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This Is Us - The Show That Has Family Drama and Connection As Key - Season 4 Review and Breakdown

Hello This Is Us Fans and Welcome Back to Season Reviews of This Is Us, As Season 5 of the show has dropped this last week, I am currently catching up and I wanted it to throw my opinion of Season 4 of This Is Us, This Review will not be based on my first impressions of the season, as I have already seen the show one too many times over the past year since it has been out, also This Review is based upon my extended notes from my #twitter feed post on This Is Us overall (#ad)

Wherever you are reading this review in the world, I hope you are safe and healthy and thriving during this time. So without further ado let's dive into my thoughts and opinions on Season 4 of This Is Us


Season 4 - This Is Us - Review

At the end of season 3 finale, we as the audience, we were left stumped with the ending scene of the show as we had a future Flash - Forward where we see Rebecca on her death bed per se and the family gathered in the house, and we see a young boy no more than 12, and we find out it is Kevin’s Son. Which is strange as we have not seen any relationships with Kevin in the past couple seasons as we know that he has been hooking up with characters, but no long term relationships that are mentioned. As season 4 opens, we get to see young Rebeecca and Jack in the early days of their relationship and how that transpire throughout the months leading up to the relationship as they are only friends at this point time of the season. But as we jump to the current timeline of the show, we are introduced to new character Named Cassidy, (played by(Jen morrision) we get to see her story and how she struggles with her sobriety and mental issues and coming home from war and trying to find her purpose in life again after serving, this storyline ties in nicely with Uncle Nicky and Kevin as they are trying to get back to a sense of normal, also in this current timeline, we get to see how Kate is coping with her newborn baby and the complications that they are facing with baby Jack, and also we get to see how the marriage between Kate and Toby is going at the moment and how they are coping with the new changes that they have to make for their child also in this timeline of season 4, we get to see Randall in a new way as he takes his position of power in the government and he cope with the new changes of moving to a new city for him and his whole family, with Beth and the Kids. So without further ado lets dive into the character and relationship development that happens in Season 4 of This Is Us.


Character and Relationship Development of Season 4 of This Is Us

Major Characters Development

Rebecca Pearson

In Season 4 Rebecca goes through major changes to her emotional and memory side as we come to find out that she has Early-onset Alzheimer's where her mental capacities are decreasing over time, and so earlier on in the season we get to see how Jack & Rebecca Meet and how they become friends and ultimately fall into to a romantic love story for the ages that everyone in the family seems to want to live up to  

Relationship Development For Season 4 Rebecca

In this season, we get to in the earlier timeline, before the kids and how she gets well with her parents and Jack but as the season moves on we get to see the relationships that she forms with her children and her Husband and also Miguel as well. In this season we dive into the relationships that Rebecca has with her children as we see her mental function begins to worsen and wanting what is best for her and what she wants to do in life before she goes.


Jack Pearson  

In Season 4, Jack is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to the character development of Jack we get to see how he becomes more a better person as he gets to know Rebecca more. In the season we get to see earlier days Jack as we get to know the young version of his and Rebecca's relationship and we also get to see how Jack Deals with raising a child that is not his own, but loves him know anyway that he knows best.

The Relationship Development of Jack in Season 4

The relationships that Jack has, very limited and small group of friends that he has after the war, we also got more back story with him and his brother as we got to see Kevin and Uncle Nicky become more closer in a sense.


Kate Pearson

Kate is going through the emotional ringer again in this season. In the beginning, we get to see how she is dealing in her marriage to Toby and how she is coping with the new changes that are coming along with becoming a new mother and how the changes that her son is facing and how she is not trying to place the blame of baby jack on herself.

In this season of This is us, Kate is put to the test as she is trying to make sense of the world around her, so as the season moves forward, we get see more her and her mother becoming more closer together. And we get to see how her relationship the next-door neighbour is and how they become friends and with the friendship with Madison and how that has progressed in a sense


Kevin Pearson

Kevin has also developed in a major way in the character development wise as we move through the season 4, as we see him dealing with his issues with sobriety and his mental health issues. With the season 4 ending of Madison becoming pregnant with his children after a one night stand. And have developed in his relationship with his mother and also with Randall. I also believe that Kevin is also going to come to terms with his new changes

The relationships that we get to see Kevin have in season 4, is that he becomes close with his long lost uncle, his new friend  Cassiday, his beginning of his relationship with Madison, also in this season we get to to see Kevin become more closer again with his mother. We also got to see the closure of a couple of relationships that Kevin has this season as well

He also feels a sense of responsibility towards his mother, as he has not been in the past, in growing up as we have seen in this season and previous seasons that Kevin Has the chance he will run from the problem or drowns himself in booze or drugs to get over the emotional pain of his problems


Randall Pearson

In This Season, we get see Randall become more aware of his mental health and his sense of purpose, with the new changes that he has made in terms of his marriage and his relationship with Beth, and the move to another state. I also believe that the move to a new city and the same city where his dad lives may bring feelings of wanting to find his mum.

And has dreams or moments of when his dad is alive in the current timeline with his mum.

In this season of This is Us, the relationships that Randall has with his brother and sister and Mother have become more strained and less connected in the show, as Randall become more of his own person again. With the diagnosis of Rebbeca, we get to see the controlling side of Randall that we have not seen in a while, as he is projecting his fears on losing his mother again. Which creates the argument that happens at the end of season 4 between Kevin and Randall.


Minor Character Development In Season 4

Beth Pearson

Season 4 was Beth’s Moment to shine in a sense, as we get to see her move her family to another state and rebuild her passion for dance after she had been let go of her job. Also, we get to see how she is protecting her family with the changes of the new boyfriend and shier family

The relationships that were developed in the season are the following below

1. Randall and Her Marriage

2. Pearson Clan

3. Her Children

4. The people that she meets


Deji Pearson

In this season, we get see more her development as a character as we get more a backstory on her character and more on how she grows up and she begins to spread her wings in a new city

In this season, we see developments in relationships of the following

1. The Pearson Clan

2. Beth and Randall

3. Malik



Toby, this season went through major changes as a character, we can see that he is becoming more detached from his family and his marriage to Kate. And we get to see how that slowly that comes to aspect the changes and the needs that his Child needs, and becomes more open in communication in the marriage to Kate

Also, believe that there is more to the story with the marriage of these two and how about the backstory could change something in the marriage

The relationship that he is developing so far

1. Marriage to Kate

2. The relationship with the Pearson clan

3. the new and nurturing moments with his son in the show



Madison, this season, had some major changes in her character, with the news of her pregnancy with Kevin and how they are going to be moving forward. We get to see some of the information on her as a character but it is limited to due to the fact that she is an undeveloped character, I look forward to seeing more in the future

The relationships that were developed are the following below

1. Sleeping with Kevin

2. Her friendship with Kate

3. Her interactions with the Pearson clan and co

4. How they will react to her pregnancy


Uncle Nicky

In Season 4, we got to see more of the development of Uncle Nicky and how he fits into the story again as a Pearson. We get to see how the family welcomes in open arms at Thanksgiving and the other family gatherings. We also got to see how uncle Nicky is dealing with the traumas of war and his childhood by talking to others and having to deal with it in a new way  

The relationship development

1. The Pearson clan

2. The relationship with his nephew of Kevin



In Season 4, we are introduced to this character, and we get only a limited number of facts and information about him and his family and we get to see a blossoming relationship between him and Deji Pearson

The relationships that are been developed in the show for this character are the following

1. Deji Pearson

2. His daughter

3. His parents and the Pearson parents

4. His friends that he has


Tess Pearson

In this season, we get to see some development in this character, as we get see her come into her own Pearson, and dealing with the pressures of growing up queer and black, I hope in  Season 5 and 6, we get to see more her character development

The relationships

1. The Pearson clan

2. Her uncle Kevin

3. Her friends

4. Her Parents



In the first half of the season, we don’t know this character as we moved through the season we get to see who she is and what in relation to the Pearson clan that she is. Also get to see how Kevin help her to reconnect with her family, which ironic that we see Kevin becoming more and more disconnected in away from other family members in particular Randall

The Relationship, I believe that she has is the of the following below

1. A Tense Relationship with Her Husband and Child

2. A Wired and wacky friendship with Kevin and Uncle Nicky


The development of the characters over the season has progressed evenly, but season 4 had the emotional twists and turns, in season 5 I hope to see more of this character and relationship development in the next couple of seasons as I believe that the writers are working towards something as it is going to come up soon, in the show.

In into the second to the last section of My review and breakdown of Season4 of This Is Us

Season 4 Best Moments

Best Moments of Season 4

1. The evolution of Young Jack and Rebecca

2. The relationship development within all of the characters

3. How the writers in connected all of the storylines for a good cliffhanger of Season 4

4. The debacle around Kevin and Randall and the argument that has caused the tension for seasons to come

5. The Thanksgiving Episode at Beth and Randal House

6. Mandy Moore playing an older character with limited mental capacity

7. The Production and Crew for Season 4

8. Madison and Kate having a moment about her sleeping with Kevin

9. The recording that is found in the time capaluse box all of those years later

10. MVP of The Season Finale is Beth, with her quick thinking as she knows that the brothers are going to go at it

The Emotional Moments of Season 4

1. The argument on The lawn between Kevin and Randall

2. Kevin finding out about his children with Madison

3. Toby and Kate going to the NCIU to celebrate the birth and recovery of Baby Jack

4. Rebecca wanting to not do the trial in ST. Louis

5. The New York Episode and The Moments that Rebbecca has with her children

6. The last moments with the relationship with Sophie and how that has ended

7. The young actors who play the young versions of the characters

8. Rebecca Finding out her diagnosis

9. Toby and Baby Jack, and how he deals with the changes on his own

10. Randall’s Moment of Awareness During Therapy

11. Kevin Saying Goodbye to Sophie’s Mum  

12. The Appearance of Old Jack

The Weird and Wacky Moments of Season 4 of This Is Us

1. This season 4 had the weird and wacky moments of the show

a) Kevin and His director of The movie

b) Justin Hartley’s Billboard is a weird moment on the show

2. Toby and His Cross-fit Buddies and The Cross-fit Bitch That Madison that was wanting to kill

3. Randall’s Episode of Fantasy


And finally, the last part of the season review is my final thoughts and opinions on the seasons 4 as whole

Overall Thoughts and Opinions on Season 4 of This Is Us

In Season 4 of This Is Us, we as the audience are were placed through the wringer with emotional moments and best moments and question the weird and wacky moments of the show, from the end of Season 3 Finale, We were left wondering what happens to our beloved characters on the show, in this season, we get to see Randall become more aware of his mental health and how that is affecting his changes in behaviour when it comes to his mother, as we are be eluded to another underlying a factor in Randall's state of mind when it comes to this at the end of the season. Kevin goes through the changes as well, as we get to see how the impact of his mother’s treatment and diagnosis going to impact on the relationship dynamics of the Pearson clan, we also find out how the story around the young boy that shows at the end of season 3 and who the mother is, and Kevin sleeps with Madison, Kate’s best friend and gets her knocked up with twins. And so I hope to see in season 5, how Kevin and Also Madison are going to deal with the changes of pregnancy and also the speed of the relationship that they have. I believe that we get to Kate, and I believe there is more to her story than means the eye, as we can see in Season 4 that Kate is going through the emotional side of her relationship with the changes of her child and also her husband changes as well. And that is having an impact on her that is I believe a bit much. Mandy Moore, in season 4 is brilliant in her acting in playing older Rebecca and I love how the writers are tiring in the loose ends of the earlier days of when Jack and Rebekah first met and we can see as she loses her memory, I believe that she is going to struggle with the small memories that she has lost over the time. I mentioned in my previous season review, that the overall story arc for the show is to promote the relationship of two people and how life can change those moments of tragedy and death. And with all of the story arc and characters are leading to a moment that is coming and we as the audience does not know. Season 4 of This Is Us provided the audience with beautiful and dramatic filled moments as well as beautiful character development in our beloved characters

I hope this review can be a talking point for season 4, as I have may have missed some points in the Season, just let me know in the comment section down below and we can have a further discussion about the missing points

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