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Let's Be Honest: 911 Season 4 is The Most Emotional Filled Season - S4 Review


Hello and Welcome Back 9-1-1 fans and long-time fans of my content, I hope you are safe and sound. In wherever you are in the world during this crazy time. I know it has been a while since I have spoken about 911: The Original. Because As The airing of S4 came around, I was not in the best mind frame. And to be honest, I was feeling burnout on the topics that were discussed in the show’s universe. I still watch it but skipping to the most important parts of the episode.

Which led to the lack of content surrounding S4 of 911: The Original & many others that I planned to watch. As of writing this opinionated review on 911 - Season 4, I had to go back and re-watch the show’s fourth season. To gain more information and insight that I might miss from this review.

In this opinionated piece, I am going to be tackling the development of the established & new relationships of the characters in the show. Also, the character development as well. I will try to cram much knowledge and information into this review piece. But If I miss anything that pertains to Season 4 of the show.

Tell me know in the comments section below or on social media. If you prefer.

Before I dive into this review in depth. I need to address issues that have come arisen from the comments around my work. I struggle with written communication cues that an ordinary person would know. And sometimes that can effect when I do this work that I love and want to achieve.

Now I have written a statement of honesty and transparency. Now that covers all of my bases. And please your opinions to be constructive feedback of my work, not the negative comments, because I believe that will create a massive dumpster fire.


Review of Season 4 : 911 : The Original

Season 4 of 9-1-1 gave us a sense of the current universe of the characters & relationships that were dealing with the current day events. How they could tie in the topics that were mentioned and developed in season 3 of the show. Which overall I liked for the show’s story cannon for the series.

I believe that COVID-19 pandemic gave the writers the chance to flesh out the storylines and characters that would not have developed in a normal season. As I assumed, it a clean slate that I have mentioned before for others shows in the current tv season slate.

Which leads me to the thoughts of the characters of the show. How the writers of Season 4 are going to set up them for Season 5 as a character development arc.


Character Development of Season 4 of 911: The Original


During past seasons of the show we have seen more of his origin story of how he ended up where he is at Firehouse 118. which I have enjoyed.

But I think this season of the show. I believe that Bobby’s character took a bit of a back step. Which allowed for smaller character moments for him to develop. As we moved to the end of the season, there was a mini character arc. I assume will lead to something bigger in the coming season.

Eddie Diaz

For Me, and most of the audience members of the show can agree that Eddie has had one of tougher storylines for most of the previous seasons of the show. Season 4 leads Eddie in a character story arc. I think is one of the most positive for him. As I love how he has looked at his love life, his son and friends at work.

As he moves on from the death of his life. Which I think is a noble thing for him. So I like to make a last suggestion to the character development is to have Eddie have an outside friend from the Firehouse 118. As I believe, it will be bring the happy and go lucky character that we met in Season 2 of the show.

Howard Han

Of the Last few seasons of 911: The Original, I have enjoyed and loved Howard. Because we have seen him grow up in a way that has been beautiful. In Season 4 of a series that Howie becomes a dad for the first time and also a father/brother figure to Albert.

Season 5 is going to be the Softer Side of Howard. But I believe we are going to be seeing him under some pressure, As Maddie goes and gets professional help for postpartum depression. Howard, I think you are going to be in a stressful season coming up.

Hen Wilson

Now I have mentioned in my opening statement, that this section that some characters got more development. In terms of their character arc. And I believe Hen is one of these characters. As I believe the writers had more time to expand and develop her story. With her career. And we are seeing and exploring Hen’s intentions of becoming a doctor. Which I believe there is a lot of potential that can take from this. I hope that the writers of 911 do them justice.

Evan (Buck) Buckley

Season 4 for Buck has been a breakthrough and journey on the side of his backstory. I believe Buck has considerably grown up and matured a lot this season. Since S1 of the show. And with the storylines of S4. I think we are going to be in for a treat for season 5. As he has recently found, love and I think we are finally going to see a mature and romantic but softer side. But S4 was a solid arc for Buck. I hope we get to see an expanded version of Buck. For Season 5

Minor Characters I believe that they have meaning in many ways.

Throughout Season 4 of the Show, we have seen more character development than ever before. With the emotions and the drama around every corner. I would like to make mentioned of some of these characters in this sectio0n of the review. As I assume, they are playing a major role in the principal character's universe.

The Buckley and Han Family

- These collective of characters, we got to see more of how they are living and interacting with one another. As we move through the season’s story canon for this family. There are murky waters ahead for the family. But overall I love the storylines and in particular, I love the start of what is going to be one of the good storylines for the show and I hope that the writers of the show are going to give it the platform that it deserves. Is the postpartum depression and lack of self-confidence in her abilities to be an excellent mother. Is Maddie. It will interest to see how this storyline is going to play out. As I love the recruit to the Fire Academy is Albert. I think it will be good to see how Albert and Howie deals with the stress of the job. And Finally I just love the name of baby Han and the meaning. And how it comes full circle with some of the character stories.

The Nash/Grant Family

This Season for me, was not good but not great for the Nash & Grant Family’s story arc. As we get to see the emotions and drama around the decisions of Bobby going back to the dark side and them dealing with the situation at the hand. I love how May is finally out on her own. And finding her identity in this universe of characters and with this development. I believe there are many things that the writers of the show can explore going forward. But there was the development in the relationship between Bobby and Athena. But I will get to the next section to dive into that more. Just Overall meh.

The Diaz Family

Now Before we get into that territory of who and how Eddie should date someone called Buck or another person. More that in the next section of this review. I want to talk about this season of the show and how the development of Chris and his dad. As well, the start of the relationship with his new partner. Over the last couple of seasons, we have seen Eddie go through the ringer in terms of life - altering moments and events. I am impressed that writers have finally given more of a development for the family. As It gave more of how they are going to move on from the death of Shannon and create fresh memories for the future.

Which has allowed me to fall more in love with the mini family. So I hope in season 5 of the show, we get more of this cute content.

The Wilson Family

Season 4 for The Wilson Family has gained and loss so much in a season. As I have been mentioning throughout this review. I have loved seen all the family interactions and in particular. This family, Season 4 of 911, also gave the audience a look at how the Wilson family is dealing with the changes that they are going through. Which I believe is a good thing for the audience. As it gives context to some decisions that the writers have been making for this family. S5 for this family will be great and hopeful.

I would like to make a side note for my audience. They put my siblings and me into foster care. When family issues were overwhelming for my family and I resonated with this storyline so much and I hope that the writers for S5 are going to continue with this decision because there are too many vulnerable children that need help and not enough honest people like Hen and Her Wife to take on this risk.

The Call Centre Family

Now we are finally coming to the ultimate end for this section of the review and I would like to tackle some of the good storylines for the characters of the call centre and what I would like to see in S5 and beyond going into the future. We finally get to see more Josh’s Back story and how he ultimately developed his career at the call centre. And how Josh and Sue meet as well. We also get to see more of the relationships and the characters that were established in Season 3 of the show ahead of the storyline for Maddie. I just hope that we get to see more of this in S5. as I have enjoyed the chemistry within this part of the universe. And lovely may as well.

Overall, I have enjoyed some of the character storylines for the minor characters than the major ones that are presented in the Firehouse 118. From the developments within each of the families, we can get a look out how the writers of the show planned out a brief season with tons of context and content. I have a lot of expectation for some storylines that have established in S4 and how they are going to be played out in S5 and beyond in this universe of character development. Now Let’s get into the dark side of the review. That I believe you are all waiting for. Those relationships for Season 4.


Relationship Development of Season 4 - 911 : The Original

There’re established, new and reignited relationships in Season 4 of the show. As I have been talking about it for this entire review that the relationship development in this season has been better than ever. Because of the extreme measures and accustoms that have led to this brief season, which I think has led to some of the more racy storylines that the show is has ever done and there is more energy in some relationships as well. Now, in this long-winded section, we are going to be looking at more in depth about those relationships and what I would like to see in the future for them.

Bobby and Athena

Season 4 for Bobby and Athena, was roughly one in terms of that trust and the belief that have they have gave each other in pervious seasons of the show. Which helps to establish and create a relationship dynamic between them. As they deal with some situations that have come up in the last couple episodes of the season. It has set an expectation for the audience to see where this relationship is going to go.

Maddie and Howard

Season 4 for Maddie and Howard. It has been a rollercoaster of emotions and drama for the couple. From the reveal of a family secret on Buckley’s side, the car crash Albert has and the aftermath of that and their little girl. That Season 4 has been a not the best in terms of the things that they have to face together. Going Into Season5 of the show, there will be dark times for the two. As they are beginning to dealing with the aftermath of the birth of their baby girl and how they are going to handle the postpartum depression that Maddie is currently experiencing for the first time. I have faith in the writers and in S5 of the show that we are going to be dealing with some heavy topics and they come out better than they were before.

Hen and Karen

Season 4 for these two was a hopeful and emotional time for this relationship development. Because we got to see more of how they are dealing with the recent changes to their family and what they are going to be doing in the future and how the changing of the careers for these two are have been affecting them as well. Believe me, we are going to see some drama come to ahead in season5 of this show. I am looking forward to it.

Eddie and Ana

Eddie and Ana to me have been brewing for a while off screen. In terms of character arcs and relationships. And I am in the camp with Eddie to have a healthy and positive relationship with someone who he loves. Even though some of the audience members are rooting for Eddie and Buck. But As I mentioned on twitter in a post. That I am all for the Eddie and Buck romance. If the writers, actors are up to doing the relationship. But I like Eddie and Ana together. As the relationship has the potential to go far.

Buck and Taylor

These two are my favourite for this season. Now I know that some members of my fan club are not a supportive of this relationship. Now even though this relationship was a based as a friendship for sometime. You could see the romantic undertones for this couple from a mile away. Buck has gotten to a stage in his life that he is looking for the serious relationship with a friend that he knows well. And Taylor brings that side to him we have only seen bits of in the past. Also, I am just looking forward to exploring these two as a relationship.


Season 4 - 911: The Original, The Moments of Best, Emotional and The Cringe.

In this penultimate section, we are going to be looking at those moments that made me emotional or happy. And as the title suggests, cringe.

(A Side Note for you 911 - Fans this section borrowed from my watch notes on my notebook, so it may scatter the brain for some.).

If there are any moments in the season 4 story arc that I have missed or not have talked about in this section. Let me know in the comments section below. Let’s conclude this mammoth review of 911: The original in my last section.


Final Thoughts and Opinions on S4 of 911: The Original

Season 4 of a show for me is to establish current and explore new storylines that have set up in the past. As the world has been in a state of turmoil to because of a pandemic and the lack of leadership. The world dives into alternative realities. At the end of Season 3 of 911, we could see where the writers of the show were planning on going to for S4. So S4 could bring the fire and heat for the drama and the action. Overall Season 4 of 911 was a tremendous and solid addition to the overall story cannon for series. Even though the season was shorten and bare bones in some areas of the character and relationship development of some. We can get answers to some questions that we had from S3 of the series. But by the end of season 4, we had even more questions than answers. Which I believe is a good thing, as it keeps the audience on their toes for Season 5.

This brings to my thoughts and theories of what I think could happen in S5.

  • Buck and Taylor are going to be together for a while

  • Maddie is going to get to some help with her postpartum depression

  • Someone is going to die between the core cast of characters.

  • There is an emotional drama throughout the season

  • A Major trauma is going to affect all the characters on the show

  • I want to see more of the minor characters that were established and explored in S4, like Josh and Sue in the call centre.

  • We are going to see Hen in a hospital orientation for medical school

  • There is more to the relationship between Eddie and Ana

  • I want to know how the writers are going to create Season 5 from the storylines that have talked about in the Season 4 finale.

  • May and Albert are going to get coming of age and finding their own identity in the show’s fifth Season.

  • I want another crossover but more of an equal amount of story for each show.

No matter of what I think could happen or explored in this review of show, the writers of 911 know what they are doing with their universe of sand box of characters and relationships. Even if they cause the debate between the fans. Let me know in the comment section below or on social media. If you agree with my review or opinion of Season 4, or disagree with me. Let me know.


Overall Rating of The Season of 911: The Original



Until Next time & Review.

I will see you later

The Woman Who Writes TV Reviews

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