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The Emotional Family Drama By NBC Universal -This Is Us - Season 2 Review and Breakdown

Hello, This is Us Fans and welcome back to my review and Breakdown of Season 2 of This is Us. I hope you are safe and well, wherever you are reading this tv review in the world, As it is fitting with the release of Season 5 in the USA, I am going to throw my hat in the ring for my opinions and thoughts of Season 2 of This Is Us, I need to make a note in my review that i have seen this show before, one many times already. just a heads up it is not my first initial impressions of the show or season as a whole. This review is an extended version of my notes and reactions on my #twitter (#ad) @tvfanaticau. So without further ado let's jump into the season 2 review of This Is Us


Season 2 - This Is Us Review

After Season 1 of This of us we got a foundation of great and beautiful storylines about a family, that has suffered a past trauma, which has made the family strained in many ways, we get to see how the individual characters are in the current storyline and in the past as well, From Kevin not being presented in the family for a number of years, Kate struggling with her physical health and Randall finding his purpose again through the reconnection with his biological dad and his passing and their mum in a corner due to lying to the family for years about Randall and the strain of that relationship overall, Season 2 brings out the emotional side of the drama of the show, we got to see how the family deals with the new challenges and also we get to see the look on the past with their Dad and the happy family dynamics, in Season 2, we get to see more character development and also relationships throughout the season, so in this next section we are going to break down the relationships that happened in season 2 and those developments on individual characters


Season 2 Character Development Breakdown on This Is Us

Kevin Pearson

In this Season, the relationships and development that we see Kevin go through are a significant moment in time, as I believe it was coming out and you can see that he was an emotional state that has been building and building since his father's sudden death. As the added stress of getting injured again in the same spot after 20 years after the initial injury. i believe it becomes a trigger point, which in turns lead to the emotional and mental breakdown in the Kevin - focused episode. But we get to see the light at the end of the tunnel as he becomes clean and sober again and we get to see Kevin to slowly make amends for his past mistakes. and also I want to make that note that we get to see Kevin begin to let his family back into his life more slowly and begin the process of grief for Kevin

We get to see the breakdown of some of his relationships and also the start of his journey back to recovery and how he looks like he is becoming more responsible for his actions and digging to his father's past to find out the man before he had his family


Kate Pearson

In this Season, the relationships and development that we get to see for Kate is that she also begins to reopen herself to love again in toby and slowly open her heart again also she becomes more emotionally invested to the relationship after her open chat with her dad in the place that she would go to hide and her dad would come and find where she is and have her advice chats with her dad and you can see the relief on her face that she has finally accepted that her dad is gone and you can see the emotional growth that she has over the course of the season which brings me to the next point

There was a particular moment of Season 2 when Kate has a miscarriage of her pregnancy and we get to see her an emotional low as she deals with the conception of not becoming a mother as she has wanted to for many years now, through that pain we get to see how Kate can cope with emotional things and learn how to grow from them and which I believe that helps with letting go of her dad and reconnecting with her mother again in the sense that they have not been in the past for a long time

As previously mentioned in the above point, Kate's Relationship towards her mother has been strained for a number of years and I believe that past emotional trauma that has to affect Kate and Also Rebecca as well, as we dove into season 2, the writers allowed for the growth and reconnection of their relationship which allows for some struggles in the coming season, I believe there is more to the relationship in the sense when it comes to the emotional side of the traumas and issues that Kate and Rebecca have.

this season we get to see how Maddison and Kate Become more of a friend to one another and begins to open up more to sharing each other's traumas in the past, even though we had little to no back story on some other emotional trauma that kate has faced, but I hope the writers will get there soon in the later seasons

This Season Kate went through traumatic events which have to lead to the chance for her to reflect on her past and also look forward to the future, with her relationships with her mother and now husband Tony and other family members of the Pearson clan.


Randall Pearson

in this season we get to see how Randall deal with the death of his Bio Dad and how his marriage is going and how he becomes closer to his adopted siblings and how begins to deal with his mental health issues and also he and his wife Beth foster an older child to the family, but later becomes family, with more of those issues to become more promoting in the next season, we also got Randall making the decision to run for office mayor in the town that his dad use to live and also they buy the building to start the community process of his campaign and also to give back to his dad's community hub and network of people, also we get to see how young Randall deals with anxiety and his mental health via his Dad

This Season of This is Us was an important element of telling the story of Randall and who he is as a man and person in today's society as the flashback timelines show how Randall come to terms with his dad and becoming the man of the house as Kevin starts to distances himself from the family and in the current timeline we get to see how the man is coping with the passing of his biological dad and trying to redefine his place in the world again after the lying to him via his mother about his biological dad.

I hope to see more of this character development in seasons to come for the show.


Rebecca and Jack Pearson

Rebecca and Jack in the early years' timeline of this season were portrayed as a struggle in the marriage and the relationship and also an idyllic fairy tale in part of that timeline as we witness the early days of their relationship and the struggles that they are facing and also the positive mature changes in their marriage that they are making before the death of Jack Pearson.

We also got a look at the after Jack's Death, and how Rebecca is coping with the trauma of the passing of her husband and how that she had to become the rock and the leader of the family and for example, it shows in some of the scenes with Dr. K and also when Jack is talking about the car that he believes that it would give comfort to know that he has done his job as a protector of his family.

We get to also see in the current timeline, how Rebecca is doing in relation to her children and how the trauma has affected her family and by not talking about it gets brought up in the Kevin focused episode in the group therapy session and also the season finale at Kate's Wedding to Toby


As we have covered the relationships and growth of the main characters of the show I would like to make notes of minor characters of the show.

As we have covered the relationships and the growth of the characters in the show, I would like to turn your attention to the best moments of the show and the emotional side of the show and as well as the some of the moments that were not great for the show in general


Best and Worst Moments of Season 2 of This Is Us

1. The group therapy season when they are finally talking about the trauma that they faced when they were younger and how that lead to the disconnection and the no emotions in the relationships of the family. As we are used to having the connected Pearson clan before the death  

2. Kate and Toby Wedding  

3. The moments throughout the season for Kate, Randall and Kevin about their Dad and how it has affected them and how they have not been able to grieve over it

4. Dr K wisdom's after Jack’s Death for Rebecca

5. Great performances by all the actors who play the young versions of the Randall, Kate and Kevin + Beth as well and all of the other actors as well

6. The Las Vegas Episode for Kate and Toby wedding the bachelor and bachelorette parties

The Emotional moments for Season 2 of This is Us

1. When Kevin goes back on his sobriety and hits a crisis point when he goes back to the high school after he damages his knee on set and also cheats on Sophie as well

2. Jack’s Death and the Overall consequences of the trauma on the family and how Rebecca Deals with the death of Her husband

3. Jack talking to the Car Salesman about how he wants to protect his family and give him the comfort to know that his family is safe when on the road and I love the transition of the shots in that series of moments when the Pearson clan are sitting in the car after the funeral and travelling to the tree to spread his ashes

4. When Toby has his heart attack at the Thanksgiving dinner

5. Kate having an emotional moment at the retreat about her dad and whatever else that she is thinking about at the time

6. Kate and Toby losing their baby

The worst moments of the season are

1. Creepy guy at the retreat

2. The one scene in the family group therapy session when Randall is trying to make Kevin feel not his brother in the family as when he makes not that he has not been in the family for years as he went and made a name for himself in Hollywood  

3. The way that writers wrote Sophie as a bit of a toxic relationship and also how Kevin could fall back into the relationship after so many years apart and having Kevin cheat on her the second time around was a bit of lack of unnecessary drama of the show.


Overall Thoughts and Opinons of Season 2 of This Is Us

This Season of This Is Us, the audience got to see emotional twists and turns. But we had some of the moments that were brought up in the first season of the show which helped for clarifying points of interest to the viewers of the show. In this season of this is us, we get to see more character and relationship development in all of the characters on the show, From the drama of Kevin and Sophie and that relationship, The marriage of Kate and Toby and development and growth that we see in Randall and Beth. The audience also got to see how the relationship was before the death of Jack and how the marriage of Rebecca and jack was going before the drama of the house fire and raising their children that are going to college. I love how the writers tackled the aftermath of the death of Jack and how it impacts on the family dynamics and how Rebecca deal with the grief of losing her husband and how young Randall, Kate and Kevin deal with the loss of their most loved man in their family. In the present time of the season 2, we see more of the minor characters of the likes of Randall’s children, Beth and Toby and Miguel and what their role of that they play in the show and how their character bring an element to the show. This season of this is us has given me emotional twists and turns. As I have made this review, I have been thinking of the things that I have been through with the death of my father in my family and the drama and the emotional toll that it has taken of me and my family in the pain over the last 20 years since his death. the actors, the writers and the crew on this show have a done a beautiful and wonderful job of tackling the grief of a death of a loved one and the taboo of dealing with death and life, which my opinion that is a job well done on everyone parts. I look forward to seeing more of this show and how it tackles the major issues from mental health and substance abuse and grief in the relation to a loved one.

If anyone from the This is US production sees this review or my thoughts on the internet, I hope you are safe, healthy and well on set and at home. I love this show and what it represents in a family drama in 2020. and I look forward to seeing more in the future seasons of the show to come  

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