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The Season With No Jury- Season 5 Predictions and Thoughts For The Show Bull

Hello and Welcome Back, My Fellow Bull Fans, I am writing this post a couple of days before the season 5 premiere episode and I want to post my thoughts and feelings for what is coming in the new season of the show Bull,

As many TV shows were cut short during the height of the pandemic, and Bull was been shot in the epic centre of a major hot spot in the united states, it was affected dramatically and when Season 4 Episode 20 ended for the show, It gave the Bull writers a bit of clean slate to work with and develop new ways to bring character and relationship development to the show, and with all of the regulations and new working laws coming into place, I believe we are finally getting more of a character and relationship-driven season of the show, as the show has been slated for a smaller season, I hope that we get more character and relationship development, that I believe is needed to help move the overall storyline forward.

So let’s get into my notes about Season 5 predictions and theories


1. Benny Colon

a) As mentioned in an interview with TV Guide, MW speaks to a question about Benny and how the writers can develop this character further in a post-pandemic world. I believe that Season 5 of Bull is going to be the season of Benny, as we finally will get to see some development in his personal and professional life, as Bull makes note of it at the end of the season 4 in episode 18.

2. Marrisa

a) In the beginning of season 4, Marisa was having some serious problems like her marriage and her self esteem and I think that writers completely have forgotten that happened during that first half of the season, I am wanting to see more development in herself and also find out what the hell happened in her dissolution of marriage

3. Chunk Palmer

a) Throughout the show, chunk has an interesting character arc, because in the beginning he was the stylist for the company and I am assuming that he has taken the promotion of some sort and working a lawyer in training under Benny, I hope in this season we get see Chunk graduated from law school and starts working as a lawyer because we got to see how he was in season 4 episode 15 when Benny was out sick. Also, I want to see more of the personal side to chunk and what the hell is his daughter doing at the moment and how their relationship is after the change of situation in their relationship.

4. Danny James

a) Also throughout the show, Danny James has been an underused character on the show in terms of the character and the relationship development, and I have mentioned throughout my reviews, that the Bull writers have the opportunity to use her character more in terms of the show so there should be no excuse for it

5. Isabella Colon (issy)

a) Throughout the years of the show, Issy has made a small number of appearances in terms of when it comes to the character development of our main man Dr Jason Bull and Benny Colon, but as mentioned somewhere that YM is becoming a series regular for season 5, so I want to see her character woven into the story more of the show, as we can develop the relationship between her and her brother finally and the main relationship between her and Bull, we can now dive into her character development as well and what she has been up to in the present moment, awhile been home with Baby Bull (Atrisd)

6. Taylor

a) in the previous season, we get a Taylor - centric episode, where we got some development from her character, I believe she has the potential to be developed further in the sense when it comes to the topics that were mentioned in the season 4 finale, I but also believe this character has been underused as well and I hope to see more in the season 5.

7. Dr Jason Bull

a) Last Season on Bull, we finally got to see a softer and emotional side to Bull, that we have not seen since the episode about his sister, or we get this side of Bull in small doses on the show, But our main man is dealing with changes to his family, which we were dealing with at the end of the season 4 when Baby Bull was born, and I hope to see that continue into season 5 as well, and I would like to see how Bull copes with major changes in terms of the post covid - 19 courtroom as his job is to read the jury

  • i. Also I want to see more of him and Issy and Baby Bull and having small family moments

  • ii. Also I believe that Bull is going to take a step back from running the company that he started all years ago and being to take stock and focus on his family and work at the company as a secondary in charge

Overall as mentioned that I believe that Season 5 of Bull is going to be more of a character-driven show during the times that we are in at the moment, but I believe that we are still going to get the same Bull that we are used to. Also, I hope that we cover some of the topics, relationships and also the character development that was covered in previous seasons of the show in particular season 4, the last season just gone,

So this review of predictions for Season 5 is my take of what could happen in season 5 of Bull, and I would like to know what you think could happen in the Season 5, as I am written this, Season 5 of Bull is about to drop, so get your thoughts in the comment section down below and we can have a discussion about it

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