard

a) In the past couple of seasons in this show, we see this friendship pushed to the limits. And the never-ending conflict between them. I like this episode we see how friendship used to move forward for both of them. Conard is going to become a new dad and Devon is getting over the loss of his dad. I think that the writers are going to explore this reconnection throughout the season.


We have explored some of the developments in the relationships that are going on this episode. I was wondering what your favourite relationship moments of S4 episode 2. Let me know in the comment section below, or on Social Media at @tvfanaticau (#ad). Now let’s finally get to my favourite moments & my overall thoughts for the episode and what I think to happen in the next couple of episodes.

Best, Emotional and the weird and the wacky and the worst moments of the show’s second instalment of season 4.

Best Moments

1. Shout out to the production crews on the set of The Resident, thank you for bringing the escape that needed in the world

2. The Little Conic Moments throughout the episode

3. The final moments of the shows' episode of When Nic Tells Conard, that little feet are coming to the family

4. The Scene between Aj and Dr Cain, when they confront each other about his practise as a doctor

5. Mina’s Brutal Honesty in the scenes of which I believe is wanted

Emotional Moments

1. Devon going through the emotional toll of losing his dad to the COVID - 19 pandemics.

2. Nic tells Conard that they are going to be having more the two of them.

3. Randploh going through the emotions, as to deal with his former stepson

The weird and wacky moments that happened in the episode

1. The firing of Logan Kim as CEO.

2. The storyline of which they are going to be sold.

3. There is more to the story of Dr Cain. But we have not seen it yet.

4. My pet peeve with the male actors looking like a stunned mullet when a female actor tells them that they are pregnant with a baby was in full effect.


Overall Thoughts and Opinions of the Episode.

S4 Ep2 of The Resident is a great addition to the overall story canon of the series. In this episode, we got see answers to questions posed in the S4 premiere episode. And what is to come in the future for the show in terms of characters and relationships. In Episode 2, we got moments in the established relationships on the show are going through at the moment. Which gave the audience something grab to in the show coming ahead. the positive ending to the episode.

I want to give more of my thoughts on the episode in terms of that storyline ahead, from the social media groups and the resident’s social media pages some fans coming up with the theory that they to lose the baby in a miscarriage. Now from reading interviews for the press media for the episode, one of the showrunners talked about the direction on Nic and Conrad dealing with this second pregnancy. How that they are going to deal with the emotions of the miscarriage earlier in their relationship.

How it broke them up in the first time, and now as they are married & in a healthy time in their relationship. I hope the writers can use this pregnancy as amending of bridges in some of the relationships. I hope that the writers can pull off the storyline, as some fans have been waiting for Baby Conic since they have been together.

Season 4 Episode 2 of the Resident, we got see some of the answers to the questions were posed in episode 1. With this episode, we got to see more of the storylines that are to be happening in season 4. I look forward to seeing where this season is going to forward in terms of characters and relationships.

Let me know in the poll below of what you grade the episode and let me know in the comments section below or social media of your opinions and thoughts of the show forward and we can have a healthy debate in the comment section below. Or things that I have missed from the episode review.

Until Next Time

The Woman Who Writes TV Reviews


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