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The Episode Has Raw & Emotional Straight Forward Moments. This Is Us Season 5 Episode 3 Review

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Promotional Trailer for Season 5 Episode 3 - Changes


Hello and Welcome Back to My This Is Us Reviews, As Season 5 is been released in Australia, this week, I am just a little ahead when it comes to the show, but I am going review the Season 5, Episode 3 - Changes. I hope you are having a good and positive day or night, wherever you are located in the world at the moment, It is time to dive into the review of episode 3 of season 5 of This Is Us.

On This Week's Episode of This Is Us, The Writers of This Is Us gave us the audience, a mystery of photo and a relationship that we are have not been shown before and we get to see how Kevin and Madison navigate their relationship and see more of a get to know conversations that dive into the issues that they are both facing with themselves and in the relationship. as we get to see kate and toby go through a significant step in their adoption journey. Jack and Rebecca brace for puberty.


Season 5 Episode 3 - Major Character and Relationship Development

In this episode, we get to see the Big Three grow up into teenagers and we get to see how the Big Three are going through the changes of growing up and how it relates to the changes that they are going through in the present timeline of the show.

Kevin Pearson

Kevin has gone through significant changes overall in the show, and the changes that he is going through have become more apparent as he is getting older and he is becoming a dad, as we get the flashbacks to young Kevin start to work out more without his dad and which has created the problems that he is currently facing in the show's current timeline, and with that, he has been allowed to be more open with Maddison, which I believe people need to have a person, in which they can dive into a deeper and real relationship. I hope to see more this in the coming episodes of season 5.

Kate Pearson

Kate's storyline in Season 5 Episode 3, is a confusing one for me as I can see where the writers are going with it, but we have not seen any materials in the sense of the development of the character that was planted in the season 4 story arc, as we are only getting to see the relationship of kate and toby, not the relationship that kate has with herself, as we get to see in the flashbacks of the development of young kate and how she is dealing with the changes in her teen life and now going through another big change as well. I also I would like to see where the writers are going with this season with her character because at the moment, I am just confused as ever with her development.

Randall Pearson

In this episode, we get to see how young Randall deals with an unpleasant situation with one of Kate's Friends and how present-day Randall is finally opening up to a person about it as I believe has affected him in a way that probably haunts him to this day, and I love how the writers tied in the situation that Tess had done at school and you can tell Randall is proud of his daughter on the inside, but can not show it because of the seriousness of the situation, and some scenes that Beth and Randall have about the situation are good transition points to throwback to Jack and Rebbecca in some way as we know that the big three are growing up.

Jack and Rebecca Pearson

Through the flashbacks, we get to see how these two deal with the growing up teens in their house, and how that will affect the relationship dynamic of the two and also the ever-changing dynamic with their family and children. I would like to see more of this type of flashback as it gives more depth and also more context to some of the current characters and the relationships that are being developed in the present timeline, and I want to see more of young jack and Rebbecca also dealing with the some of the parenting styles of the show


Minor Character's Relationship & Character Development in Season 5 Episode 3

In this week's episode, the writers gave some development to the smaller characters on the show, which is a good thing, as it gives the context and development that is needed move the overall story of the show forward, and with that,

1. we got to see more of Beth and Randall dealing with their children growing up,

  • Through the situation that Tess had done while at school about an issue that is deep-rooted in the cultural significance, she wanted to speak up about it. and we get to see the Pearsons deal within their parenting style.

2. We finally got to have an honest conversation between Kevin and Maddison

  • In this week's episode, the writers gave the audience what we want within the relationship with these two, an open and honest conversation about them and the issues that they are dealing within their own lives, with this mini and development look into the backstory of Maddison, we finally get to see how the two can relate to one another through the problems that they are facing and also it was a conversation about who they are to each other.

3. Mystery Woman in the photo

  • Also in this week's episode, we get to see a storyline that is unknown in a sense to the audience, as the storyline was heavily featured throughout the episode. I can only imagine what the writers are doing to try and draw a picture for the storyline about Randall and his sense of struggle towards his sense of identity

Overall there was the development in these characters is a positive and move the storylines forward, now let's get into the best and the emotional and the not so great moments of the episode.


The Best, Emotional and The Not So Great Moments of Season 5 Episode 3

In this week's episode, we get to see how my emotional and best moments are of the episode, so let's get into it

Best Moments of The Episode

  1. The Production and The Actors in The show is doing an awesome job

  2. The flashbacks of the episode are great in a sense of context to some of the topics that are in the current storylines

  3. The mystery of the woman in the photo

  4. The moments that lead in the current timeline in Kevin and Randall's character development to more realisations at the moment

  5. The development in kate and toby's storyline with the adoption

  6. Beth and Randall's storyline with Tess

Emotional Moments of The Episode

  1. When Maddison has to get up before Kevin as she believes that he is a perfect body and it brings up her body image issues that she has about her eating disorder

  2. Kate and Toby talking about their relationship and also the chances of the adoptions going to fall through

Not So Great Moments of the Episode

  1. The mystery surrounding the woman in the photo

  2. The video that Tess did was bit cringed, but it does not take away the message that it is trying to achieve

  3. Kevin's Fan interaction was cringe


Overall Thoughts and Opinions on The Episode

Season 5 Episode 3 of This Is Us, is a positive and emotional, episode which it allowed for the story to be put forward in a way that is expected but also unexpected for the audience when it comes to some points of the episode, overall it was a soiled episode in terms of character and relationship development, As the season progresses I hope to see more of what the mystery is around the woman in the photo, and also how the characters in the current timeline progress in a way that is good for the storyline. For some of the standout moments on the episode are as follows

  1. Kevin and Maddison finally getting to know one and another and having open and honest communication about their problems and issues that they have

  2. Randall coming to terms with some of the mental health decisions that he made in the previous episode

  3. Kate and Toby working on the adoption storyline of the show

  4. The flashbacks and how they are related to the present timeline

Overall the episode was a solid entry into the story canon and lore of the show, I hope to see more of this type of episode in the season coming some time.

P.s. Let me know of the other topics that are discussed in the episode and I have missed them in the review, let's talk about them in the comment section down below

Overall Rating of the Episode 7.5/10

Next Week's Epsiode's Trailer for S5 Ep4

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