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Emotions and Feelings can be a Powerful Thing - 911:The Original - S3 Review

Hello and Welcome Back to My Season Review of FOX’s 911: The original, As I have been rewatching the show in preparation for the season 4 return, I thought, I might have a look at to see what the writers can affect the existing storylines and characters on the show, so without further ado, let’s get into the Season 3 review of the original instalment of 911

Season 2 of FOX’s original firefighting series opener, was a great moment on the show, As Season 3 opens, we are watching most terrifying moments on the season so far, this sets the tone for the show, as to where the show is going to go with the storylines and characters in the series, so in this review, I am going to break it down the characters and the relationships that had focused as well my favourite and cringe moments for me on the series, then finally give my thoughts and opinions on the season and what I want to see in Season 4 of the show, but first let’s dive into the first section of the review, the character development

1. Bobby Nash

a) In Season 2, Bobby had the big changes in his character development towards the end of the finale episodes with a mini storyline of the struggles he had faced in the past, In Season 3, we got to see more of that development, with the marriage to Athena and the relationships that he has with ex and family and the team as well, I hope in Season 4 we get to see more development in this character story arc in terms of his relationships

2. Hen

a) Season 2 for Hen was a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to storylines for me in terms of how the writers tackled it, but they turned it around in Season 3 and developing the side that Hen is ready to move on in a new field is for her, I hope S4 they tackle this well, in Season 3, we got to see more developments in her relationship side as well, which I will dive into later in the review, Season 3 for Hen is a stepping stone for better things

3. Howard

a) Season 2, for Howard it gave the actor something to work with, and in Season 3, they did not disappoint with the new character development, overall and his relationship with Maddie, more on that can of worms later, but Howard has gone through major changes in his life and Season 3 is the turning point in his life, as he is becoming a Dad in S4 of the show and I think we are going to be witnesses to some massive changes in his life and relationships with others

4. Buck

a) S2 for Buck, was the development & growth that was missing in Season 1 and Buck went through massive changes relationship developments, in Season 3 of the show we got to see how Buck has to deal with the changes that he faced in S2 finale and how he lashes out on others that are surrounding him and but in the S3 opener we are dealing with the relationship with baby Chris and how that has affected him in the long run on the show, I hope in S4, we get to see more of development in terms of the relationship with his parents and now pregnant sister and the people that are around him.

5. Eddie

a) Season 2 for Eddie, was an emotional one, as we got to see essential developments in terms of getting to know the character, but this character has been, put through the wringer in terms of the relationship and character development, but Season 3, we get to see how he copes with the loses that he faced in Season 2 of the show and we got an origin story of this character & so the audience has more of a backstory to sink their teeth into, in Season 4 I hope that we get to see how Eddie deals with the changes still from the death of his wife and how he is going to move forward with his son

As this section is here is for the characters inside the firehouse, have a look at the development of the characters outside the firehouse in season 3 as we got to see plenty when it comes to the drama and actions that these people face on the show, so let’s get into it now

1. Athena

a) Season 2 for Athena was about finding herself again in her relationships, that she has with her children and now new husband Bobby and her ex-husband, but Season 3 of the show, we got to see how my queen works within the police force and how she brings people to justice, but we see that Athena goes through the trauma of been attacked and I think Season 4 is going be about how she deals with the effects of the trauma and what she does in the future

2. Maddie

a) In Season 2, we get introduced to this character as Buck’s sister, we go on a journey with her & we see that she has been an abusive relationship and wants to get out, so she runs to her brother in LA and she begins a new life for herself, IN Season 3 we got to see more of how she is travelling mentally and is moving on to new things like the relationships with Chimney and reconnecting with her brother, but the end of the finale episode we see that becomes pregnant and I hope S4 we get to see Her and chimney work together to have this baby and to help been in a relationship still & I hope that we get to see the family of Buck and Maddie, as she is pregnant at the moment

3. Maddie’s Friend the 911 Operator guy

a) In Season 2, we get to see a limited number of times this character was on screen, but I believe that he has more tell in a sense, So in season 3 of the show, we get to see how he deals with going into a new relationship and having been attacked from it, and dealing with the effects of the trauma, I hope in Season 4 we get to see more of him, as Maddie is pregnant, I think that he will take over that role for the time begin

4. Athena’s Daughter

a) Also in season 2, this character is beginning to become an adult going off to college and but this Season 3, we get to see that she wants to achieve in life, and with the moments that she had in season 3, with the tsunami and her dad, I think that we are going to see a person that is ready to help people and I think that, we are going to see more of it in Season 4 I hope, as it was mentioned in the S3 finale


Best, Emotional & Weird, Wacky and the worst moments on Season 3 of 911:The Original

1. The Season Opener of The Show, And the production and cast did a great job as always

2. Maddie’s pregnant

3. The Eddie Begins episode

4. The development in the season finale and how that is going to start in S4 of the show

Emotional moments

S3 had more emotional moments than the previous seasons of the series, and here are some of the below

1. Athena getting the closure that she needs for the death of her fiance and finally letting the grief come out

2. Buck protecting Chris from the dead bodies in the water

3. Hen and Her Wife’s Miscarriage storyline.

4. The storyline of Athena Ex-Husband.

5. The moments of crazy before the chaos

6. The Train mission in the finale

7. In the Season 3 Finale the ending sequence of Eddie sending his child off to camp, many other small moments like that in those last few minutes

Weird, Wacky and Worst Moments of the Season 3

1. Some of the Developments on Buck’s earlier storyline and character arc

2. The show up of Abby in the finale episode of S3

3. Some of the development when it comes to Howard’s family and his kid brother

4. What happened to Ronda Rousey's Character


Overall Thoughts and opinions on Season 3 of the Show

S3 of 911: The Original deals with new characters and relationships that happened in the [ast couple of seasons, as I am watching this show, I get this theme of season 3, coming together in a community fashion and the tale of redemptions and that change is good and needed, Season 3 of 911 was an emotional rollercoaster with some of the missions and cases that Firehouse 118, went on and we got to see how they affected the crew in several ways. Season 3 was also the turning point of some relationships like Maddie and Chimney, Athena and Bobby. The breakdown or the closure of the relationships between Abby and Buck. We got to see how these relationships deal with the ups & downs of how a relationship in this universe works. S4 of the show is going to be a turning point for some of the characters, as I believe from the promotional material seeing new developments overalls. The writers are going to creating strain in existing relationships on the show. I hope the writers can continue this streak of development coming into season 4, as I believe it's going to be a hit in terms of the development in characters and relationships.

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