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CBS Legal Drama #Bull Season 4 Review and Breakdown

Welcome to my full season 4 review of Bull on CBS. I have been away for awhile from this show and I wanted to get back into the show. As I have to mention in have seen the previous seasons of the show and I have posted a full season review on another website. So I am going to dive and tackle the shortened season 4 due to the COVID 19 pandemic. So let's jump into season 4 review

#Bull Season 4 Review and Recap

From the beginning of the season, we see that the writers have to tackle the cliffhanger of the previous season of the intro of Baby Bull for season 4


Throughout my #Bull Reviews I will call Bull and Isabella (Issy)'s Child Baby Bull as I will sometime will forget the name so I call her Baby Bull. Until she is a child

So we begin with a flashback to the intro to the case. Which is an young woman who is accessed of bad judgement and manslaughter of five people. All because she served the killer alcohol before it the situation happened. So with this flashback we get a sense of where the episode is going. Then we fall back to the current timeline of the show and we see that Bull and Issy are having Baby Bull and Issy is Five months pregnant. As we move throughout the episode we get see how the relationships within the show are after the news broke of an new member being added to the TAC family, with Benny and Bull not speaking to each other due to the circumstances of the creation of Baby Bull and we can see as an audience that TAC is under pressure as relationships are tested and throughout the season

But throughout the season we get to see the relationships slowly started to rebuild to a sense of normal for the family to see.

Also throughout out the season we get to see new developments in character and relationships within and outside of TAC from Chunk and his daughter and Marissa and her husband splitting and also the rekindle of Bull and Issy p.s. I hope we get to see more them together as I love MW and YM 's on screen chemistry that they have as have mentioned before that they had a baby and I would like the writers to explore that storyline of them together ba bit more as we don't know what Issy is doing for work and I just want more Bull and Issy because they are so cute together

We also get to see a wide range of cases that TAC tackle this season from Murder from the First episode to working to clear a good doctors name because of college scandal also we have finally have chunk taking on his own case finally as we have been waiting for that to happen for a number of seasons now. I

In season 4 , we got to see the exploration of emotions from all the characters and development that we not had in the past seasons of the season. The writers have a great challenge to open the season 5 because of the shortened season of the show. I would like to see more of the character development that we have seen in the season 4 and also develop minor characters like Benny ,Marrisa and Danny

And also I would like to see more of relationship development as well. Maybe I looking forward to seeing Baby Bull and Issy + Bull together because I am such a fangirl. I hope to see more in the future

Overall rating


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