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S9 of Chicago Fire - It's An Major Improvement over The Dumpster Fire of S8 - TV Review


Introduction to My Season 9 Thoughts of Chicago Fire

Greetings Chicago Fire Fans and My Loyal Readers of My Content. I hope you are safe and well. Wherever in the world that you are reading this review. It has been a while since I have talked about Chicago Fire and many other tv shows that I have been covering for over the past year.

After 2020, it became that my mental health was going to be a top priority according to my physical body. So I am finally back talking about my tv shows. I have talked about my experience plus some reasons of why and a statement of honesty to my audience in this blog post I have attached. So please check it out to get the full picture of the brand Of The Woman Who Writes TV Reviews website at the moment.


Okay, that is enough of the personal and housekeeping of the website. You are here for the opinion piece of Season 9 of Chicago Fire.


The Review of Season 9 of Chicago Fire

S8 of Chicago Fire left a terrible impression on me, As I explained in my previous review of the show. That overall season was just not up to the standard that I believe Chicago Fire writers are that known for. So I had very low expectations and opinions of what the next season was going to. I believed that Season 9 of Chicago Fire was going to be a dumpster fire.

S9 came back with vengeance for the previous season, Even though we had limited time with these characters & relationships. Because of the brief season of the series. Season 9 gave a focus to some characters that have not any such development in terms of the character and the relationships. And more solid storylines that gave the season some substance to can look upon. Which I was grateful for,

Because S9 of Chicago Fire written to help predict and set up the storylines, character and relationship development for the next two seasons that are coming.

So in this review I am going to be talking about the overall character & relationship development in S9 of the show. What the message of season that writers were trying to get across and what I think of the S9 finale cliff hanger.


Character Development for Season 9 of Chicago Fire

Throughout Season 9 of Chicago Fire, we see a lot of new and established character development, as I believe it gave the writers a bit of a clean slate. After the disastrous ending and mess of the previous season, we could give more of a development in the personal lives at the firehouse 51. Because the action was dialled back to because of the world. Which I believe was a good thing. So in this section I am going to be breaking down the established and new moments of development that happen in season 9 of the show.

Stella Kidd

This character has been through so much that we finally get an episode of the seasons, where she shines her true colours of becoming a leader. As she is a fearless and ready to tackle anything that they can throw at her. But I feel like we are going to see her go through the ringer soon. I just want to See More of Miranda Rae Mayo killing it in Season 10 of Chicago Fire. Because I have been love her character arc at the moment and I hope that the writers of the show don't screw it up. I can see that the potential Real life effect for the show's impact on young women wanting to become Firefighters.

Matt Casey

Season 9 of Chicago Fire for Matt Casey, I believed to be an important one, Because for his character development, we got to have a look at the romantic side of Casey that we have not seen in awhile in regards to Brett. But also we got to see more of closure to some major storylines that have happened to Casey over the years. in Season 10 of Chicago Fire. I would like to see more exploration with personal side of Casey, Because It has been an long time coming for Him. Which includes some ideas that the writers of the show have floated in Season 9. Just to say that I want to see more of Matt Casey / Jesse Spencer more.

Randy "Mouch"

Throughout Season 9 of Chicago Fire, We finally got to see more of Mouch in action and getting the recognised for the efforts that he has put in over the years of service that he has done. Also in Season 9 we got to see an softer side of him. that we have not seen in a while. in particular in the relationships with Gallo and Ritter. As you can see that he has become a Legend in his own right. Come to think of it. I love Mouch's storyline overall for season 9. Because we get to see his character and relationships developments not very often in the show. So it was a treat seeing Mouch become the hero of the Firehouse once again.

Andrew Gallo

In Season 9 of Chicago Fire, we get to see Gallo as a recruited young firefighter. Season 9 brought Gallo dealing with several love life issues. which I believe is never good in a high - pressure situational job. Also In Season 9 of the series. the writers gave us a look at how he is dealing with the job. at the moment. as I suspect that Gallo is only at the beginning of his career. in the action scenes we are getting to see more of how he is dealing with the job at hand. and how he is developing those friendships and mentors around him. Season 10 is going to be a learning curve for Gallo. which i would like to explore more and further into the future.

Squad 3 @ Firehouse 51

Kelly Severide

S9 was an important season for Kelly in terms of his character development and the relationship development as well. But in this section, we will focus on the character side of Kelly. As Kelly is dealing with the life milestones change in his partner’s life. He wants to know what he can achieve next. But after the cliff hanger of the Season 9 season finale. I think that something major is going to happen to him and I am on the fence of death.

Joe Cruz

Throughout the seasons of the show, we have seen Joe Cruz in a lot of life changes. But none more than this season of the show. Because of his pregnant wife at home. We got to see more about how he was coming along with those changes. Which I think is a good thing for the character development. I just hope he gets to see his baby be born and deal with the investment guy.

Harold Capp and Tony

Over the years, we have seen little of character development all of much for these two. But The writers of Season 9 of the show decided to develop some of those things out like outside relationships and development. I think that something major is going to go down and which it will have led to more of the last moments from the Cliff hanger of Season 9.

Truck / Engine 51

Christopher Hermann

Over the years, we have seen a lot of things for this character. But S9 of the show, was one of most continued storyline for Herman. Which means I do not know where they are going to take the character of the show. So Season 10 for Hermann is going to be very crazy. I believe.

Darren Ritter

Over the past couple of years of having this character

I believe we got to see more this season than ever before. As they gave the time to explore and to develop further. But I love Ritter so far and I would like to see more of his character development going forward as well. The relationship side of the character as well.

Paramedic 61

Sylvie Brett

This season of the show, Sylvie has been through some major life changes. Which I have got to say, the writers have finally given Sylvie a storyline for the professional and the personal side of her character. I hope we get to see more of those developments in season 10 of the show and I hope we will not see any backtracking for the writers.


The Relationship Development of Season 9 of Chicago Fire.

Season 9 to me is one of the if not the most important seasons on the Chicago Fire series in terms of the relationship development of the show. I have mentioned many times in this blog post and in others on my website. With the impact of COVID-19 with the writing and the precautions that are in place for the show; is production. The writers’ room could flesh out more relationships in the show that otherwise would have been not covered in a normal season of the show. Whilst maintaining and developing the established ones further. In this section of the review, I am going to be looking at some of the major developments in these relationships.

Stellaride in Season 9

Stellaride’s relationship has been through the ringer or a space for a while now. S9 of show gave fans the things that they have been wanting to see for a while now. Like the romantic proposal in the fire and the support of each other. S9 Cliff hanger I believe is going to change that for them.

BrettCasey's Relationship Development in S9

Sylvie and Matt or widely know as Brettcasey, have finally pulled down the barriers and the exception of that they have for each other in this relationship. We get to see a reconnection and passionate time. As we bring to move forward into the future seasons of the show, with these two.

With the things that the writers explored in Season 9 of the show for this relationship. I want to see more of the romantic side that we have not seen Matt for a while. And also

Joe and Chole Cruz in S9

I am so happy for Cruz and his personal life, as I have loved this character since the beginning of the show. I just loving the writers are finally giving the character the much needed attention in this department. With the baby coming, hope that we get to see more of a softer and protective side of Cruz that we know and love for.

The Friendship Between The Fire Companies For S9

Even though this season was the most bare bones season for the relationships in Firehouse 51 friend community. But I love the friendship and the chemistry between Mouch and Herman, plus the adorable ongoing Bromance Between Severide and Casey. These relationships have always been the highlight for me watching the show in the past and this season was no different. I hope we get to see more of these two relationships going into Season 10 of the show. Because I have become too invested in them.

Gallo and Casey in Season 9

Now This Next opinion of the relationship section may rival some Gallo fans up, But I am going to say it. Season 9 of Chicago Fire was a wonderful space for the relationship development of the mentorship and father figure relationship between Gallo and Casey. Because this season we got to see more of how Casey is mentoring him and also teaching him about the lessons of firefighting and life. So I hope we get to see more of this relationship development going forward in Season 10 of the show. As I think, the relationship benefits the both of them in several ways.

Gallo and Ritter in S9

Season 9 was a time for new and young romance and Friendship alike for the young firefighters in Gallo and Ritter. They are becoming Severide and Casey 2.0 from the first few seasons of the show. As if you remember, they always in their mini cigar breaks they would talk about love and romance and pulling pranks and swapping stories. But back to Gallo and Ritter, I love how the writers are exploring these relationships and I want more in S10 of the show.

Chief Boden and His Wife Donna In S9

Even though we only get to see a small time with the Boden’s during an episode. The writers of the show created a good storyline to make sure that we see more of them together. But I hope that in S10. we get to see more of their relationship explored and how the change of the job is going to affect them in the future.

Stella and Kylie in Season 9

S9 of Chicago Fire gave Stella Kidd a chance to explore her abilities as a leader and mentor to young people in particular Kylie who comes and works in the office at Firehouse 51.

Which I have been enjoying so much. As I think Stella is the perfect person for it. I like to make a mention that from the notes I created for the section of my review. That some relationships that Stella is fostering is a bit a mother or a sister figure relationship. Let me know in the comment section below. If you are on the same thinking wave.

And The Final relationships that I would like to talk about is the change of the professional relationships at the department at Paramedics 61.

Even though that the first relationship ended on good way. As Brett has gone out brought back her dream partner. To the firehouse. Which has given Brett the confidence to be better in herself. Which in turned given a new avenue for Brett to explore, But I think we are going to be exploring this relationship in S10 of the show. Between Brett and New Girl.

There several relationships that I would have love to have spoken about but there are too many on the show. But I love to know what you think in the comment section below about the relationships that I have talked about briefly and ones that I have missed as well. As there are the good and the bad on the cringe in the relationships on tv shows, in this next section of the show’s season 9 review is that.


the good, the bad, and the cringe of S9

This Section Based upon My Notes That I take when I am re watching the entire season from the beginning. So I was wondering what is your moment that took your breath away or cause some emotions about the moment. I would like to know in the comment section below. As you continue, scroll through this random review on the internet. I would like to give my final thoughts and opinions about Season 9 of Chicago Fire.


Final Thoughts and Opinions For Season 9 of Chicago Fire

Season Nine of Chicago Fire is a very important season in terms of the character and relationship development for established and new characters alike. Which is a better improvement since the previous season. As I mentioned in my last review of Chicago fire. Even though the season was shorten because of the external pressures of the world. I believe overall that Season 8 had more mistakes and story lines that were cringe and made little sense. But Season 9 of Chicago Fire came back with vengeance, as it had the action and the romance that we know them for. As I have been describing it as a clean slate with the ability to improve on the mistakes. From the Stellaride proposal and the reconnection of Brett and Casey to the Friendship between Gallo and Ritter. Season 9 of Chicago Fire had a lot to offer, and it has given the writers of the show. The ability to dive into more character or relationship driven content. Overall Season 9 of Chicago Fire was one of the better ones of the show’s long run. I am looking forward to seeing how the writers are going to develop some storylines from the season 9 finale.

So I am going to give my quick thoughts of what I would like to happen in season 10 of the show. Also let me know in the comment section below of what you want to happen and find out from the Season 9 Cliffhanger

- As established in the penultimate episode of Season 9 of the series, we finally got the kiss and the scenes following that of Brett and Casey. Some fans are excited to see these two finally together and not the relationship between Casey and Dawson. (I would make a side note for the Dawsey fans. I understand you are very connected to this relationship. Now In real life, some relationships do not last the forever life because of many reasons for which a couple splits. and I like how the writers at show have handled some aspects of moving on to someone else from a major split. But also have mixed feelings about it as well. ( (That story is for another day)). So Dawsey fans back off a bit with some hate towards Brettcasey fandom. Life happens and people and couple changes. It’s called life & experience.). Which I like Chicago Fire has represented on the show.,

From, the last episodes of season 9 we get to see more of where the writers are going with the younger cast of the firefighters and those relationships and Boden’s decision about his career. I think Season 10 of Chicago Fire has a lot of things that they needed to address in the season opener. But also overall season.

In my overall opinion, Season 9 of Chicago Fire has been a great effort to the overall story cannon of the show. Even though I had low expectations going into this season. It was good to see the characters and relationships fleshed out more than normal. I just hope there are no major deaths that are going to happen to any of the squad 3 members of firehouse 51. But I think there might be do to the fact of what the writers have been teasing throughout the entire season.

In the comments section below or social media, your thoughts and opinions about Season 9 of Chicago Fire and let me know if I missed anything, or I did not talk about enough in my review. That would be appreciated.


My Rating For Chicago Fire Season 9 Overall 7.5/10

Until the next review I will see you later The Woman Who Writes Tv Reviews


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