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NBC's Number 1 Family Drama in 2016. The #This is Us - Season 1 Review and Breakdown

Hello and Welcome This is Us fans, I hope you are well and safe at the moment, I have been looking forward to reviewing this show for a while, it seems only fitting that it is only several days that season 5 is released on 27th of October 2020, this review is an extended version of my updates and reactions that are on my #twitter @tvfanaticau (#ad). again I hope you are safe and well during this time. And I look forward to writing and having discussions about the show in the comment section below

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 This Is Us - Season 1 Review 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Season 1 of This is us, bring a modern tale of family and connections in a TV Show, that brings out the emotional side of the audience and connects in a way that resonates in the audience that family is important and relationships as well. We are introduced to Kate, Kevin and Randell and we join them on their 36th Birthday and we don’t know how they are connected in a sense and we can see that they are a family of brothers and sister, we follow them through season 1 as they make decisions about life, family and careers, and from that, we get to how an emotional trauma in the past, has affected the family and strain relationships, we also dive into the family dynamics before the emotional trauma event happened. But let's dive in further to the character’s and relationships that have been developed and shown so far.

1. Kate

a) Kate is a sister to Kevin and Randell, who has struggled with her weight and mental health issues, I believe that the emotional traumas that happened in her past, has made her seek comfort in food and which in turn made her not deal with the core issues at hand, we finally get her slowly come out of her shell in her friendship with Toby, which allows her to be herself, she has a close relationship with her brother as she is a twin, I believe that she is working for him and we can see that he needs make sure that they need to grow up and grow as a person. Throughout Season 1, We get to see how Kate is a character and how she develops in her relationships with her family and friends


a) Kevin’s storyline for me is an interesting one, as throughout season 1 we get to see how Kevin is going through a lot of issues from his drinking and career changes and the lack of a solid friend or relationship, As I believe that he is going through a crisis that has been triggered something in him from his past. Which has created strain in his family’s relationships

3. Randall

a) Randall’s storyline is another interesting one for me as well, as this storyline is not generally featured on the major television shows in the past, so it is a refreshing take on the storyline, I believe earlier on in the show, that Randall is struggling with his identity and where he comes from, also deals with a host of problems when it comes to his mental health, in particular with one of the major scenes with Kevin leaving and running to comfort his brother as he about put on a play. The actors who play Randall are perfect for the role of this character

4. Rebecca Pearson

a) As the season 1 opens we get to see a young version of Rebecca, being happy with her husband and heavily pregnant with babies, throughout the season we get to see young Rebbecca go on a journey through becoming a mum and also a wife and being her person in a loving relationship. As we dive deeper into the show, we get to see her struggles with her emotional traumas that she has yet to face on her journey to motherhood, in the flashforward scenes we get to see how Rebecca as an older woman with her children and you can see that she struggles to have a relationship with her son Kevin and has a complicated somewhat overbearing relationships towards Randall and more so Kate, we also get to see in the younger years of her relationship with her family and how this has become non-existent or strained due to her adoption of Randall and the constant judgement on her relationship blossoming with Jack

5. Jack Person

a) As Season 1 opens we also get to see how jack becomes takes the journey to fatherhood and how he deals with his mental traumas from the war and also from an abusive childhood, which he hides his family from his family, as a way to start fresh from the war and his emotional past. The show also highlighted jacks substance abuse with Alcoolh as a coping mechanism for drowning his sorrows from the pain of war, trauma, but you can tell that he loves his wife and his kids so much, that he would do anything for them, that even making the sacrifice to place his dreams on hold.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 This is Us - Season 1 Review 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Best Moments of The Season 1

- Kevin and Randall in Randall's office and Kevin is comforting him through a major anxiety attack

- The Thanksgiving Episode

- Randall Finding his Dad for the first time

- Kate tackling her issues about her weight and then going back to the comfort

- The love story between Jack and Rebecca

- DR.K. and his sages of wisdom in times of need

- The way that they tackle certain aspects of Grief

the not so great moments of Season 1

1. Some storyline could come across as a bit much

2. The loss of the Child ( very emotional)

3. Kevin Needs more to his character arc in the sense of the development of the story

4. Some of the Drama can be turned down

5. Some of the minor characters needed to be developed further

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 This is us Season 1 Review 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Overall Thoughts on Season 1 of This is Us

Season 1 of This is us provided a foundation of clear storylines and arc about where the show is going and what the end game is for the series finale, I love how all of the storylines are connected to in some a way back to Jack or Rebecca in some way, This is us, provides the audience with good connective drama and compelling storylines that you may not have seen in the past from previous television shows, which allows for interesting storylines to be told if that they have not been told before. The Cast of This is us, is well done, as I believe that each of the actors plays each of the characters bring an element to the show. I don’t make note of in my review, but I believe that the storylines fall back to the parents in some way or form and the show is making light of that through the kids, by creating a legacy for their family. As I have seen this show before, I may have a longer theory of the show, but I will dive into that in later reviews of this show.

Overall Rating of Season 1 of This is us - 8/10 

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