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Honest & Truthful Conversations can have an impact - This Is Us, S5 Ep 4 "Honestly" - Review

Hello and Welcome, This Is Us fans, I hope you are safe and healthy wherever you are reading this in the world, This week are going to breakdown what happened in the last episode of 2020 in the fourth instalment of Season 5 of This Is Us, so without further ado, let's get into the review of the show, but first, let's talk about what happened in the episode overall before we break down character development and my overall thoughts on the show’s fourth episode of the season 5.


"Malik shadows Randall at work. Kevin struggles to connect with his new movie director. Jack and Rebecca struggle to sleep train their babies." (IMBD, 2020).


Character Development of the Pearsons

1.Kevin Pearson

This epsiode, Kevin was offered a job to work on and through the use of flashbacks with young kevin, we get to see how kevin works in the sense when it comes to anything comes to school work or movie work, when it comes to how he is movtiated and feeback is one of the key things for kevin to see where he is at and how he can hone his craft, with the gift at the end of the episoide I believe that the director is fishing for something that Kevin is searching for his roles and it was a bit of a blow to kevin as he is a person that wants to work as collbrative person when it comes to the role, but I can see that they are referencing the some of the people in the industry that do that sort of things, I hope to see how in epsiode 5, how he deals with the changes with the job and his relationships when it comes to maddison and his childern and the rest of the family because I believe Kevin is on the outs with some of the family inculding his sister and brother.

2.Randall Pearson

Randall Pearson, also, this episode had some character development, in the sense, when it comes to finding himself and dealing with the craziness and we can tell that we are going to see more in this journey in 2021, that Randall is going to see a major development in emotions when it comes to his brother and also the family issues that have been developing since season 1 of the show, But I have to say that the dancing scene was a bit cringe but I can see where the writers are going with Randall and I like the development is going

3.Kate Pearson

a)Within this season with Kate, as a character, we have seen her go through some emotional decisions and I believe that from the conversation that we are going to get see in ep. 5, we are going to get more a back story about the relationship that she had with mark and how she has dealt with it and her opening up about her past, we get to see heal and start to grow emotional with her family and her husband, but I can see that there is going to be a negative consensus for a while about some of the topics but ultimately we see more of Kate and her childhood.

4.Jack and Rebbecca

Season 5 Episode 4, we get to see how Jack and Rebbecca parenting Kevin in the earlier years and we also got see how to deal with parenting in the different ways when it comes to baby Kevin, I understand that some of the fans of the show did not like the storyline for the episode as it brought a negative side to the relationship of the two, I believe that the this is us writers were right to place it into the episode as it can relate how the big three in the future and have developed over time, and how the parenting has affected the big three over the years, I look forward to seeing more with these two and how they got things wrong as all parents are not perfect, but they do their best.

Minor Character Developments

Season 5 ep.4 of this is us, we got to see how the minor characters are developed and how we got more to the story of the Pearson and how they can relate to the minor characters

  1. More of Toby

  2. Development of Randall and Malik

  3. Beth’s reaction to Randall’s stuff up

  4. More on the adoption storyline for Toby and Kate

I look forward to seeing more development in the future of this lot of characters soon on the show,


Best Moments of The Episode

  1. Randall and Malik’s friendship/ mentorship

  2. Kevin and Randall’s moments when growing up

  3. Jack and Rebecca’s stresses in the parenting

  4. .Randall’s Stuff up

  5. .Kate’s development in Herself

  6. Shout Out to the Post Production Crew

Emotional Moments of The Episodes

  1. Kevin trying to work on his script and wanting to develop a better job for himself and the director

  2. Jack and Rebbecca facing the stresses of parenting a young family

The Worst and Weird & Wacky Moments of the episodes

  1. The reveal on the mystery man

  2. The director’s gift basket to Kevin

  3. Randall's Dance Routine


Overall Thoughts and Feelings of The Episode

Season 5 Ep.4, is a Kevin- focused Episode, which I believe helped the audience to understand his process more as an actor and how he copes with the major changes that he is facing within personal and his professional life and through the flashbacks, we get to see how young Kevin deals with school work and his football study. The episode shows some of the stresses of parenting when it comes to jack and Rebecca, which I believe it is a good thing to show because I believe that all parents are not perfect and even though the media presents them in a way that is perceived to be, also in this episode, we get to see some major development in Kate’s Storyline when it comes to her childhood and her teenage years and we see that she is going to grow in a major way emotionally as she has not told anyone about the story and also I believe that we are going to see it next episode, and how that affected her and her relationships with men and her family as well in particular her mother, this episode we had developed in storylines that are going to have a major impact on the Pearson family in seasons to come. Additional I think the Writers are doing the Big Three episodes like this year and developing a back story for the teenager years for the Big Three.

Please let me know in the comment section down below of what your theories and predictions for the next half of the season and let me know if I have missed anything else as well

For S5 Ep. 4 Overall Rating of The Episode: 8/10

I hope that you have a safe and Happy Christmas and a safe new year wherever you are located in the world, I will return for When This Is Us Comes out in January 2021. P.S. thanks for the love and the support on my reviews for this show it has been incredible thank you so much.

Yours Sincerely The Woman Who Writes

p.s. promo for Episode 5 of Season 5

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