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S8 of Chicago PD talked about issues as Police Brutality & Race that are facing in their universe.

Updated: Sep 8, 2021


Greetings Chicago PD Fans and Long-time viewers of my content. I hope you are safe and sound. Wherever you are in the world. Reading this review about Chicago PD Season 8. If you may not know that, I have been meaning to review the entire series for several months. I just have run out of time to research and develop a whole series review. I have taken a comprise for you, Dear Chicago PD fans, by completing this season review of Chicago PD and a look at what I think could be the future of the show in the coming seasons going forward.

Through the filming and the planning of the show, there was a rise of protests against the police and over government handling of racism in America, and so I believe the writers had a hard time balancing what can be made into television and the show at large. But I believe how the writers handle this season shows how well the balance of reality of these writers of the show has. As we move forward into a world it created us as equal in the new society that we are creating for ourselves we are going to need tv shows that can handle the serious issues that are facing the police and the community at large.

So with the above issues that have been

made more public. I was wondering how the Chicago PD Season 8 writers were going to tackle the character & the relationship development of the unit. How they are going to incorporate the issues within the real world for the community. Season 8 of Chicago PD, gave the development in the characters that we know and love on the show.


The Character Development of Season 8 of Chicago PD.

Going into this review, I knew that the writers of this season were going to have a tough time expanding and explore more the character arc. How they are reacting to the situations that are happening in the real world for the police.

I believe the writers developed a good and solid overall complete character arc development of all the characters in the universe. In this section, I am going to be breaking down the season’s individual character developments and the first of the rank is Hank Voight.

Hank Voight

Over the years of this show, we have seen Hank be the ruthless cop that does not play the rules and getting away with murder. During Season 8, we get to see Voight go down a path of doing things the right way by the book and ultimately by the end has slipped back into old habits through various points of the season.

S9 of Chicago PD is going to be the season that Hank is going to face for his crimes & the unit is going to face the internal affairs unit during a time that they are finding the answers for themselves.


Season 8 of Chicago PD was continued to look at how Kevin gets treated by the police force of Chicago. Kevin has torn between the emotions of his race and doing a job. Because it conflicted with how he feels about the current issues that are happening in his community. Which has led to some distrust with his partner, Adam, and the rest of the unit. As I have said that it conflicted with him. I hope in Season 9 that we get to see how Kevin is going to change his ways in terms of his job, the relationships that are around him and the relationship that he has with himself as a person of colour.


Even though we have had this character for a limited run on the show, I believe Season 8 was the catalyst for getting to know her character more. Season 8 gave me a lot of information about her opinions and how she wants to achieve things in her life. Not to say that I agree with a lot of them. At the time of writing this character breakdown, I don’t believe that she is going to last much longer as a character. Because of her actions in Season 8 Finale. But she is going through a stage that she is lying herself and everyone around her.


I think that Season 8 for Jay was one of consistency and normalcy for him, As he has been through several crazy storylines over the years. But as I mentioned in Hailey’s character breakdown, we are going to see some things that Jay is going to be out of character for himself. As I believe he is going to protect his partner from the crazy storm that is coming for her.


Season 8 of Chicago PD for Kim to me will be a very important season for her character development going forward. As she has been through hell and back in terms of her personal and professional life as well. Even though we have seen her battle her demons this season with her adoption of Makayla. But there were difficulties I believe are going to be coming out in the next season. Because once Kim slowly recovers. I hope we get to see more of her getting therapy or some form of mental health treatment. Because I believe she wants to be healthy and happy for Makayla, which I believe has given her a purpose in life. Was not there before Season 8. I hope in Season 9 of the show, we explore some of these topics for her character.


Season 8 for Adam to me had a very significant season arc. Because at the start of the season, we get to see how he has been dealing with his demons and his relationships with Kevin and Kim. Which I believe leads Adam through a rough patch, because we see him dealing with his estranged dad and how badly he has to make sure that he does not screw up. As he beings to mend bridges per se.

The season 8 finale puts the problems that he has aside for a while. Because he has to find Kim and but Upton sits down with him and says that he needs to make sure that Makayla is protected from the world. (side note, I believe this scene is the only time I liked Hailey this whole season.) So I hope we get to see the start of mended bridges for Kevin and Kim. But Also I hope we get to see more Adam in a better mindset overall.

Season 8 of Chicago PD was a significant season for all the characters involved. Even with the stripped-down season, we can have action, romance and drama within the season of the show.

I hope Season 9 of Chicago PD is going to explore more of the character development of season 8 of the show. But before Season 9 comes around, we need to have a look at the established relationships of season 8.


Relationship Development of Season 8

Kim and Adam

Over the years of Chicago PD, we have seen this couple go through several difficulties and I believe in Season 8; we find this couple at a time of peace and mature place. that was after the miscarriage. But as we move forward through the season, we also get to see how they are coping with all the pain that they have been through. But towards the end of the season. We see they are becoming a family.

As Kim mentioned, she wanted to protect Makayla with all of her heart and she wants Adam to be a part of that wall that she wants to protect her child with. I hope in Season 9 of the show. We get to see more of this relationship reconnect in away that we have not seen before. Because I believe these two have the power to come back to one another. As a unit.

Jay and Hailey

Season 8 was the catalyst for this relationship to go romantic, and these two have been in a safe place for a while now and I think we are going to see more troubled times alluded to in this season. I know some fans of the show are the biggest supporter of this relationship.

I think we are going to see them go through a major crisis as Jay and Hailey did with the fallout of her actions in the Season 8 finale. But I also I am on the thought that we are going to see them break up. Because I believe that there has been a lack of trust and communication. I don’t wish for it to happen, but it will.

Deputy Superintendent Samantha and Voight

Season 8 was a season of change for many of the characters that are in the unit of Intelligence. But None more than Voight. Even though these two could have been seen as a couple to some people. But for me. I believe at the moment that they are on the side of what they are fighting for. But because of season eight. I think we might get some feelings of romance, but I believe that is highly unlikely.

Kevin and Adam

I love this partnership between Kevin and Adam, even with all the problems that they are currently facing within their partnership, to place them aside for the health and recovery of their friend and lover Kim (Adam is denial). Season 8 has been an up and down for this partnership overall.

As Kevin has been dealing with the changes that are happening within his place of work and Adam is trying to change his ways to make sure that he is doing the right thing, no matter what. I believe that in Season 9 of the show; we are going to see more of these developments with the partnership. As I have been enjoying it.


The Good, Bad and The Emotional and the Cringe in Season 8 of Chicago PD.

Season 8 of Chicago PD has been a mixture of good and bad and cringe for me in terms of the relationship development of this season. But with the season 8 finale. I believe we are going to see a shake-up of beliefs and relationships that are in the unit. I believe that is how the writers of the show are setting up for Season 9 of Chicago PD. As I have talked about the relationships that have been explored in this season. I believe let’s take a deep dive into the moments that may be the best, emotional and the downright cringe.

Now This section of my review comes from my watch notes of where they are scatterbrain and all over the place. But If I miss any key moments or storyline in Season 8 of Chicago PD. Please let me know in the comment section below or social media and we can have a discussion about it there. Into the last section of my review. My final thoughts and opinions.


Season 8 of Chicago PD was, to me, a mixture of good storylines, and I believe it gave the Chicago PD writers a bit of a reset and a clean slate to start over again. This leads to the set-up in the Season 8 emotional Cliffhanger of an episode. Chicago PD Season 8 has the emotional and actions moments that these writers are known for. I believe there are going to be some people in the audience that will disagree and believe that this season is the worst that they have ever seen & they don’t know to want to come back to the show. And

My argument is the following below.

“Chicago PD Season 8, would have been the most challenging to write and produce tonal to make sure that real-world issues have been raised to an extreme level and that they need the recognition that they deserve. The Chicago PD writers of S8 found a balance that I believe can show in media. To get the broader audience listening and paying attention to the issues that are raised. There is a long way to go to make sure that everyone in the world is equal in their own right. But I believe we are at the start of a very long marathon.”

As we close off on Season 8 of Chicago PD. I would like to give my quick thoughts of what I would like to happen in Season 9 of the series of Chicago PD. Hailey and Jay were going to be a ringer for the part of their relationship. Adam and Kevin are going to be working on the issues and differences that we have been watching in Season 8. Voight is going to be facing the consequences and actions that have led throughout season 8 and in the past seasons of the show. We are going to see more of Kim and Adam being protective of Makayla. Also, I hope we get to see more of the new sergeant that was a key figure in the Season 8 Finale of the show. But overall I am looking forward to watching Season 9 of Chicago PD to see where they are going to take the conversation.


But Until Then

I will see you later

The Woman Who Writes TV Reviews


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