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The Building is Coming Down - Season 2 Review of Chicago Fire

Hello Chicago Fire Fans and Welcome Back to my Review of Season 2 of Chicago Fire, i hope you are safe and well wherever you are located in the world, This Review is a breakdown of the season 2 of Chicago Fire. As I have seen the show before, this review is not going to be based on first impressions of the show, and this review is an extension of my notes and thoughts on my Twitter Feed @tvfanaticau (#ad). So without further waiting let's dive into the Season 2 review of Chicago Fire.


Season 2 Review of Chicago Fire

Season 2 of Chicago Fire is an emotional rollercoaster of emotions that pulls on the heartstrings, through season2 of the show, we get to see the interactions between the firehouse 51 and the general community + Their families as well, as in this season we get to see more of background on some of the characters and their family stories, as well as new relationships that are happening in and around the firehouse from Chief and Donna's Quick Romance, to the start of Casey and Dawson together after a very releasing climax of the tensions that they have been facing during their time as friends and now lovers, So with that been said, let's get into the relationships that we were shown this season 2 of Chicago fire,


Within the FireHouse 51

This house is a backbone of the community and we get to see that throughout the episodes of Season 2, that the interactions within the firehouse is like a brotherhood or a family, that they never had and we get to see The Chief Leads by an example and the rest will follow, in the first half of the season we get to see how the firehouse 51 tackles that of the threat of closure to their Firehouse, throughout the season 2, we have got to see some developments in the romance department of the show, with Casey and Dawson, are now together, and we get to see how these cope with the new changes of the relationship dynamics. But outside the firehouse, we get to see more development in the relationship department and in this next section below

Outside the Firehouse 51

Throughout the season we get to see more and more into the personal lives of the firefighters of the show. and so we get to see more of their lives, The new developments are as follows,

  1. we get to see Herman and his wife celebrate a milestone in their marriage and relationship

  2. This season we got to see the first cross over the relationship in the One Chicago universe that is mouch and sergeant Platt

  3. We get to see the relationship development of Peter and Dawson's Friend

  4. we get to see more development in the romantic side of Casey and Dawson

  5. Donna and Chief become good friends then married at the end of the season with a baby on the way

  6. As we had the drama inside of the firehouse, we get to see more development in the main characters' backgrounds with the relation to Kelly has that a half biological sister and has become an instant protective big brother and to help celebrate the moments

  7. I hoped to see more of this relationship of Kelly's sister and Otis, but I believe that we will get to see more of her in the future seasons I hope, (the Chicago fire writers)

The moments in the relationship section of the overall storyline of the show Chicago fire are mentioned, I look like to take a look into the best, emotional and the worst moments of the show of Chicago Fire, Season 2

Best Moments

  1. The wholesome of the firehouse and the teams that are under chief Boden

  2. Donna and Chief Boden's Relationship and the help with Peter Mills

  3. The release of the tension of the relationship between Casey and Dawson

  4. The interactions within the squad 3 and truck 81

  5. The Jokes of Herman getting a vasectomy

  6. The intergration of the One Chicago universe with storylines from Chicago PD.

The Emotional Moments of Season 2 of Chicago Fire

  1. The development in Kelly and His Dad about his long lost half-sister

  2. Close Calls on the accidents that portrayed on the show

  3. The development of the relationships within the characters that have in the firehouse 51

  4. The Cliffhanger of the end of season 2, with the accident that happens

  5. The development of the Closure of the Firehouse 51 in the first half of season 2

  6. Peter Mills finding out what happpen to his dad and finally getting the closure that he has been looking for his whole life.

The Worst Moments of the Season 2 of Chicago Fire

  1. Some the lack of development in the some of the characters that are the season

  2. Some of the storylines that are developed in the sense of some of the relationships such as Dawson and Casey

  3. The breakup 0f Mouch and His Japanese Girlfriend

  4. When Dawson gets caught up in the bad guys with the Bar.

  5. Storyline of The Closure of Firehouse 51

With these moments on the show, we can get into my overall thoughts and opinions of Season 2 of Chicago Fire, lets dive into that now,

Season 2 of Chicago Fire, brings the emotions that the show is known for in a sense that it was established in Season 1 of the show, We get to see the relationship development that was set up in season1 and during season 2 become more apparent, in the relationships of Herman and His wife, Dawson and Casey and Donna and Chief Boden. with that development, we got to see how the character's backstories are developed further in the sense of what the characters are dealing with their personal lives. Season 2 has a cliffhanger that is emotional and on the edge of your seat, as I believe that someone is going to die, which will change the dynamics of the firehouse and some of the characters are not going to come back from the grief anytime soon. The Chicago FIre writers for season 2 had a clean plan in the development of the overall storyline for the show and it was executed well. I look forward to seeing more in the future seasons of the show in the development and how they open the season 3 storyline.

If you believe if I have missed something in my review, let me know in the comment section below, we can have a further discussion about the topic.

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