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Where is The Fire Burning on Chicago Fire Season 8 - Review and Breakdown

Hello and Welcome Back My Chicago Fire Fans, I hope you are safe, healthy and well during this time of crazy, This review is going to break down, what happens in Season 8 of Chicago Fire and what I believe could happen for Season 9 and Beyond for this show, As the title suggests, where is the fire that the show is known for because I believe that is the show is almost out smoke and fire, which is a shame for some of the new characters that have come onto the show they seem interesting at the moment but I hope season 9 can turn things around as Season 8 for me was not the Best that the one Chicago Team have pulled off, also this review is not going to be based on the first impressions of the show as I have seen the first episode to episode 18 I believe, so I hope I can breakdown the mess that is season 8 of Chicago Fire and give my thoughts and predictions for S9, Strap yourself in it is going to be a long one

Season 8 Episode 1 opens with the death of Otis, I Believe one of the beloved characters of the show, and I was not happy with the writers for this decision but I could see that it needed to be done, as to bring in new talent to the cast and breathe new fire in the show, but I think that is where I believe that show went down a weird path as we are getting to see the new characters on the show, which gave the writers the ability to create new relationships in the Firehouse 51 and develop more existing relationships on the show. So in my next section of the review of season 8 is the relationship development in Season 8 of the show. So let’s dive into that now,

Relationship Development in Season 8 of Chicago Fire

- Within the Firehouse 51

1.Brett and Casey

a)With the closure of one of the main relationships on the show in last season of Dawson and Matt Casey, we get to see these two begin to develop a friendship, as we move through the second half of the season 8, I think that writers are developing this relationship to become a romantic one and I think it is going to end very badly in the terms of the professional and personal lives of these two. I hope in Season 9 that the writers are going keep this two as friends, not lovers.

2.Severide and Kidd

a) As I have mentioned in the past, in some of the reviews of grey’s anatomy, that Amelink (amelia and Link) is a healthy and positive relationship, I believe, that Severide & Stella are the Chicago Fire equivalent of the healthy relationship, I hope to see in Season 9 that they are going to see more of relationship development in a sense when it comes to maybe a marriage or being supportive of the stuff of the things that they do.

3.Truck 81

a)In Season 8 of Chicago Fire, we get to see new characters on the Truck to create a new story for the show, and it also allows for relationship development in some of the older characters on the truck, which it allows for the writers to create the ability to development of mentor/mentoree relationships to help to teach the younger characters, the things that they have learned on the truck

4.Rescue Squad 3

a)In Season 8 of Chicago Fire, we got to see not many developments on this truck, that I could tell in the sense, like the relationship development, of Joe and Severide with their friendship and that was really that happened, within this team,I hope in Season 9 that we get to see more of this development in the sense of new characters coming to the truck or developing the relationships with the truck

5.Chief Boden

a)In this season, with the chief, we are got to see how he is the chief and how he is still a great leader and always giving out the advice to the younger and also the other older members of the crew, I believe he is a gift when it comes to his pearls of wisdom as I have mentioned in my past reviews of the show, we also got to see some development in the personal life of Boden and his wife, but In season 9, I would like to see more of his personal side of the character development, as he is known for the big guy at the top and who takes care of him in a sense

Overall The relationship development of Season 8, was not the best as we have seen in the past seasons of the show, As Covid - 19 hit we did not get to see how the season ended which probably would have help for me anyway to deal with the some of the lack of consistently in Season 9 which I believe we are going to get because of the some of the characters and locations and everything that has been developed in season 8 and expanded upon in S9, Now let’s get into the Best, The Emotional and the Weird and Wacky and the worst moments of S8 of Chicago Fire

Best Moments of S8

1.The story after how Otis dies on the show and how they represent how he is remembered in on the show

2.Joe Cruz’s wedding

3.The small moments in the show when it comes to the character development

4.Stella becoming invested into the Girls on Fire program and being mentored by Boden to become a better firefighter

5.Brett Finding and reconnecting with her birth mother

6.When Herman and Mouch make the decisions to buy out the brothers of Otis for the bar

7.Another Moment of How they wrote out Emily Foster and how she wants to back into be training to be a doctor again.

The Emotional Moments of Season 8

1.Was the death of Otis and the fallout from the death

2.Joe’s scenes through the time that Otis was in the hospital

3.The scenes of when Herman make a speech to the head of the company to make sure that Brian’s death was not in vain

4.Wedding scenes

5.The death of Brett’s birth mum and the birth of her half-sister

Weird, Wacky and the Worst Moments of Season 8

1.The relationship development around Brett and Casey

2.The new kid on the block and his relationship with the EMT that he trained within fire school

3.Joe’s development in his marriage


Overall thoughts and opinions on Season 8 of Chicago Fire

Season 8 of Chicago fire was a mixed bag of development of story amd character development, as we got to see new characters come into the show and there was limited and confusing amount of the character development that was lost in the show. As I believe that the start of season 8 of chicagio fire was one of the best of the show so far as it gave a good send off to an original character from the start of the show and we got to see some emotional scenes and momenets in relation to the firehouse, somewhere along the way between the first half and the second half of season 8, the show I believe lost of some that fire that is needed to burn brightky as the show has been slated for a number of new season renewals and I think that the Chicago Fire, writers decided to writer good and quality content about the character and relationship development within and outside the firehouse, when epsiode 20 was the finale and there was no pay off and I blame that on external factors of the world, I hope season 9 of the show is going to have the ability to reinvent itself as I have seen it do in the past, with major characters leaving on the show and new blood is coming in to the show, I hope that we get to see some new and interesting story lines into some of the content that was brought up in Season 8. I look forward to seeing the new season of the original fire drama show on NBC, but I hope that the writers can bring and re stoke the fire again, or they are going to lose this long time fan of the show for good and I going to watch just Chicago P.D. and the interesting developments over on that show.

Overall rating of the season of the show: 6.5/10


This the end of the review, i hope you enjoyed my opinion on Season 8 of Chicago Fire. if i have missed anything or you have any questions about my opinions. Let me know in the comment section below or on Social Media, @tvfanaticau or the woman who writes.

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