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The Texas Spinoff of The Original Show 9-1-1 - Season 1 Review of 9-1-1: Lone Star

Hello and welcome to my first ever review of 911: Lone Star. This is a review of the highly successful spinoff in the 911 universe. I have become a fan of the show since it aired on my television screen. And I am hooked in more than it is big brother show 911:The original. With refreshing characters & also relationships. I think this show is here to stay for awhile. As addition to this blog post or review. I have a #twitter account @tvfanaticau where I post my quick thoughts and reactions to the each of the episodes as I am watching it on the tv 😁. So please go and check it out that would be great. (#ad)

This season review is going to recap the season and have a mini discussion about my overall thoughts and rating of the season as a whole.

So let's jump into it

🚒911: Lone Star - Season 1 Review 🚒

Hello and Welcome to My Season Review of the highly successfully spinoff of the original 911

911: Lone Star is about a New York Firefighter who relocated to Austin Texas with his son and works to save people’s lives and whilst trying to deal with his own personal demons and problems that he has before the move to Texas

Season 1 opens with a massive accident that happens to the previous fire station in which there was a lone survivor of the accident, which he becomes a major part in the pilot episode as he can relate to the Captian who is coming in from new york. Within season 1 we get to how the characters can interact with each other and the relationships are developed further or maintained in the show. I love the action and the drama that has been created for the show. If you watch the original series you can see that there is a stark difference between the accidents and locations of the problems, such the grain solo accident and the tornado ripping through the city and the cliffhanger of some of the episodes. Season 1 brings the drama as well to the show, as the audience finds out in the beginning that the Owen Strand’s character has lung cancer which he got from the 9/11 towers coming down which interns that brings up unintended emotional trauma from the event and the repercussions from the event. Which allows for Owen to close up to his crew and his family, but I believe with the friendship and mentorship with Judd Nelson, I believe this relationship will be good for the both of them as it will allow for the both of them to open about their experiences on the job and learn from one another as well. Within the show, there a number o,f relationships that are presented from the group dynamics of the firehouse 126 to the relationship that Owen and TK Strand have as father and son, for instance, gives the writers the opportunity to explore different relationships and characters further on. In Season 2 I would like to see how the writers tackle the topics that were discussed in season 1 and expand upon them to make them a part of the show.


let's dive into my overall thoughts and opinions on season 1 of 911: Lone Star

911: Lone Star also brings a refreshing look to a tv show with a diverse cast and storylines, which I believe is needed in the world right now as the world is constantly changing, Rob Lowe is a great casting all for the leader of the team as he brings the father figure to the team and also become a mentor to most of the team. As they are new into town and working together as one. And the other members of the cast are great as well as they have great chemistry together overall. I love the topics that they are discussing on the show and I would love to see more in the future seasons of the show as it allows to be a vehicle of discussion as well

Season 1 got me hooked on the show and the storylines I would love to see more in the near future and I would love to see a crossover event with the original series and the spinoff as it would allow for the shows universes to connect in a way that is special

I can not wait for more and I give the show an overall rating of 6.5/10

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