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A Letter to The Writers' of My Favourite TV Shows. For The Show of Support for The WGA Strike

Updated: May 6

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To the writers of all my favourite tv shows that have entertained me over the years,

I might be too young or did not realise the writers’ strike affected the tv & movie industry so much. But we are here in 2023, 15 years later. The writers’ community is fighting with Multi-Million Dollar companies and networks that have a monopoly on the industries that writers and the creative community strive to keep afloat. This has become a stupid business move on the platforms' part, As this current industry relies on this community of creatives for interesting original content for millions of people all over the world to be entertained with.

From my understanding & the little research, I have done on the internet, the corporates at streaming companies & major networks are wanting to remove the industry the writers have built from the ground up & replace it with AI technology that has been taken over now & not pay the correct wages & benefits to the community that supplies them with the content. Companies only want to do everything cheap now. As technology has evolved to the stage where it can be sort of used in a way to create new content for the industry.

The requests proposal for WGA Strike.

Networks and Streaming Platforms are working against the people who have built them an industry to work and create for. This has led to the belief that humans are obsolete in the current and future landscape of the production of media.

I believe that AI can be used as a tool to help improve writing and streamline the writing process. not remove the creative and human aspect of the media and brands that have been built on the hard work of creatives and writers.

The lack of cooperation by the companies, to me, shows how little respect and transparency the platforms have for the people who are creating the money for them. By taking the money that helps the platform and running away with it. Just pay the money that you have made from the big profits over the past 5 years to the writers and move on with the writers and move on with the business of creating the vision for the audiences that you are wanting to create.

the second page of WGA proposal go on strike

It’s a sad historical moment in the industry, for me I believe the last strike 15 years ago created a golden era of tv. As the writers have been able to express themselves with new content & topics that have been discussed in society or use it as a tool to start the conversation for the viewers of the show to have.

This writers’ strike will affect all the coming projects that are predicted to start in the Fall of 2023 and early 2024 in the tv and even the movie industry. It’s a moment in history for all the fans and the fandoms that have been built upon the tv shows that have become a part of the cultural & societal part of the world, & all the critics like me & many others who have built their careers around the tv show that we watch & provide critical opinions for the writers. To make sure that they have a basis for what they believe is good or not, that they have produced for their correct audience and hype it as well.


Here at The Woman Who Writes, I will be continuing to watch the shows that have become comfort shows or old shows that I have not seen before. Also, I continue to watch all the new episodes of the current shows that are on the air. But when those finale episodes of the 2022/2023 tv season. To show support to the writers who will be going on strike. Until such a time when the strike comes to an end & it’s a good outcome.

I will stop watching any new content for the current tv shows that are airing on any of the networks and streaming platforms that have taken the writers for a ride, as they want to produce cheap content for their brands and companies. I think I will just stick to reading any books & reading fanfiction of all my favourite relationships in the fandoms that I’m a part of to get my fix for the time being.

Even though The Woman Who Writes has been created to be independent of others. I will support the people who help me produce a platform to express my opinion about my favourite tv shows that have been created for me. I might be a smaller content creator, but I’m more than happy to support the writers to get the right benefits for all the work that they have done over the years. I believe that Writers Strike has struck fear in the companies that are trying to screw over the community that they have built. Because they striking and coming down hard on this. & everyone is watching to make sure everything is above board.

I stand with WGA and The Independent Writers of my favourite tv shows on any platforms or networks than the cooperate overlords in the business out to make money against the unpaid creative community.

A poster that says that I stand with The WGA

Yours Sincerely, The Woman Who Writes.

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