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The Calm Before The Storm & Christmas At NCIS - S12 EP.5&6 Review

Hello and Welcome Back to my reviews for NCIS LA S12, As I have mentioned in my previous review for the show, As I am running behind on this show, I am combining the episodes together to match up for the release of Ep7 of S12 of NCIS LA. So without further ado let’s dive into the first of the batch, episode 5 .


From IMDB, 2020 - The Episode Plot for Ep.5 for S12

To get intel on a matter of national security, Kensi must come face-to-face with a sociopath who has been obsessed with her since she put him in jail years ago; Deeks is desperate to keep Kensi safe, but he is forced to leave NCIS.

Episode 5 of S12, had a lot of developments in the characters and relationships on the show. In this first section of the review, I am going to be diving into the areas of character development that the writers are focusing on

1. Kensi

a) This episode, was Daniella Ruah’s, time to shine, in terms of character development, throughout the episode we get to more background on her first case with the Team and how that she got on the team in the first place. But It was a good sight to see her developing on the professional side of her job. I am seeing the next couple of episodes and her character arc going to be this week’s case and her questioning the judgement or decisions that she made with the case or her personal life.

2. Deeks

Episode 5 of S12 of NCIS LA, was a blow to Deeks. As the audience finds out that he has been fired from his job. At a time when he believes that he needs to protect his partner, but from the looks of it in this episode, Kensi can handle herself. Deeks is a state of despair because he is going through several changes in his life. I hope in the next couple of episodes we get to see how Deeks is going to handle the changes to his life.

As there little development on the side of characters, we are going to dive into the relationships that were a focus for the episode

1. Within The Team

This episode, in particular, is one of the episodes that focuses on the team and how they work together. As the team is working with a man down, because of Deeks. The audience was shown how the team can work without Deeks. As its going to be more apparent that Deeks is not returning for a while. Ep5 of S12, we got to see little developments within the team when it comes to Roundtree and Sam or in the team dynamics overall

  • The relationship between Roundtree and Sam. I believe is going to become a mentor and mentee relationship, as we have seen this relationship becoming like that. Because it was mentioned in S11 of the show that Sam is looking to pass on his knowledge that he has learned over the years working at his career.

2. Outside the Team

Kensi and Deeks

  • In this episode, we are seeing the little developments that are going to be happening for the happy couple. The writers have been planting the seeds for this relationship to grow. From what the episodes are revealing to the audience, the seeds are starting to bloom in beautiful flowers. I believe that the storytelling for this couple is going to be going through the several changes that the writers have laid out in S12.

Again we had limited development in the relationship side of the episode. As we got a lot of exploration of most of the relationships in the previous episode. Go and check out my previous review for that content.


Best, Emotional, Weird, Wacky and Worst Moments of Episode 5

Episode 5 of S12 has great moments of development in the case, characters and relationships. From watching the episode. I have determined what moments I believe are my favourite so far on the show

Best Moments

1. The production and the actors did a great job as always

2. Frank Military wrote a great episode, as well as play the part of the creepy vilian

3. Daniela Ruah shone through on this episode

4. The small team interactions throughout the episode

Emotional Moments

1. Deeks leaving the building when he was fired from his position

2. Kensi going through the emotions to deal with the creepy guy that she arrested

a) I think it’s going to become her white whale to catch him

Weird, Wacky and The Worst Moments on Episode

1. The Villian of the episode to me was creepy and deranged. Also, he is kind of attractive

2. Deeks’ character arc to me is going into a weird direction

3. Also can the characters lay off on Hetty would find a way to help Deeks. We know that she is well connected. But come on now


Overall Thoughts and Opinions on the show

Episode 5 of S12, is the episode that the writers at NCIS LA are diving into to the big story of S12. from how they wrote the episode I believe that Kensi is going to become focused on that. It's going to become her white whale. Within the episode, we saw that the team is been played by this vilian on the show. I hope that the writers are making this plotline of the episode to be the first major part of S12. in this episode, we get to see how the team still works without Deeks and the writers are starting to show the fallout of that. The episode had some of the best actings so far. From Frank Miliatary’s creepy persona to Daniela Ruah’s look at the end of the episode when the team is talking about the major mistake they have made with this week’s case. But I have to make a point that some of the fans of the show are not going to like.

Hetty has been a staple character since S1 in 2009. I love Linda hunt. The storyline arc with Deeks and how the team keeps going on about how he is going to come back to the NCIS Team. For me, it's getting to the stage of annoying, I want the writers to explore Deeks going through the paces of another job or getting in the NCIS Academy. Because I believe that Deeks has limited evolution in his professional life. So this story arc of the season is going to be good, I hope that the writers are going to be able to pull it off.

Overall the episode was solid and well written. I would like to see more of where this storyline goes.


Overall Rating: 7/10


Hello and Welcome Back to My NCIS reviews I hope you are enjoying the content and thoughts that are going into. I hope wherever you are that you safe and healthy and I hope that 2021 is going to a better year for everyone. Now let’s dive into the review of episode 6 of NCIS LA S12

Before Christmas, Hetty assigns Callen the case of his former foster brother and his wife, who, upon reentry into the U.S., are framed for smuggling drugs across the border; Deeks is struggling with losing his job at NCIS. (IMBD, 2020)

Episode 6 of NCIS LA S12 is a beautiful story of friendship in childhood. As Christmas of 2020 was going to be a hard time for everyone. The writers gave the fans of the show little stories before celebrating Christmas. So without further ado, I am going to be dive into my review of the episode below

This episode we got to see some more backstory on Callen, the Christmas present that Kensi and Deeks got and the audience gets to see Sam and His grown-up daughter talking about the future. Ep.6 had some character evolution in terms of the storyline.

Key Development of Core Characters

1. Callen

This season of NCIS LA I believe that we are going to see more of well rounded in terms of emotional growth on the show. Because the audience has seen him go through many changes over the years. And with this storyline that the writers gave him for Christmas, we can see that Callen is willing to make sure that he does not lose that connection as Anna is out of town. I hope in a couple of episodes Callen goes through some emotional moments in the Season 1

2. Deeks

This episode, we get to see more of how the writers are going to achieve for his storyline. I hope in the next few episodes we will see how the team will react to Deeks going to the academy and how the show will achieve those scenes in the show.

3. Sam

Sam is going through a period of adjustment as he is beginning to introduce his family to Catherine. I think that sam is going to hit some milestones when it comes to his evolution as character + his relationships with others. More on the relationships later. I would like to see this development in the season to come in 2021.


S12 ep.6 had some great evolution in relationships on the show. And I am going to break down what I thought development as such for many of the characters.

1. Callen and His foster brother

To me, this storyline/relationship was a good way to transition into what I believe is the next step for him and Anna to go to the next level on the show. And this relationship gave some more context and knowledge to what happened in Callen’s childhood. Which I believe is going to be used by the writers to dive into more of husband/father material for Anna.

2. Kensi and Deeks

This relationship has been through some massive changes over the last couple of episodes. From the gift that they got for Christmas from hetty you can see that the things are starting to look up, and by selling the bar(p.s. I hope not). we can see that the couple is heading in a direction that they are wanting to go

3. Catherine and Sam

For Me, at the moment this relationship is a bit strange. Maybe because we have seen not many scenes with these two together on dates or in the same location, but I can tell that Sam wants to move forward and make that transition to have Catherine in the family. But I might suggest that Catherine maybe hesitate towards the things of that nature.

4. Eric and Nell

We finally have got an update on this couple or friendship, as we have gone through the paces. From the looks of it, we are not going to see more of this relationship in the near future. As both of them have many projects going on at the moment. But I hope to see more of these two in the season to come


Best, Emotional and the Weird, Wacky and The Worst Moments of the Episode

Best Moments

1. Hetty coming through on Christmas

2. Getting to see more of Callen’s Background

3. Some of the stuff that Nell has to make sure that Eric is happy to come into the building

4. Some developments of relationships in the episode

Emotional Moments

1. Hetty’s Christmas Present

2. The final Montage of the episode

3. Sam and his daughter's conversation about the future

The Weird, Wacky and Worst Moments of the episode

1. Deeks and Eric’s conversation about the money

Also, I understand that they are dealing and looking for money, but the way that kensi went about it is wrong

2. What happened to Eric’s Wardrobe. Those glasses were off-putting


Overall Thoughts and Opinions On The Episode

S12 Ep.6 is a good addition to the NCIS LA Christmas Episode Canon. We get to see how the team is celebrating Christmas and gave context into Callen’s backstory with the childhood foster brother. Which I think will play a bigger role in the decision-making process of a marriage proposal to Anna. We got to see Eric and Hetty as small treats to the fans of the show. Overall this episode gives the audience a Christmas story that is going to help move the story forward.

Overall Rating of The Episode:7/10

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