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Mental Toughness & Be Open & the Willingness to Change, Season 3 of Seal Team Review and Breakdown

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Hello and Welcome to My Review of one of best military drama are on television at the moment, now for me to complete this review, I had to back and rewatch the all the seasons from the start, this review is going to recap key character and relationship developments of the season. Plus the moments where the best, the emotional and weird, wacky and worst moments of the season, I hope where you are located in the world that you are safe and healthy. So without further ado, let’s dive into the third instalment of this military drama.

Season 3 of Seal Team, was a great instalment to the canon of the show, as it brings the drama and the action that the show is known for, Seal Team Season 3 also brought some developments to the key characters on the show and as the Season shortened due to the external pressures of the current world problems, But the Seal team writers are working towards something, that I believe it is going to take flight in Season 4. As Seal Team is a major show with the development of the characters and storylines that can affect military, so I am going to break down what happens in the characters and relationship development of the show

1. Jason

a) Season 3 for Jason, was a battleground for him and his mind, as he is getting older and having major surgery and beginning to comprehend that he is not in the fight on war on terror any more and we also get to see him slowly begin to open up in a way that we have not seen Jason in the past seasons on the show, even going to back to Season 1 Episode 1 when open the show of when Jason is in theory for a situation that happened on the battlefield

2. Ray

a) Ray in Season 3 is one of the characters that are developing to become a major player in leadership and rank, As I believe that ray has always been the level- headed person, in team the and the real-life of the team, I think Season 3, is going to be a stepping stone to move him forward but I believe there is going to be a big issue that is going to be coming in Season 4, that I believe that Ray is going to be in a tailspin in terms of when it comes to his job and family

3. Sonny

a) Season 3 for Sonny, is where we got to see the most development in him as character when it comes to the back story of him and also we get to see how he deals with the relationship with Davis and the fall out of that, but I love moments of realisation, with his dad and his old school buddy/ex-girlfriend, that he needs to take a hard look at himself and make sure that he needs to be supportive of change of his buddies and I would like to see him have a great love relationship or something of that calibre, but I think that things with Ray and how that is going to be handled we are going to see Sonny in more of a leadership role

4. Clay

a) Clay has been through the wringer this season of the show, in a sense when it comes to character development, as we see him go through the changes with the new guy and how Clay deals with the changes in his personal life, with the reconnecting with his dad in a small way, I believe that Clay is going to fall on his sword when it comes to his Bravo Family when it comes to the changes that he is up for and Season 4 is going to be dealing with those consequences of the fallout

5. Victor Lopez

a) Now with this new character that came into the team, it allowed the writers to develop a storyline of that we needed to help break the team and give new tensions and conflict, I don’t like how the end of this character was, but you can tell the writers are going for a sense of realism with this character and give the audience to allowed to be open to new characters on Bravo.

6. Davis

a) This season we got to see a development in Lisa’s career and love life, and we can see that she is willing to make the sacrifice to make sure that she is focused on her career, Also this season of Seal Team, we got to see Lisa in her new role and what she can achieve under pressure and I hope in Season 4 of Seal Team. We get to see some of the developments that happened in S3 be developed further or close up to make more of a compelling story arc for Davis

As we have looked at the character development of Bravo, let's have a look into how the team’s relationship development, within the team and outside the team,

In Season 3, we got a lot of changes to the relationship side of the show, as we got to see how the team reacts to the arrival of rick on the team, how the team deals with Jason on the bench and also we got to see Jason have a relationship with a new person and we got to see the changes in the marriage of Namia and ray, also we got to see break up of a fan favourite of Davis and Sonny together.

Within Bravo Team

In Season 3, we got to see the bravo go through some internal changes to towards the end of the show as I believe the writers are gearing up for something that is going to change the team forever and we can also see that with these changes, it's going to impact the dynamics of the team, so I see that either going to be a positive or negative thing.

Outside of Bravo Team

Also, In Season 3 of Seal Team, we got to see the relationship development outside of the team, with Jason and Natalie + his children, Ray and Namia+ Children and Clay and Rebbecca, with these changes of relationships, we got to see more of a personal side of these characters, this relationship is a good way break the action and create some drama on the show and story arcs and character development is moved forward, but I believe, I need to see the relationship of some of the other characters on bravo to help give more context to their storyline, but in Season 4, I am going to place a wager that some of these relationships are going to through more conflict and drama

Best & Emotional, Weird and Wacky and Worst Moments of Season 3 of Seal Team

Best Moments

1. The development of the mental health aspect of the job more into the show

2. The production crew does an amazing job as always

3. Jason recognizing that he needs to ask for help and starting to go to therapy

4. The small moments of drama and conflict within the Team as well as the truth bombs of wisdom.

Emotional Moments

1. Sonny and his trip back home to finally to reconcile with his dad and his ex-girlfriend that he had in high school

2. Jason’s storyline of going through the past when it comes to asking for help and dealing with the struggles of being an older operator and a team leader and

a) An major emotional moment on the show is when we got to see Jason dealing with the dead team members that he has lost and which in that case brings up the need to look to the mental health of veterans on the show and in the real world

3. Ray’s struggle to gain for promotion of in his career and the decisions that made the choices

4. Mandy struggling with the pain of losing more and more assets and you can tell that she is going to decide to either stay or leave the company

5. Vic being stripped of his titles on Bravo after the mistake that he made

6. Lisa going through the emotions when it comes to decisions that she makes after breaking up with sonny

Weird, Wacky and Worst Moments of Seal Team Season 3

1. The relationship between Mandy and Jason, as much as I liked mandy on the show as a character, we have seen her have no backstory or developed any time of relationship other than Bravo team, I wanted more from her character not to be a side piece for Jason.

2. The storyline when it comes to Lisa and how that planned out in the long run

3. Some of the moments in the show that where the story fell short or was lost to the cutting room floor of the editing of the show

Overall Thoughts and Opinions on Season 3 of Seal Team

Season 3 of Seal Team, dives and tackles into the challenges of being a Tier 1 operator from a mental health aspect as well the physical toll on the body, In Season 3, we got to see more of action-packed scenes that we are known to have on the show and they were ramped up to 100, but we finally to see some development in characters that are being underused in the story of the show. Which allowed for the development of certain relationships to come under more of their own, I like that Season 3 was a stepping ground for the storyline of Jason’s mental health and the struggles that the decisions that he has to make about his future of working a career that he knew, I hope season 4 we get to see that explored more in detail and how that will change the dynamics of Bravo, if Jason does decide to hang up the spears after the stuff that he been through over the past couple of years in the story’s timeline. Now as I have mentioned a lot about Jason and his struggles around the decisions that he has to make about his career, I want to talk about the other team members on the show and I would like to happen for them in Season 4 of the show. First up is Ray, as the ray is known for being self-righteousness guy, I believe that he is the one writing the letter as he was deeply affected by the person that they were trying to protect, I hope in Season 4 we get to explore that side of the storyline further and I believe there are going to be consequences for Ray and maybe the rest of the team. Now with Sonny, as this season 3 we got to see more of Sonny’s backstory and what he is going to achieve in his career, I hope thsi explored more in Season 4 as I love the scenes with Sonny and His Dad and his ex - girlfriend from yester year, aslo I want to see more Sonny and Davis as well, even if they are just friends, but I think that Sonny is going to have a hard time to be adjusting to that in Season 4, finally Clay, as in season 3, we got to see the breakdown of his relationship with Stella and having a relationship with one of the under developed characters on the show in Rebbecca and I think that Clay and Rebecca are not going to last as I believe that she is in for the money and the fame in the miltary and Clay is the trophy husband of that, I hope in Season 4 we get to see more of the background around Stella and Clay as well more time with his dad, as I love the scenes that Clay has with his dad, I hope in Season 4 also that rebecca and clay break up as I believe they are not the best together, Also in Season 4, I hope to see more Bravo in the personal side of the team as I believe there is a lot of things that can be developed further to help move the whole story forward. I hope the writers in Season 4, also give the relationship between Jason and Natalie a fair go, because I love the on-screen chemistry between DB and ESW and I think that Mandy and Jason are a bomb that is ready to explore before it happens.

In Season 3 of Seal Team, we got to see the action-packed drama and conflict that we are known for and I believe that it was turned up to hundred, as Season 4 is going to be the shortened, I hope the Seal Team writers will focus on the relationship and the character development that is needed to move the story forward, but also I hope to see more of a drama-filled and action-packed Season of the show. Overall I like where the show is going, I hope the writers can find the balance that we had for the last couple of seasons

Overall Rating of Season 3 of Seal Team: 7/10

Let's have a discussion about S3 of Seal Team in the comment section below and let me know what your favourite, weird and wacky moment of Seal Team of S3, as most people have seen the start of S4, what you like to see in the episodes to come in the development of the overall story arc.

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