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This Is Us - Season 5 Premiere Episodes - Bring a Snippet into The Real Life That We all Facing

Hello and Welcome Back, This Is Us Fans, I hope wherever you are reading this blog post, that you are safe and well and healthy during this time, This Review is going to be the breakdown of the Season 5 premiere and what I believe that the writers were trying to in the first episodes back during a pandemic. Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter and tag me @tvfanaticau (#ad) to have a discussion about the episodes

Season 5 ep1 & 2 of This Is Us or any tv show on air in this current time period, is going to have a hard time to match up to plots and relationship changes that happen in previous seasons and to have to incorporate COVID 19 regulations that are based in law and guidelines to protect the actors and crew members on set, either way, it will be a challenge and I believe that they pulled it off well. does not mean that I believe that the some parts of the episodes, it worked to an advantage, but it was a downfall in the part of the episodes, and I believe that Dan Fogleman and The writing staff for these episodes, worked hard to make sure that they included current storylines as well as previous storylines from other seasons of the show.

with that been said, let's dive into the episode 1 of Season 5 breakdown and review

In this episode, we get to see the following

The Big Three's fortieth birthday is fast approaching. On Madison's suggestion, she, Kevin, Kate, Toby and Jack rent a trailer and drive to the cabin for the milestone, the cabin where Rebecca and Miguel have been living since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the trial in St. Louis placed on hold due to the pandemic, Rebecca has thrived at the cabin, she and Miguel who have set up a system to deal with any of her possible memory lapses if/when they occur if she is without him. The one person not joining this celebration is Randall who has not talked meaningfully to Kevin since their fallout earlier in the year. As such, Randall will celebrate his fortieth birthday quietly at home with his family, that day which will also mark Déjà and Malik's first date first anniversary. With the birthday milestone, flashbacks are shown of the immediate lead-ups to the Big Three's own births, Randall's biological mother, Laurel, who is only a footnote in his life. Also presented are the discussions of future Pearsons, Kevin and Madison who had earlier in the year decided to have and raise their twins together, and Kate and Toby who are anxiously awaiting any news about their adoption application.


Let's dive in further with the relationship development and growth that happened in season 5 episode 1

  1. Kate and Toby

  2. In this episode, we did not get to see much of the relationship development in such as maybe as Kevin and Maddison, but there was some growth in the relationship when it came to the adoption storyline and adding to their family, which I believe is going to be a long overall storyline as I believe it takes a long time to have an adoption process, I also believe that this storyline could have a major impact on their marriage and relationship too

2. Kevin and Maddison in the first half of the season 5 premiere episode, we get to see some development in their relationship as Maddison is becoming more and into the idea of Kevin as a potential partner, as she has previously mentioned in season 4 that she wants that romantic love story too. also, get to see them in bed together and having little moments on the couch with the touching of the babies, which is great to see, also got to see the family's reaction to Maddison's pregnancy, which was and mixed bag reaction as most of the family had weird reactions to the news, but overall they are positive ones

3. Beth and Randall

As season 5 opens, we get to see how Beth and Randall's relationship is doing during this point in time, as we get further in the storyline of the episode, we get to see the reaction of Randall and Beth when they discuss the social justice issues that are plagued their community and how Covid -19 is impacting on them as well as Randall's job, there is some development in the relationship but it was more focused on the current issues that are presented in the show at the time of filming

4. Deja and Mailk

in this episode, we find out that they have been a couple for a year, in this episode we only get some development about the relationship, I hope to see more in the future with this couple as they developed even more

5.Rebeeca and Miguel

In this episode of season 5, we get to see some mentions of their relationship, as they are hopefully are going to be developed further this season as we had not any type of development since the mention of they hooking up in season 3

Relationship development in season 5 episode 1 was an overall good thing as it gives us as the audience of where the relationships are on the show and how they are travelling in this time period with the constant changes that are happening in the world and how they are impacted as well.

Season 5 Episode One of this is us, is a good episode to start but needs the second episode to back up the information that is presented in the first one, let's get into my favourite and not so favourite moments of the episode

Favourite Moments of Episode 1 of Season 5

  1. All of The scenes with Kevin and Maddison, so far

  2. Toby's Reaction to Kevin and Maddison having a baby together

  3. Moment When Randall and Mailk are talking about the current situation with Black Lives Matter and the social justices issues that are happening in their back yard

  4. Rebecca talking to her babies before she has them and the back and forth between Kevin and Randall, with Kevin in the doctor's clinic with Maddison and Randall driving to the cabin to see his family

  5. Randall and Kevin watching family feud at the same time and the transition between the two scenes

Not So Favourite Moments of Episode 1

  1. Randall's behaviour towards his family as he is trying to deal with his mental health issues

  2. Randall and Kevin's text conversation When Kevin found out about the twins and they are one worded conversations

But Overall it was a solid start to the season overall, I look forward to talking to you about in the comments section down below, but let's dive into the season 5 episode 2 reaction and breakdown of the episode


Episode 2 of Season 5 - Review and Break Down

Season 5 Episode 2 is an emotional rollercoaster with an ed twist that caught me off guard when watching the episode for the first time, but let's dive into the episode breakdown and review

Pulled From IMDb

With the Big Three's fortieth birthday nowhere, the stories in the immediate lead up to their own births are continued, Randall's which is not as straightforward as it appears on the surface. Following the medical distress issue concerning the twins which required a trip to the hospital, Kevin and Madison make a decision about their future. And as the collective, they have had to call the police in Rebecca never having made her way to the bakery to pick up the cake and they not having heard from her, Kate sends a frantic text to Randall, who makes the decision to drive to the cabin. Beyond the issue of Rebecca herself, Randall being at the cabin may not only provide an opportunity for he and Kevin to address the issue of their current estrangement but for Kate to learn if she is indeed not imagining that her own relationship with Randall has been negatively affected, she believing, if so, it having something to do with the unknown issue between him and Kevin. That trip to the cabin leads to Randall making a decision about how best to deal with his own mental health. (IMDb, 2020)

as we make have a summary what happening in the show for season 5 episode 2, i would like to dive into the relationships that are developed or shown in the episode and i believe that are going to have an impact on the show moving forward

  1. Kevin and Maddison

  2. In the last episode, we see, that Kevin and Maddison are rushed to the clinic, as Maddison believes that she has done damage to their children of and where we see that Kevin and Maddison have a heart to heart about their relationship to their children and we find out that they are okay in the womb. and also find out that Kevin has proposed to Maddison in an emotional moment and so I believe in the next episode of the show we will see them develop further and talk about.

2. Beth and Randall

In this episode, we get to see more moments between them and more notably at the end of the episode, when Beth and Randall are talking about the things that they are dealing with in their lives, with that small moment, I believe there is going to be more about as the season progress and we can dive in further with their relationship and how the impacts of the issues that they are facing together

3. Rebbeca and Miguel

This episode is the one were the writers are making the decision to push forward the relationship of Miguel and Rebbeca and taken in the plunge and finally have to start to develop the relationship further, as the conditions that Rebbeca has, I believe that the writers are going to work on this relationship in the season 5.

4. Kate and Toby

In this episode, we get to see some development in their relationship, them be more open in communications and we get to see how they are excited for a new addition to the family and I believe that this episode that is coming next week as in episode 3 is going to dive into it to it more and explore the storyline over the next couple of seasons.

so let's dive in my favourite and not so favourite moments of the show's second episode of Season 5

  1. The Kevin and Maddison Scenes after the scare with their babies

  2. Toby and Kate getting the calls for the adoption process

  3. Randall making the decision to take to change a step forward in his mental health issues.

  4. Toby and Miguel Talking about his mental issues and how it is good to take one step at a time

  5. Randall and Kate having uncomfortable conversations about the upbringing they had.

  6. The back story on Randall's Birth Story and Some interesting moments and flashbacks to the day of the birth of Kevin and Kate and Kyle

  7. Milo Ventimiglia and his scene in the chapel, we know that he can bring the tears in the audience

  8. Beth and Randall's conversations at the end of the episode

and the not so great moments of the episode

  1. Randall's Bio Mum coming back from the dead, ( i understand that it is needed for the story but come on)

  2. Kevin and Randall's conversation, I believe that Kevin wants to reach out to become the person that he wants to be in the light of his brother's shadow, but Randall is not having a bar of it at the moment

overall the second episode was good but there least moments that made me want to attach to but I believe that the writers of the episode did a great job of writing the current issues that are plaguing many people around the world and domestically in the united states.


My final and overall thoughts on the first two episodes of the penultimate season of the show, they are solid episodes with good and bad moments, I believe it is not the best premiere episodes for the show, but overall they bring the story forward overall, which is good, I believe the hate and criticism on the addition to the current world events like the covid - 19 pandemics, is unjust, I believe that it has been to include, as the pandemic is running ramped in the country, it is to tell a story and also to help protect the actors and crew that is on set, But I maybe I the wrong person to ask about the issues that are plagued the US is I am writing this review based in Australia. I believe the writers and actors did a great job in working in the current conditions,

In the first two episodes did well in the closing some of the plots of season 4, but there was a lack of context with some of the storylines, but the writers still did an okay job.

The standout moments for me over the two episodes are as follows

  1. Toby's Reaction to Kevin and Maddison having the twins

  2. Some of the small moments in Miguel and Rebecca's romantic story

  3. Randall making the decision to take his mental health seriously in a sense of not holding back

  4. The context scenes of William and Laurel and Jack and Rebbeca in the first episode

overall a start that is solid to a season, I look forward to seeing how they move overall story arc forward and how the close the season overall,

Overall Rating of the episodes is 7.5/10

P.S. look forward to discussing the episodes in the comment section down below

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