The Emotional NBC's Family Drama That Keeps Packing The Punches - This Is Us Season 3 Review

Hello, and Welcome Back to My Season 3 Review of This Is Us, As Season 5 has dropped recently in the USA. I was wanting to go back have a look at previous seasons and to see how the characters have developed and changed over the seasons and come up with predictions and theories as to what can happen in Season5 and beyond, This review is an extended version of My notes on my Twitter Feed @tvfanaticau (#ad), I hope to see you in the discussions in the comment section down below, But first, let's dive into the Season 3 Review of This Is Us


This Is Us - Season 3 Review and Breakdown

After the Season 2 finale we got to see some closure of storylines that happened in season 1 and 2, as the wedding of Toby and Kate, become a closure point to the first half of the show or the midway point as the show is slated for 6 seasons, as the end of the season 2 finale, we got to see some opening scenes from next season, with Toby going through the withdraw of medication, Kevin making amends for the mistakes that he has made and travelling to find out more about his dad’s family with the more of the storylines that are going to be happening. Then we get into the season 3 premiere with the above-mentioned storylines and the other major storylines are the following  

With Kate wants to start her own family as it is the natural progressing moment in relationships of marriage and we get to see more of Randall’s mental struggles and the ever-changing family dynamics with the introduction to Deji coming into the family and get to see more of Rebecca in a supportive role for her family and actually more connected with her family as she begins with reopening her heart again with her family

As Season 3 is the major turning point for the show, we get to see the change of the relationship development in the Pearson clan and Also Major Character Development for some of the characters on the show. this section is cover what happened to that over the show's third season, it is split into that the Major Characters and minor characters as there are a lot of characters on the show that can be hard to write about all of them. Without further do let get to it


The Pearson Clan - Character Development in Season 3

Rebecca and Jack Pearson

In Season 3 we follow back in time, to when Rebecca and Jack, begin dating and how the pressures of the families and how they overcome it, as they are in love, Also throughout the season we got to see major development in the character arc of Jack, as we find out through Kevin and how he has a brother that he kind of lost touch or cut him out of his life, as they had a terrible childhood and Jack has always protected his baby brother as a promise to him when he was born, but on the opposite to that Rebecca was fighting against becoming a housewife and stuck in a marriage that she did not want, because that is what her parents wanted for her, but she wanted to live her own life without her family pressure. overall this season we got to see further into the relationship of jack and Rebecca more. as we saw Kevin diving into the past with his dad's life as he wants to make amends and I think as Rebecca gets older we are going to see more of her earlier life as it begins to fade away from her as the time comes.


Randall Pearson

In this season of This is us we get to see Randall in a position of power in his community where he has been working to recreate in his dad's honour, as mentioned before in the previous part we get to see some strain on Randall's and Beth's Marriage as we get to see that they are going through some major changes in the family and so it can make Randall more going into his head an overthinking everything, which I believe will make Randall hit his crisis point in the near future

Randall in the past does not seem to do well with change as the family moves to Philly for a lifestyle change as Beth wants to open her own dance studio and be her own boss. which I believe that we are going to have some growing pains in the new seasons and beyond. So I believe that Randall is going to go through some mental health issues and may drive him to seek help to unpack though issues in the future seasons to come


Kate Pearson

Season 3 Kate has gone through the emotional ringer as we get to see how the journey to motherhood is a tough road for her, as we get to see that she has health problems that can affect her getting pregnant and I believe that can take a toll on anyone and once she becomes a mother and tries hard not compare herself to her mother as she begins the process of motherhood. we also get to see Kate go back to school to finish her degree so she can go and get a job in her chosen field.

Also This season we get to see more of an open maybe even emotional side to the pain of Kate as she struggles with her first months of motherhood but we still see the insecure Pearson that we saw in earlier seasons of the show, I believe that as she begins that journey into motherhood and fully embraces on her own, I believe that we will see and more opened and emotionally available.


Kevin Pearson

After Last Season of This Is Us, Kevin was on the mend from doing horrible things when he was on a massive bender from the stresses of the injury that happened on the set of the movie that he was working on.

With the belief of the overall running theme for Kevin is the story of Remepation and creating his own path and journey to his own unique story and finding it an unconventional way such as making amends for past mistakes and also finding where he belongs in the world again

But after finding his long lost family member, Kevin feels drawn to the substance abuse again and make some horrible judgements, for instance with Baby Jack and how he handles the stress of that. and through the guidance of some close family members, we get to see that Kevin is on the mend again and looking for a new sense of purpose that he has been missing all of these years.


Minor Characters Development in Season 3

As mentioned throughout this season review, this show is at an mid way point of story telling and in this season they did not dispoint in anyway what so ever, In this season, we get to go through how Toby is coping with his mental health and how he is ready to become a dad for the first time and the added health issues of trying to get pregeat, also get to see Beth have a crisis of identity as she is let go from her job and she is worried that she will not land on her feet as she is walking into the unknown, we get introduced to a new character of Jack’s Younger Brother Nicky Pearson, we get to see his side of the story essentially and how he wants to become an better person for his niece and nephews and espically Kevin, The writers also touch on the issues that are facing Deji as she becomes in the care of Randall and Beth and how that has affected her losing her mother, and Finally we get to see how Madison is there her friend during the tough times of her pregnancy and Madison becomes more in the family in a sense


Best, Emotional and The Worst Moments of Season 3 of This Is Us

Now we have come to the part of the review were, I discuss my moments that were the best, emotional and worst of season 3 of this is us

Best Moments of Season 3 of This Is Us

1. The Meeting of Rebecca and Jack

2. Kevin looking for a path of to amend for his and his father’s mistakes

3. The arrival of Baby Jack

4. Randall working in as a councilman

5. The writers giving the emotional moments that are needed in the show

6. Kevin breaking down again

7. Toby and The conversation that he has with the Dad in the NICU

The Emotional Moments of Season 3

1. Toby and Kate going through a difficult pregnancy and then the arrival of Baby Jack

2. Kevin and Randall and Kate finding Uncle Nick in the caravan and talking to him about his brother

3. Just before Kevin Comes back we can see that his uncle is going through some problems and he wants to help in any way that he can

4. Randall and Beth having arguments about work and their home life

5. Kevin find a new sense of purpose in himself

The worst moments

1. Kevin yelling at Madison When the long-awaited arrival of jack

2. The cliffhanger of Season 3

3. The scenes of when Randall was a different person and was not apart of the family

4. Some of the Scenes with Kevin on a Bender


Overall Thoughts and Opinions of Season 3 of This Is Us

In Season 3, the audience was treated to emotional rollercoasters of emotions and with the twists and cliffhangers, with the overall character development was overall positive, in season 3 we get to see more development in Kate, Randall and Kevin, in Kate’s storyline of season 3, she is dealing with a new sense of purpose in having a baby and becoming her own person, as the seasons move forward I hope to see that Kate in a loving person of herself and her marriage, and also be the mum that she needs to be for her son and future children. We may get to see Kate in her job as well and meeting new people in Kevin storyline, we get to see Kevin exploring his dad’s past and wanting to make amends with everyone that he has wronged in the family, and also we get to see Kevin make goals and develop a new purpose for himself with wanting children with the woman that he loves or wants. With this storyline, I believe that we will see more of an emotional side of Kevin as the seasons in the future. Will progress. We also will see Kevin in a stable routine and I hope to see a different direction that Kevin goes in. But in Randall’s storyline we get to see him struggle with the sense of identity still and his mental health as he is constantly wanting something that is unattainable, I hope in future seasons we get to see how the writers will tackle the changes in Randall’s mental health, and with the struggles that he faced in the season 3 with Beth and their relationship and also the move to the across the country and how that will affect him overall. In the storyline of Rebecca and Jack, as we got to see the start of their relationship and how they become in a relationship and deal with the pressures of the families also how Rebecca deals with the death of Jack in the season as well, as she is trying to raise her children in a safe environment. In the future seasons, I hope to see more of Rebecca and Jack and the earlier days of their relationship as well as their marriage. But in the minor characters of the show we got to see development across the show, We get to see more Toby and his mental health issues and how they deal with in the Marriage of Kate and Toby, In Beth’s character we got to see a Beth - based episode, in which we got more background information on Beth’s origin story and how she deals with the problems and challenges that she has faced over the years from her mother and family. Also, we get to see Deji and in the Pearson clan and how that changes the family dynamics and we get see more her story as well

Overall Season 3 of This Is Us, is a beautiful drama with the emotional twists and turns that we are come to expect with this show, in season 3, the writers brought the drama and the emotions that they are known for, and as we move forward into season 4 of the show, I hope to see more drama, relationship and character development in all of the characters on the show, as the show is slated for six seasons, the end of the show is coming to a close soon and I believe that the show is going to end on a high note with all of the storylines covered and closed off in a beautiful way. I think I mentioned in the season 1 season review, I had an overall story arc prediction, well I am going to make mention of it now, With all of the relationships and characters that are on the show are all tied to Two main characters of Rebecca and Jack Pearson, as the seasons come and change, we get to see how the death of Jack affect the family and how the family dynamics have changed over the years from when they are young to now, and we also get to see how the relationships that the Pearson kids have with others and also with each other plus their mother, I will add to the overall tv show theory in the next season review. I love this season of This Is Us, I love the character growth and relationship changes

Overall Rating of Season 3 is 8/10

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