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The Relationship of the Devilish Nature. Evoulation of Deckerstar's Relationship

For 5 and 1/2 seasons on Lucifer, we are witness to a friendship that turns into a passionate relationship over time. This first depth in look, How I believe the writers at Lucifer kept the relationship on a slow burn and how Lauren German & Tom Ellis acts this relationship with grace and class while being friends in the earlier part of the show.

For this in-depth look, we are going to look at how this relationship has come a fan - favourite of the show & a cult classic. So I am going to break into seasons and talk about the relationship development that happened in each season of the show and I would like to give my thoughts and opinions of that evolution of Deckerstar.

Season 1 of Lucifer is the start of this great partnership and friendship, as Lucifer was always been truthful to her about his nature and the audience was treated to a friendship that relies on the nature of communication and jokes and you can see that way that Tom Ellis plays Lucifer in this context that he seems to be in factor by the mystery of why that she is impacting him in this way. And you can see that the writers are planting the seeds that are needed to help to move the relationship forward in the way that can be organic to the overall story arc. Season 1 of Lucifer to me was a stepping stone for the writers of Lucifer to plant the seeds of what the relationship could be in terms of the show. Throughout the season, we only see them interacting as partners and friends, but you can tell there is an undertone of tension that is going to break soon.

1.Lucifer and Chloe talking about their vulnerability

2.The first scene that they have together

3.Lucifer and Chole dancing in Lux, in the birthday party scene 1

4.The banter between the two on the cases that they are on

5.The scene in Season 1 ep.2. when Maze asked for the same things of that they are in Hell, but you can tell that Lucifer begins to see something in her that he deems as a mystery

6. The Scenes Around Father Frank's Death

The scenes with Linda and how he talks about his problem of change.

As we being to dive into the meat of the show in terms of this relationship, I would like to make a note. Leave your opinions or moments that you like in the first season of the show in the comment section down we can have a discussion about. Now let’s transition to the major developments or small movements back to distrust into Season 2.


Season 2 of Lucifer the writers of the show, kept the audience on their toes about the Deckerstar’s Evolution. Season 1 of the show, the writers gave the seeds of this relationship. But I think Season 2, we get to see more of how the writers are wanting to have an organic transition to the friends to more closure to together. But that there was a wrench thrown in the works when Lucifer’s Mum talk about how the relationship is based on a lie. Which gave the season’s conflict for this relationship. Season 2 gave the audience, moments that were critical to how the evolution of this relationship, but there were moments in the show of which they gave how to which Chloe still does not trust him to the extent that she did in Season 1 of the show. But by the end of Season 2, we can see that Lucifer is ready to take the plunge into showing his first love a side of himself that he is now willing to share.

The moments that we believe that deckerstar was more than friends in the beginning in Season 2.


From the Seeds and the evolution of this relationship of Season 1 and 2, we begin to see how the writers and Tom and Lauren are willing to develop and create for the audience in Season 3. For Me, Season 3 of Lucifer is we finally get to see how Lucifer is genuinely in love with her and he is more than willing to do anything to protect her from others that would deem unsafe and he knows. With this love, he wants to make sure that she knows it. Season 3 for me, is a time for the writers to explore how Chloe and Lucifer negatively them been in relationships with others in Particular with Pierce. With this evolution, we can start to see the change in Chloe in the Season 3 finale, when they were trying to find the killer of Charolette, but that all changed when she saw his face and the relationship that we come to know. It becomes in disarray as we get to see how Chloe now knows what her partner is. I love how the writers developed this relationship over the season. By using the easter eggs when it comes to these two in the previous seasons of the show, we get to see more of a context of how Lucifer loves Chloe and he wants to be with her. But he is afraid of what she thinks of his devil side of himself. If I can give a real-life example, it is about how if you are in a relationship and you are wanting to show your real self to your partner, you become scared of how they would react to the side. So let’s dive into my favourite moments of Season 3 and I would like to know what your favourite moments in the comment section below.


1.When Chloe gets protected by Lucifer by his angel wings. When Pierce is after them

2.Lucifer makes the delectation to Linda that he wants her

3.The banter and humour of Season 3

4.Chloe is finally realising that She loves the devil

5. The gift that Lucifer gives Chloe for her birthday

Bouns Scene moment

- The Prom Scene


Season 4 of Lucifer is a turning point of this relationship. The writers gave the audience more conflict to the relationship with Lucifer dating Eve and the stuff that surrounds Father Kindly and how Chloe is working to come to terms with her status of wanting the devil to love her. The writers at Lucifer and Tom and Lauren gave the audience what they wanted with how lucifer was fully opening to love her and how Chloe was working with the demon in disguise to Kill Her lover. I just love how this relationship progress in S4 of the show. But we move forward throughout the show’s fourth instalment. As Chloe comes to terms with her partner being the devil. You tell that the love for her partner begins to show and from Ep 7 of S4 of the show. Which helps to move the story arc of this couple to something that is going to become impactful for their relationship. From the story arc that the writers are building up to something that is big and is going to be a massive impact on the show at large. By the end of Season 4 of this widely popular show. We get to see one of the massive show's cliffhangers of Chloe declaring his love for him and it is being a mutual thing. When I first saw that scene I was taking way by how this couple can be together after everything that they have been through together and Lucifer takes the biggest leap of faith and sacrifice to protect her and returning to hell.

As I was listening to my music, I came across on a song that sums up the end of the season 4 moment is that (everything I do) I do it for you by Bryan Adams. I think this song covers the moment beautifully in the context of the scene

As season 4 has many moments on the show. But my top moments are the following below

1.Lucifer and Chloe on the balcony at the end of S4 Ep.10

2.The small moments of Chloe and Lucifer in a show of whenever there is a moment

3.the conversation on the balcony in S4 ep 7

4.The crisis of faith that Chloe has throughout the first half of the show

5.The axe moment’


As Season 4 was believed to be written as the turning point of the show for this relationship. I believe that Season 5 of the show is when the emotional floodgates and tension opened their relationship up. As Lucifer is in Hell and after the mutal scene on the balance. In the first couple of episodes, we see Chloe through another crisis. But I believe its a crisis of the emotions as she deals with that she is in love with the devil that he loves her back. With the introduction of Micheal to the scene, we can see that Love for Lucifer is stronger and she can tell that he is an imposter. Season 5 part a is a time that Lucifer in the hell is going through a rough time as we are eluded to in episode 3 of the show. and Chloe goes through a state of crisis of emotions but we get to see that through the episodes. But Season 5 Ep. 5 is the breakthrough that the deckerstar relationship needed to open up that the floodgates of the relationship. That scene of the piano is a turning point for the relationship. And Tom and Lauren gave the audience of what I believe that the audience has been waiting for since she said that she would not sleep with until hell freezes over. The sexual tension had been broken and the relationship was off to the races. The scenes that surround the act, I think can be summed up by the Bryan Adams Song from 1981, Heaven. And the irony of the song and the character that it's referring to.

I believe that the writers are going to dive into this side of the relationship more as the seasons' progress. But after so many seasons of a slow burn. The evolution of deckerstar has been completed for now. We just have to wait for the show to give us the I love you a moment from lucifer and I think everyone in the audience will have a fangirl moment. And I think our hearts will be completed. As Season 5 has many moments for this relationship, But let me know in the comment section of what your moments of the season 5 A for deckerstar.

1.The piano scene at the end of Season 5 Ep.5

2.The sexy scene in Season 5 Ep.6

3.The moment of when Lucifer is worried for her safety and breaks her door down

4.The moment of when chole tells him that he is not only on that in love with the devil

5.When lucifer come back from hell and he sees her for the first time in a couple of moments since his return to hell.

Bouns Moments

- The evidence locker room scene in Ep. 8

- The scene before Dan shoots Lucifer in Ep.7


Overall thoughts and opinions of the relationship

Lucifer and Chloe’s relationship to me, has been an organic one that has not been forced by the writers of the show. As you can tell from the interviews and the press that they have released that they are big fans of the show’s main relationship. Tom and Lauren act out the scenes beautifully and gives the audience something to root for. Which Inturns gives the audience something to write, talk about online on social media or in real life with friends. After the emotional and physical gates of tensions have been released in the show. I think that we are going to a different side of the relationship which I believe is going to help each character’s growth and development on the show. I hope in Season 5 Part b, we get to see more of how this evolution of the relationship develops over the next couple of seasons. I think this relationship has been written and acted beautifully. That I will be sad when it ends. I feel similar to how Bones on Fox ended. As I have become attached to the characters and the topics that they talk about on the show. And I think that I have the writers and Tom and Lauren to thank for that. If the above people do read this review or deeper dive into the relationship, I want to thank you for entertaining me with this show since I become attached watching it in 2017.

I will follow up on the evolution part 2. when I have seen season 5 part B and Season 6 of the show, which will help to give more of a closure for me and the show as a whole. I hope that you have enjoyed my in-depth look into the relationship that has captured my fangirl heart from 2017. So I turn it over to you now. What are your best, emotional, wacky, weird and the worst moments for this relationship and let me know on the comment section below and we can have a discussion about it further?

Until My Next Review of Lucifer, thank you and I will see you soon.

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